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Our company has over 30 years of experience in the design, development, test, and production, of piezoelectric element and ultrasonic transducer in China. The factory has approximately 150, 000 square feet of administrative, engineering and manufacturing floor space. We has a complete ceramic manufacturing facility capable of producing standard and custom ceramic elements. Our facility features: over 10 kilns, including tunnel and conveyor types; presses from 12 to 300 Ton; and isostatic presses. Our extensive grinding facility provides ID/OD grinding, lapping, slicing, core drilling, surface grinding and dicing. About piezoelectric ceramic Piezoelectric ceramics is a functional ceramic material obtained by blending, synthesizing, shaping, sintering, machining, putting electrodes, and polarizing with dc fields. Usually, it can be used for electro-mechanical transducers, which have broad applications in communication, home appliances, aeronautics, probing, computers, etc. The static piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics is mainly utilized in piezoelectric lighter, gas stove, earthquake sensor, ignition/detonation, force shift, displacement, ultrasonic distance measure, etc. Its dynamic piezoelectric effect can be used in a wide range of frequencies, such as underwater sound, ultrasonic sound, information processing, etc. In the underwater sound frequency range (0.1~102 kHz), it is mainly used for receiving/transmitting transducers in sonar, fish detector and other underwater equipments. In the ultrasonic range (102~104 kHz), it is mainly used for ultrasonic probing, ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment, ultrasonic holographic imaging, and piezoelectric transformer. In higher frequency range, it is used for filters and resonators. Our company produces the following piezoelectric ceramic products: BaTiO3 piezoelectric ceramics, lead-titanate(PT) piezoelectric ceramics, lead-zirconate-titanate(PZT) piezoelectric ceramics. PT and PZT have been used to make high- and medium-frequency filters and resonators, underwater and ultrasonic transducers and ultrasonic sensors. About piezoelectric transducer Piezoelectric transducers send and receive waves for many types of sensing. Examples include distance, proximity, level, nondestructive evaluation, web break detection, counting, and security applications. They typically operate at their resonant frequency with various construction options, beam patterns, and power levels. Piezoelectric transducers have many critical specifications. Transmitting frequency is the usable frequency range of the device. Bandwidth is the difference between low and high operational frequency limits. Rated signal power available from transducer is another important specification. Transmit sensitivity is the ratio of sound pressure produced to input voltage. Receive sensitivity is the ratio of output voltage produced over sound pressure sensed. The beam angle is the total included angle of ultrasonic beam. In general, a high frequency transducer will produce a narrow beam and a lower frequency transducer a wider beam. The beam angle can be influenced somewhat by the transducer housing construction. Piezoelectric transducers come in different styles for different applications. Plain general-purpose transducers, including air transducers, are available with no specialized features. More specialized styles are common as well, such as contact transducers for placing directly on the surface to be measured. Dual element transducers have two elements in the transducer housing and allow the transmitter and receiver to operate independently. The elements are angled toward each other to create a reflective transmit/receive pathway. Angle beam transducers include mounted transparent angle blocks and are often used for weld inspection and flaw detection. They typically utilize refracted shear waves to detect flaws throughout the depth of welded areas. Immersible transducers are designed to be totally submerged in a liquid medium, most often fresh water. The protected element style has the transducer element protected for use on rough surfaces. Delay line transducers are versatile, often with replaceable head options such as membranes and wear caps. They are used to gage or detect flaws such as delaminations in thin materials. Shear wave transducers introduce shear waves into material without using an angle beam wedge. The ratio of shear wave components to longitudinal components can exceed 30dB. Medical style transducers and housings are designed for specific medical applications.

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Products & Services

Manufacturers & Exporters Of piezoelectric element and ultrasonic transducer.

Our Products Range Include:
-Ultrasonic distance sensor
-Ultrasonic level measure sensor
-Piezoelectric transducer for ultrasonic cleaner
-Piezoelectric transducer for ultrasonic flowmeter sensor
-Piezoelectric transducer for ultrasonic medical instrument
-Piezoelectric transducer for underwater sensor
-Piezoelectric transducer for atomizing
-Piezoelectric transducer for ultrasonic beauty devices
-Piezoelectric tube transducer
-Piezoelectric actuator
-Focus sphere piezoelectric transducer

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Annon Ultrasonic Electronic Technology Company Limited.

5/F, NO. 3 Taoli building,
Taoyuan west rd
Shenzhen, 518052 () - (China)


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