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Original China Factory for Anti Radiation Sticker Anti Radiation Shield Anti Radiation Stick for Mobile Phone Cellphone Cell Phone Paste Antiradiation Patch Anti Radiation Patch Anti Radiation Sticker Anti Radiation Shield Antiradiation shield chip film screen Double Functional Mobile Phone Stick Anti-Radiation & Battery Salvage Stick Thanks for your choice on our anti radiatioin mobile phone sticker.Anti-electromagnetic Radiation It can effectively remove phenomena such as headache, insomnla and hair loss.Blocks Up to 96.43% electromagnetic Radiation of Cellphone Expose. When you are enjoying the convenience brought by modern technology every day, have ever thought about that your health has suffered about the invisible killer of this electromagnetic radiation unknowingly? Radiation of Mobile Phone is mainly more harmfully on the head, it can cause the function obstacles of central nervous system which can cause many symptoms, such as headaches dizziness, insomnia and dreaminess, hair loss and etc. The ultra-thin patch with special material can absorb and transfer the azimuth of excessive harmful radiation produced by sending and receiving signals of the mobile phone, thus avoid the radiation on the human brain damage. Absorb and transfer electromagnetic radiation waves by using special materials and reduce mobile phone radiation injury on the human brain of 96.43 percent. Extend the service life of rechargeable battery two to three times. The battery salvage Engergy sticker is processed by adopting a newly developed special material from Japan. It can activate the following of li-ion within the rechargeable battery. carry out fast dissolving of the depositional waste, increase the battery capacity and prolong the life span of new battery. Waste matters are stored inside the long-used battery after the repetition of charging and discharging of battery. It is similar as the phenomenon of human blood vessels which are blocked by waste matter inside the body and the blood flow will be slowed down. These waste mattters hinder the proper ion-flow and decrease the charging capacity of the battery. The available calling time will be shorted. This is the main cause of the power down of the battery. This product is very effective in its fast recovery of the function of rechargeable battery. It will be more effective after the lithium rechargable battery has been recharged and discharged repeatedly for 1-3times (when the power is finished and turned off automatically). It will increase the capacity of the used rechargeable battery by 10-85%; and if the battery energy sticker is sticked on the new rechargeable battery, it can maintain high battery capacity for a long time and keep a much longer life span.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturer
Establishment Year 2002
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

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Manufacturers of Anti Radiation Shield and Sticker products.

Our Product Range-

-Anti Radiation Shield
-Anti-radiation Sticker
-Anti Radiation Sticker
-Anti Radiation Stick
-Anti Radiation Film
-Anti Radiation Patch
-Mobile Phone
-Cell Phone
-Health Care.

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Anti Radiation Shield Sticker Ltd.

B3 MD Industrial Park,Gongming, Baoan,
Shenzhen, 518108 (Guangdong) - (China)


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