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Business overview

Developing & Innovating FRP Profiles & Gratings Manufacturer Over 15 years FRP profiles and grating manufacturing experience, we are donated ourselves to products manufacturer and solution designers. We have skilled workers, advanced equipment, strict QC system and fast delivery system. Besides, all productions and products are ISO 9001 international standard guaranteed. All these gain our customers' trust and long-term cooperation with our customers. Our R&D department is developing and innovating more products for our customers and designing more solutions to our customers' projects. * OUR MISSION :- - Steadily developing more products suitable for customers' requirements and international markets. - Continuously innovating technologies and equipment to design more solutions to all industrial corrosive and insulating problems. * OUR VISION :- - Occupying important roles in native and international markets of FRP products and composite industries. And become good helper to safety protection and working efficiency improvement in all industries and all over the world. * OUR STRATEGIES :- - Take full advantage of material resources and factory advantages. - Continuously learning and analyzing international markets trends of products and customers' requirements. Seize all opportunities and continuously developing. * WHY CHOOSE US :- - WE ARE PROFESSIONAL Our sales representatives can solve all your problems and provide most professional suggestions. - WE ARE TRUSTED We can design whole solutions to your projects and eliminating all our worries. - WE ARE RIGOROUS Strict QC system from material to loading guarantee all our products are qualified.

Industry Construction and Real Estate
Business Type Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 2003
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level State

Products & Services

AOCOMM Composite Co. Ltd. is committed to developing and manufacturing FRP profiles & gratings. A series of insulated ladders, cable trays and handrails can be supplied for different use. Moreover, we can supply best solutions to all industries for efficient production.


* FRP Profiles
- FRP Angles
- FRP Channels
- FRP Beam
- FRP Rectangular Tubes
- FRP Square Tube
- FRP Round Tube
- FRP Round Rod
- FRP Kick Plates
- FRP Ladder Rung
- FRP Embedment Angle
- FRP Handrail Fittings

* FRP Gratings
- FRP Molded Grating
- Pultruded FRP Grating

* Chemical Processing
* Water & Sewage Treatment
* Electricity & Power
* Oil & Gas
* Mechanical Engineering
* Building & Constructions

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AOCOMM Composite Co. Ltd.

C Valley-China Communications Construction, Dongjiang Port, Tianjin Free Trade Zone.
Tianjin (Other) - (China)


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