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Business overview

We introduce ourselves as single largest manufacturers and exporters of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Electrical Accessories, Earthing Equipments & Lightening Protection systems, all in-house. Our manufacturing plant, one of the largest of its kind in ASIA, is equipped to make all our products in-house right from conversion to the final product. Our range of products has over the past years become synonymous with Brass and Copper Electrical Accessories in the International markets of the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, U.K., U.S.A., South Africa,Europe etc. We have been successfully exporting to 74 countries the full range. We sell some of our Products under the Brand name of "APPLE". We hope you will join those who have discovered APPLE's outstanding record and its commitment to the value of Quality and Professional Service. The Watchword for us is APPLELITE.

Industry Building Material
Business Type Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1995
Firm Type Pvt Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Electrical Accessories, Earthing Equipments & Lightening Protection systems, all in-house.

Brass Battery Terminals :-
Hex Head Bolt Type Battery Terminals
Solder Less Screw Type Battery Terminals
Post Type Battery Terminals
Angle Bosch Type
Cable Lugs Brass
Solder Type Machined
USA Car Type Battery Terminals
Seiver Crimp Type
Solder Crimp Type Heavy
Easy Fixing Type Terminal
Knock Out Type Terminal
Crimp Clip Type Terminal
Post Type H.D. Terminal
Solder Type Terminal
Side Single Fixing Type Terminal
Side Double Fixing Type Terminal
Angle Bosch Type
Post Type Medium Terminal
Solder less Screw Type Terminal
Seiwa Crimp Type Terminal.

Brass Cable Glands :-
PEX BW Brass Cable Glands
AI CW Brass Cable Glands
BW Type Cable Glands
BWL Brass Cable Glands
CW Type Cable Glands
E1W Brass Cable Gland
E1FW Industrial Cable Gland
A1/A2 Industrial Cable Glands
GXD Brass Cable Glands
A2F Brass Cable Glands
Alco Cable Glands
TRS Cable Glands
Weather Proof Cable Gland
CW Aluminium Cable Glands
Cable Gland Kit
Marine Cable Glands
Wiping Cable Glands
PG Type Brass Cable Glands
BWL Heavy Duty Cable Glands
BXL Cable Glands
CX Cable Glands
CZ Cable Glands.

Brass Extruded Rods :-
Round Extrusion Rods
Brass Square Extrusion Rod
Hexagon and Octagon Extrusion Rods
Brass Flat Extrusion Bar
Knurling Extrusion Brass Rods
Brass Sections and Profiles
Brass Bus Bars
Brass Hollow Rods
Brass Wire.

Brass Pneumatic & Hydraulics Fittings :-
Compression Nuts
Compression Tees
Compression Elbows
Brass Male Female Elbow
Brass Olive Tee Male
Four Way male connectors
Brass Olive Nuts
Male Branch Tee
Compression Sleeves
Compression Unions
Compression Adaptors
Brass Male Elbows
Olive Elbow Assembly
Compression Connectors
Brass Hex Plug
Brass Inserts For Soft Tubing
Brass Flare Caps
Brass Flare Plugs
Brass Flare Tees
Brass Flare Nuts
Brass Flare Unions
Brass Flare Short Nuts
Brass Flare Long Nut
Brass Flare Swivel Nuts
45 Degree Flare Elbow
90 Degree Female Elbow
Inverted Flair Tee
Inverted Flair Male Elbow
Flare Reducing Union
Flare Female Connector
Cylinder Adaptor
Flare Reducing Elbow
Flare Male Half Elbow
Flare Male Half Tee
Flare Condenser Union
Brass Flare Male Cross
Female Coupling
Flare Nut - Long Neck
Flare to Solder Union
Forged Female Elbow
Forged Female Street Run Tee
Forged Female Tee
Forged Female Cross
Forged Street Elbow
Brass Forged Nuts
Hose Nipple
Brass Nut
Brass Nut & Nipple
Male Hose Male Hose
Male Hose Long
Stand Pipe
Compression Parts
Compression Sleeve.

Brass PPR Fittings :-
Brass PPR Male Inserts
Brass PPR Female Inserts
Brass PPR Valve
Brass PPR Ball Valve
Brass PPR Plug.

Bronze Aluminum Connectors :-
Grounding Connectors
Transformer Connectors
Aluminium Connectors
Transformer Spades Connectors
Bronze Vise Connector
Transformer Lug Kits
Bronze Stud Connector
Bronze Tee Connector.
Cable Lugs

Inline Connectors :-
TQ Range TQ Range
4 Hole Transformer Fixing Terminals
Heavy Duty Terminals
Extended Palm 2 Hole Terminals
Butt and Parallel Splices
Medium Duty ST Range
C Sleeve or Tap-off Connectors
Tinned Copper Cable Lugs
Tinned Copper inline connectors links
Tinned Copper Tubular Cable Lugs
Tinned Copper End Sealing Ferrules
Tinned Copper Connectors With Solid Barriers
Tinned Copper Transformer Terminal
Tinned copper two hole
Un insulated & Insulated Terminal Ends
Aluminium long barrel lugs
Aluminium Long Barrel solid barrier
Aluminium long barrel lugs Screw Sleeves / Connectors.

CNC Parts :-
CNC Turning Parts
CNC Lathe Machining Parts
Nut Special
Brass CNC Turning Parts
Brass Bush
Automatic Lathe Parts
Bolt Nuts
Steel Stamped
Steel Sleeve
Stainless Steel Sleeve
Non-Standard Screw.

Earthing Component Accessories :-
Solid Copper Earth Rods
Swaged Earth Rods
Earth Rod Accessories
Copper Bonded Earth Plates
Tape Clip / Saddles
Square Clamps
Oblong Test Clamp
Earthing Clamps
Adjustable Earth Clamps
Speedy Earth Clamps
Brass Earthing Terminals
Split Bolt Connectors / Line Taps

Earthing Nuts:
Square Tape Clamps
Rod to Cable Clamps
DC Tape Clips
Rod to Lug Clamps
Tee Clamps
Rod to Tape Coupling
Copper Ground Clamps
Plate Type Test Clamp
Rod To Tape Clamp 'A' Type
Water Pipe Hub Clamp
U Bolt Rod Clamp
Glanging Bar Holdfast
Split Bolt
Ridge Saddle
Square Conductor Clamp
Rod To Cable Clamp Heavy
Rod Bracket
Heavy Duty Cast Saddle
Water Pipe Clamp
Rod To Cable Clamp GUV Type
RWP Bond.

Electrical Fitting Components :-
Brass Neutral Links
Test Bonds
Socket Pins
Panel Board Accessories
Electrical Switch Parts
HRC Fuse Connectors
Insert For PVC
Moulding Parts and Conduit
Switch Socket Boxes
Brass Earth Bars
Brass Earth Blocks
Brass Block.

Fasteners :-
Brass Bolts Fasteners
Brass Inserts Fasteners
Brass Anchor Fasteners
Brass Washers Fasteners
Brass Screws Fasteners
Brass Nuts
Industrial Fasteners
Metric Fasteners
Cold Forged Fasteners
Aluminum Fasteners
Automotive Fasteners
Hot Forged Fasteners.

Galvanised and Conduit Parts :-
Adaptor Flexible
Male / Female Bushes
Conduit Adapters
Brass Solid Bend
Two Way Junction Boxes
Angle Junction Boxes
Three Way Junction Boxes
Three Way Junction Boxes
Half Saddle Clamp
Ring Extension
Round Ring Lock
Outer Threads Nipples
Socket Coupling.

Plumbing & Sanitary Fittings :-
Double Nipple Double Nipple
Extension Piece
3 - Pcs Connector
Extension Reducer
Brass Tee
Brass Elbow
Hex Unequal Nipple
Spacer Nipple
Hex Head Plug
Reducing Hex Bush
Hex Adaptor
Round Long Nipple
Hex Nipple
Close Nipple
Square Head Plug.

Precision turned parts :-
Brass Turned Parts
Sheet Metal Components Parts
Brass Copper Pressed Work Parts
Junction Box accessories.

Rubber Products :-
Silicon Rubber Products
Rubber Moulded Articles
Rubber Bushes Grommets
Rubber Bellows Diaphragm
PG Plastic PVC Products
Hydraulic And Pneumatic Seal Kits
Hydraulic And Pneumatic O Rings.

Silicon Bronze Fasteners :-
Silicon Bronze Bolts
Silicon Bronze Nuts
Silicon Bronze Rod
Silicon Bronze Screws
Silicon Bronze Washers.

Stainless Steel Fittings :-
Stainless Steel Parts
Stainless Steel Components
Stainless Steel Hex Nuts
Stainless Steel Flanges
Stainless Steel Turned Parts
Stainless Steel Fasteners
Stainless Steel Springs
Stainless Steel Screws
Stainless Steel Foundries
Stainless Steel Castings
Stainless Steel Hose Barbs
Stainless Steel hose Fittings
Brass Hooks S.Steel Hooks
S.Steel Forgings Stampings
S.Steel Compression Fittings
S.Steel Components Parts
Stainless Steel Lost Wax Casting.

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Contact Details

Apple International Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd.

'A'Wing, 2nd Floor, Mhatre Pen Building, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W)
Mumbai, 400008 (Maharashtra) - (India)


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