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AquaticHouse adds new products to it's inventory constantly. New products are added only after being used and tested by our service division, and getting their approval that the products meet AquaticHouse's, and your, rigid standards. We have found that there is a wide range of quality when it comes to aquarium and pond products. Rather than selling the cheapest or the most popular, we have chosen to sell only the products that have been found to be of the best quality by our experts. This way we know that our customers will be happy with their orders and the use they get from our products.

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Business Type Trader & Exporter/Importer
Firm Type Proprietorship
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Products & Services

We are Online Suppliers of Aquarium Supplies and Pond Products.

Products Range :
* Ponds & Supplies
-AquaScapes Pond Kits
-Pond Netting
-Firestone Pond Guard Pond Liners
-Pond Clean and Clear
-Biological Mosquito Control
-Allied Precision De-icers
-Farm Innovators De-icers
-Supreme PondMaster De-Icers
-Supreme Pond Surface Nets
-Microbe-Lift Pond TheraP
-Pond Feeding Ring & Heron Scarer
-Laguna Powerjet Pond Pumps
-Coralife Pondlife Turbo-Twist Pond UV Sterilizer
-Ecological Labs Microbe-Lift Koi Pond Food
-Laguna Non-kink Pond Hose
-Laguna Magnetic Water Clarifier
-Laguna Max-Flo Waterfall Pumps
-Laguna PowerClear UV Sterilizers/Clarifiers
-Microbe-Lift PL Bacteria

* Protein Skimmers
-Seaclone Protein Skimmers
-Red Sea Prizm Protein Skimmers
-Red Sea Berlin Protein Skimmers
-Kent Marine Nautilus Protein Skimmer

* Supplements
-EcoSystem Solutions
-Kent Marine Tech CB
-Microbe-Lift Special Blend & TheraP
-ESV B-Ionic Calium Buffer
-TropicMarin Bio-Magnesium
-Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium
-Seachem Reef Calcium
-Seachem Flourish Plant Supplements
-Kent Marine Turbo Calcium
-EcoSystems Garlic Elixir
-Seachem Entice & Stability
-Boyd Chemi-Clean

* Test Kits
-AcquaMarine Test Strips
-Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Liquid Test Kits
-Granular Test Kits

* Pumps Heaters
-Supreme Mag-Drive Pump by Danner
-PentAir Aquatics QuietOne Water Pumps
-Hydor THEO Heaters
-Hydor External In-Line Heaters
-Hydor Hydroset Digital Thermostat
-MarineLand Visi-Therm Heaters
-Rena Excel Heaters
-Rena Air Pumps
-Hydor EKIP Thermo Pumps
-Hydor EKIP Thermo Filters
-Hydor ARIO Turbo Air Pump
-Tom Stellar Air Pumps
-Hagen Battery Air Pump
-Tom Digital Temperatue Alert
-Hagen AquaClear Powerheads
-Marineland Maxi-Jet, Mini-Jet & Micro-Jet Powerheads
-Eheim AquaBall Powerhead
-Taam Rio Powerheads
-Zoo Med Power Sweep Powerheads
-Red Sea WaveMaster Wavemaker
-Rena Micro Bubbler
-Hydor BioFLo Deflector/Sponge
-Coralife AirStones
-Penn Plax Add-A-Stone
-Tom Aqua Lifter Suction Pump
-Hagen Floating Thermometer with Suction Cup

* Medications
-Aquarium Products Quick and Organi Cure
-Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Melafix and Pimafix
-Jungle Ick and Fungus Guard
-Jungle Fungus Eliminator
-Jungle Hole-N-Head
-Jungle No More Algae
-Seachem Medications

* UV Sterilizers
-Coralife Turbo-Twist UV Sterilizers
-Danner Supreme UV Clarifiers
-Current USA Gamma UVs
-Visilux Power Unit

* Filters & Media
-Amiracle Maxi Reef Wet/Dry Filters
-ProClear Aquatic Systems Wet/Dry Filters
-Hagen AquaClear Hang-On Filters
-EcoSystem Aquarium Ecological Filters
-10 to 40gallons - Eco40
-40 to 60 gallons - Eco60
-EcoSystem Aquarium Pro Series Ecological Filters
-Eheim Professional II
-Rena FilStar xP Series
-Filstar Detail
-Hagen Fluval 04 Series
-Rainbow Lifegard Fluidized Filter
-Rainbow Applications
-EcoSystem Reefugium
-Aquarium Products System1
-MarineLand Emperor Filters
-MarineLand Penguin Filters
-Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor
-CPR Aquatics BAK-PAK Bio-Filters
-ProClear Aquatics Pre-Filter Box with Siphon Tube
-Ecosystem Miracle Mud
-Rena FilStar Media
-Hagen AquaClear Media
-CoraLife Nitrate Controller & Silicate Remover
-PolyBio Poly Filter
-MarineLand Filter Cartridges
-Tetra Whisper Filter Cartridges

* Water Conditioners
-Aquarium Pharmaceuticals StressCoat
-Proper PH
-Kent Marine SuperBuffer dKH
-Splendid Betta Complete Water Conditioner

* Water Purifiers/Reverse Osmosis
-Aqua Fx Mako 5-Stage RO/DI
-Aqua FX Barracuda 4-Stage RO/DI
-Aqua FX Great White 9-Stage RO/DI
-Aqua FX Dolphin 3-Stage RO
-Aqua FX Stingray 2-Stage RO
-Aqua FX Marlin 5-Stage 900gpd RO
-Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Tap Water Filter
-Reverse Osmosis Replacement Cartridges

* Tanks
-MarineLand Eclipse Explorer Mini Tanks
-MarineLand Eclipse System Tanks
-MarineLand Eclipse Hood & Filters
-LivingColor Custom Tanks
-Red Sea Aqua Vase Compact Aquarium
-Marineland Betta Sphere Compact Aquarium
-Ocean Treasures Collection Designer Aquariums
-Omega Sea Betta Jungle Compact Aquarium

* Plants
-Red Sea Co2 Reactor

* Maintenance & Cleaning Supplies
-Mag Float
-Marineland Holdfast Epoxy
-Coralife Polishers & Buffers
-Aquatic Gardener
-Penn Plax Magna-Scraper
-Fish Feeders and Dosers
-Corallife Power Centers
-Coralife Screamer
-Tom Magical Cleaning Rods
-Kent Marine Proscrapers
-Jungle Algae Pads
-Coralife Titanium Probe
-MarineLand Wave Timer
-MarineLand Light Timer
-Eheim Battery Powered Gravel Vacuum
-Python No-Spill Clean and Fill
-Tower Mfg. Shock Buster GFCIs
-Syphon Action Gravel Vacuum
-AquaticHouse Digital Daily & Weekly Timer
-Coralife Aqualight Digital Power
-The Marine Aquarists Quiz Book

* Fish Food & Invertebrate Food
-Omega One Pellet Food
-Omega One Flake Food
-Omega One Freeze Dried Blood Worms
-Omega One Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp
-Omega One Freeze Dried Shrimp Omega One Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms
-Hikari Cichlid Excel
-Hikari Cichlid Complete
-Hikari Cichlid Gold
-Hikari Cichlid Bio-Gold
-Hikari Betta Bio-Gold
-Premium Flakes with Earthworms
-OSI Blood Red Parrot Pellets
-Tom Brine Shrimp Hatcher
-San Francisco Brine Shrimp Eggs
-Seaweed Selects Marine Algae
-ESV Marine PhytoPlankton
-Kent Marine PhytoPlex Liquid
-Kent Marine ChromaPlex Liquid
-Ocean Nutrition Marine Pellets
-Tetra Jumbo Shrimp
-Aquarium Products Gel-Tek
-Auto Feeders and Liqui-dosers

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P.O. Box 40141
Glen Oaks, New York
New York, 11004 () - (United-states)


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