Arabian Link Medical Instruments Trd. Dubai (United-arab-emirates)

Business overview

ALMIT, based in Dubai, is one of the leading providers of Manicure, Pedicure Implements, and Surgical, Dental Instruments as per International standards and specifications. We have been able to provide quality and still our endeavor is to make more innovations to cater the demand of our worthy buyers around the world. Products: MEDICAL, DENTAL, SURGICAL, OBSTETRIC/GYNECOLOGY, VASCULAR/CARDIOVASCULAR INSTRUMENTS. General Surgery Instruments, Brain & Neuro, Punch Forceps, Disc Forceps, Ophthalmic, Orthopedic, Implants, Plastic Surgery Instruments, Vascular/Cardiovascular, Thorax & Lungs, Mouth etc

Industry Engineering
Business Type Trader & Exporter/Importer
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services


Our Products are :
* Dental Instruments
-Amalgam Carriers
-Amalgam Carvers
-Blowers, Napkin & Film Holder
-Bone Rongeurs
-Cartridge & Water Syringe
-Cavity Preparation Instruments
-Cement Spatula
-Chisels and Gougs
-Crown Instruments&Removers&Plastic Cutting Pliers
-Explorers, Probes
-Extraction Forceps - American Pattern
-Extraction Forceps - English Pattern
-Filling Instruments Plastic Filling Instrument
-Forceps for Chidren with Spring
-Gracey Curettes&Scalers
-Haemostatic Forceps
-Handles for Mouth Mirrors
-Matrix Retainers
-Needle Holder
-Orthodontic Instruments
-Periodontia Instruments
-Pliers for Orthodontic &Prosthetics
-Pliers Tissue, Cotton& Dressing
-Retractors Raspatories&Elevators
-Root Elevators
-Root Fragment Forceps
-Root Splinter Forceps
-Rubber Dam Clamps
-Rubber Dam Instruments
-Scalpel Handles
-Sponge&Dressing Forceps
-Sterilizing Forceps
-Towel Clamps & Skin Hook
-Trays Impression
-Trays Instruments
-Wax Knives
-Wax&Modelling Carvers

* Surgical Instruments
-Anal retractors, Rectal Specula, Sphincteroscopes, Anoscopes, Proct
-Artery, Hysterectomy & Towel Forceps
-Bone Cutting, Holding, Rongeur Forceps
-Bone Lever
-Catheter Forceps
-Ear Dressing & Ear Polypus Forceps
-Ear Polypus Snares
-Hollow Wares
-Lamina Spreader
-Mouth Gags
-Needle Holder
-Rhino Plastic Instruments
-Scalpel Handles
-Septum Compression Punch &Cervical Biopsy Forceps
-Speculum Nasal
-Speculum Vaginal
-Suction Tubes & Trocars
-Tissue, Organ, Clips Applying, Dressing &Sponge Holding Forceps
-Tongue Depressor
-Tongue Holding, Sterilizing Laryngeal Polypus&Brancho Esop Forcep
-Tonsil Snares
-Uterine Dilators
-Uterine Sound and Depressor
-Wire Tightner

* Holloware Instruments
-Alcohol Lamp
-ox with Lock
-Electric Sterilizer
-Forceps Jar
-Horizontal Urinal
-Instrument Box
-Instruments Boilers
-Instruments Trays
-Instrumnt Sterlizng Box
-Kidney trays
-Measuring Jug
-Mesh Tray
-Perfection Bedpan
-Sterilizer box w/Filter
-Sterilizing drums
-Urinal Male
-Urinal Female

* Tungsten Carbide Instruments
-Needle Holders
-Wire Cutters

* Diagnostics Instruments
-Conventional Laryngoscope
-Forreger conventional
-Forreger fiber optic
-Forreger fiber optic
-Head Mirror
-Laryngeal mirror
-Laryngoscope Macintosh fiber optic
-Light for speculum
-Metal Head light
-Metal Opthalmoscope
-Miller conventional
-Miller Fiber optic
-Oto Metal Opthalmoscope
-Oto Metal opthalmoscope
-Otoscope Metal
-Otoscope plastic
-Plastic Head light
-Plastic Opthalmoscope
-Tongue depressor holder

* Gynaecology Instruments
-Vaginal Speculum, Graves
-Vaginal Speculum, Pederson
-Vaginal Speculum, Collin
-Vaginal Speculum, Cusco
-Polypus forceps
-Dartigues forcep
-Sommer forcep
-Collin Forcep
-Beacham Hook
-Braun Uterine Depressor
-SimsUterine Depressor
-Sims Uterine Sound
-Martin Uterine Sound
-Breisky Retractor

Contact Details

Arabian Link Medical Instruments Trd.

PO Box 41594,

Dubai, 0000 () - (United-arab-emirates)


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