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We are professional manufacturers & exporters of all kinds of Dental, Surgical and Manicure instruments in complete range. -In Dental our specialty is Tooth extracting forceps English and American pattern and physics forceps and Root Elevators, Orthodontic Pliers’ Scalars and others Dental instruments in complete range. -In Manicure Beauty our specialty is the Razor Edge Scissors, Nippers, Nail Cutter and other Manicure in complete range. We believe that we are one of the leading manufacturers of the RES and one of the top line manufacturers of the fully convex blade scissors. -In Surgical our specialty is Scissors, Forceps, Retractors and other surgical instruments in complete in range. We can also easily manufacturers your products as per your instruments and demands in same quality with price control system. Ashrif Dental is equipped with a highly professional staff who posses high technical abilities to overcome all and every details for a perfect product outcome. We welcome all customers with full assurance to provide complete satisfaction and guarantee for our product in quality and price. Ashrif Dental will never compromise on quality. This is what we believe and what we live for.

Industry Metals and Minerals
Business Type Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1986
Firm Type Pvt Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Manufacturers & exporters all kinds of Dental, Orthopedic, Beauty, Surgical and Manicure instruments.

Dental Instruments
- Extracting Forceps English pat
- Extracting Forceps American pa
- Root Splinter Extracting Force
- Root Elvators
- Filling Instruments
- Periodontal Curettes and Filli
- Dental Probes
- Burnishers and Pocket Probes S
- Periodontal Pocket Probes
- Periodontia Instruments
- Periodontia Instruments and Ma
- Gracey Curettes, AF, MF, Type
- Curettes and Scalers
- Bone Curettes
- Modelling Instruments
- Measuring Instruments
- Wax Knives
- Plaster Knives
- Diagnostic
- Endodontic Instruments
- Excavators
- Handles for mouth Mirrors and
- Cement Spatulas
- Spatulas for plaster and Algin
- Needle Holders
- Needle Holders & Stainless Sal
- Water Syringes
- Syringes, Rulers, Band Adaptor
- Dental Syringe
- Intra-Ligamental Syringe & Den
- Dental Tweezers
- Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps
- Rubber Dam Clamps
- Matrix Retainers and Matrix Ba
- Matrix Bands
- Detal Crown Removers
- Dental Crown removers, Scissor
- Amalgum Guns and Carriers
- Copper Ring Romover Pliers, Pa
- Rongeurs
- Bone Rongeurs
- Bone Elevators
- Bone Files and Chisels
- Pliers for Orthodontics
- Pliers for Orthodontics and Pr
- Stainless Steel Impression Tra
- Articulators
- Dental & Surgical Hollowares

Orthopedic Instruments
- Chain Nose Pliers
- Cutters
- Diamond Holders
- Flat Nose Pliers
- Optical pliers
- Round Nose Pliers

Beauty instruments
- Hair cutting Scissors
- Barber and Dressing Scissors
- Nail and Cuticle Scissors
- Fancy and Printed Scissors
- House Hold and Taylor Scissors
- Multi-Purpose Plastic Handle S
- Eye Brow Tweezers
- Multi-Purpose Tweezers
- Face Black Head Cleaners
- Cuticle and Nail Pushers
- Nail Care Products
- Cuticle Nail Nippers
- Nail Cutters
- Acrylic Nail Cutters
- Shaving Razors & Belts
- Gift Packs
- Professional Thinning Scissors

Surgical Instruments
- Diagnostic, Anaesthesia, Scalp
- Scissors
- Forceps, Clamps
- Forceps, Clamps 2
- Needle Holders
- Suture Instruments & Probes
- Hooks & Retractors
- Abdominal Sugery, Intestinal &
- Gall Blader, Liver & Spleens I
- Vaginal Specula & Retractors
- Utrine Dilators, Probes, Force
- Biopsy Instruments
- Obstetrics
- Tracheotomy, Cardiovascular &
- Bone Punches & Rongeurs
- Amputation, Elevators, Raspato
- Mallets, Tampers, Chisels, Gau
- Wire Extension, Finger Nail In
- Plaster Instruments
- Suction Instruments
- Tungsten Carbide Inserts
- Hospital Wears

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Ashrif dental

Ashrif Dental Company Roras Road, Muzaffar Pur,
Sialkot (Punjab (Pakistan)) - (Pakistan)


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