Ashwani Diagnostic Equipments Manufacturing Co. New Delhi (India)

Business overview

AdemcO is a prominent name in manufacture and export of an exhaustive range of medical and surgery instruments. The company has become a trust-worthy entity in the market due to the superior attributes and quality of its products. AdemcO is strongly committed to the quality of its instruments and follows a set of stringent quality related policies to maintain it.The reputation that we enjoy in the market is due to the superior quality of our products. As a unit with an in-built R & D section, we are well quipped to ensure an all round quality that is a result of research & analysis conducted by our experts. Our products are checked repeatedly by the experts before they are released for the market.To adhere to high quality norms at our house, a comprehensive set up is an utmost necessity. We have a slew of qualified quality analysts to inspect the instruments-their flawlessness and precision. Furthermore, we are equipped with the latest machinery available for manufacturing.We have our clients spread across the world. We have instituted several ways to keep a tab on our client?S opinion about our products. We seek our client?S views & put them into practice to acquire higher levels of excellence. We regularly export to places like USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan etc.

Industry Engineering
Business Type Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1945
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Manufacturer & Exporter of exhaustive range of medical and surgery instruments.

Products range:-
Anaesthesia Equipment & Products : Airways, Anaesthesia Machines, Artificial Resuscitators-Black Rubber, Artificial Resuscitators-Silicon, Bains Circuit, Clausen Harness Belts, Connectors and Valves, Corrugated Breathing Tubes, Endotracheal Tubes, Face Masks- Black Rubber, Face Masks-Silicon, Laryngoscopes,
Magill Forceps, Oxygen Therapy Anaesthesia Equipment, Rebreathing Bags, Vaporizers, Ambu Type Bags, Face Masks Padded, Corrugated Tube, Guedel Pattern Airway, Laryngoscopes Spares.
Autoclaves : High Pressure Autoclaves, Autoclaves-Pressure Cooker Type- Aluminium, Autoclaves-Pressure Cooker Type- Stainless Steel, Autoclaves-Wing Nut Type, Instrument Sterilizers - Stainless Steel, Dressing Drums - Stainless Steel, Autoclaves, Steam Indicator Strips, Hot Air Sterilizers.

Baby Care : Baby Incubator, Foetal Heart Monitor, Infant Radiant Warmer, Infantometer, Phototherapy unit.

Cold Chain Equipment : Vaccine Carrier VC7F, Vaccine Carrier VC8F, Vaccine Carrier VC9AF, Vaccine Carrier VC10AF, Cold Box CB8F, Cold Box CB11F, Cold Box CB12F, Cold Box CB14F, Icepack IP3, Icepack IP4, Icepack IP6.

Dental Instruments : Laryngeal Mirrors, Dental Scaler, Forcep Collins.

Diagnostic Equipment & Products : Binocular Loupes, Diagnostic Sets, Ear Syringes, Head Band and Mirror Set, Head Lights, Laryngoscopes, Mouth Examination Mirrors, Otoscopes, Percussion Hammers, Proctoscopes, Sphygmomanometers & Spares, Stethoscopes & Spare Parts, Thermometers Clinical, Tongue Spatulas, Tuning Forks, Vaginal Speculums, Reflex Hammers /Tuning Forks, Mouth (Dental) Examination Mirrors, Handles, Magnifiers - Loupes & Optics, Height , Weight Measuring Scales-Mechanical, Measuring Tapes.

Disposable/Surgical Medical Products : I.V. CANNULAE, Nelaton Catheters - Disposable (P.V.C.), Suction Catheters - Disposable (P.V.C.), Infant Feeding Tubes - Disposable (P.V.C.), Umbilical Cannula - Disposable (P.V.C.), Kehr's T Tube - Disposable (P.V.C.), Drainage Sheet - Disposable (P.V.C), Yankur Suction Handle and Set, Ryles Tubes - Disposable (P.V.C.), Umbilical Cord Clamp, Polypropylene Kidney Tray, Close Wound Suction Unit, Stop Cock - 3way, Pregnancy Test Kit, Bandage Skin Traction, Scalp Vein Set, External Male Catheter, Mucus Extractor Catheter, Pressure Monitoring Lines, Hypo-Allergenic Microporous Surgical Tape.

Emergency Medical Products & Supplies : Stretchers, Emergency & Recovery Trolley, Ambu Type Bags, Wheel Chairs, Stretcher Trolley, Suction Unit (Portable), Laryngoscopes, IV Poles, Face Masks Padded, Torches, Multi-Purpose Scissor.

General Surgery Instrument : Artery Forceps, lades - Surgical, Scalpel, Bistouris Handles, Dressing Forceps, Gynaecological Forceps, Needle Holders, Retractors, Student's Dissecting Sets & Spare Instruments, Scalpel Handles, Scissors, Sterilizing Forceps, Tweezers & Forceps, Suture Needles, Surgical Instruments, Articulator, Dental Equipment.

Hospital/Medical Furniture : Ambulance Stretcher Trolley, Anaesthesia Trolley, Angle Poise Lamp/Examination Lamp, Baby Cradles, Backrest, Bedside Locker with Overbed Table, Bedside Lockers, Bedside Screens, Bedside Stools, Bedside Table, Blood Donor Chair, Bowl Stand, Burn Cage, Carrying Cot, Crash Cart, Delivery Beds, Dressing Trolley, Drug Trolley, Emergency & Recovery Trolley, Examination Couch, Examination cum Gynae Tables, Examination Tables, Foldable Stretchers, Foot Steps, Fowler Beds, General Trolley, Gynaecological Couch, Halogen Examination Lamps, Hospital Beds, ICU Beds, Instrument Cabinets, Instrument Trolley, Instrument/Medicine Trolley, Kick Buckets, Linen Trolley, Mayo Trolley, Obstetric Labour Tables, Operation Tables, Overbed Tables, Oxygen Cylinder Trolley, Patient Record Trolley, Patient Stretcher Trolley, Patient Transfer Trolley Systems, Pediatric Beds, Revolving Stools, Saline Stand, Scialytic Lamps, Semi Fowler Beds, Soiled Linen Trolley, Spot Lights, Surgeon Stools, Swaddling Tables, Utility Trolley, Ward Trolley, Waste Bin, X-Ray View Box, Baby Crib, IV Pole/Saline Stands, Foot Stools, Bedside/Revolving Stools, Examination Table/Couch, Orthopaedic Tables, Wheel Chairs, Dust Bin - Foot Operated, Mobile Operation Theatre Lights (Superior Range), Mobile Operation Theatre Lights (Economy Range), Ceiling Operation Theatre Lights (Superior Range), Ceiling Operation Theatre Lights (Economy Range).
Hospital Garments : Aprons, Caps, Doctor Coats, Face Masks, Gowns, Patient Suits, Pillow Covers, Sheets, Shoe Covers, Towels.

Hospital Holloware : Bed Pans - Stainless Steel, Douche Can - Stainless Steel, Urinals - Stainless Steel, Kidney Trays - Stainless Steel, Trays - Surgical/Dressing/Instrument, Gallipot & Sputum Mugs - Stainless Steel, Bowls & Basins - Stainless Steel, Bucket with Cover - Stainless Steel, Feeding Cups - Stainless Steel, Solution Cup, Dressing Drums.

Laboratory Equipment : Distilling Water Still, Furnaces, Hot Air Ovens, Hot Air Sterilizers, Hot Plate, Humidity Cabinet, Incubators, Laboratory Balances, Laminar Air Flow, Magnetic Stirrer, Rotator Shaker, Vortex Mixer, Water Bath, Microscopes, Microtomes, Containers, Culture Bottles, Petri Dish, Bunsen Burner, Slide Box, Microscope Slides, Cover Slips (Glasses), Filter Funnel, Blood Cells Counter (Manual), Tripod Stands, Electrical Meters - Ammeter, Electrical Meters - Voltameter, Copper Wire, Stop Watch, Electric Bench Centrifuge, Watch Glass, Aluminium Cubes, Retort Clamp, Ring Retort with Bosshead, Overhead Projector, Magnifiers, Loupes & Optics, Water Bath.

Medical Instrument Disposable : Anaesthesia, Blood Management, Gastroentrology, Infusion Therapy, Others, Pathology Lab Item, Urology.
Microscopes and Projectors : Binocular Research Microscopes, Co-Axial Binocular Research Microscopes, Dissecting Microscopes, Medical Microscopes, Monocular Research Microscopes, Overhead Projectors, School Microscopes, Slide Projectors, Student Microscopes, Trinocular Research Microscopes.

Miscellaneous Surgical/Medical Products : Baby Bath Tubs, Health Worker Bags, Kerosene Pressure Stoves, Lanterns, Measuring Tapes, Midwifery Box, Pen Torches, Petromex, Polythene Sheeting, Safety Pins, Snellen Alphabet Charts, Soap, Soap Box, Kerosene Pressure Stoves, Burners for Kerosene Stoves, Needle & Syringe Destroyer / Cutter, Multi Purpose Scissor, Torches, Nail Brushes, Steam Inhalator with Facial Sauna, Water Filter - Stainless Steel, Operation Theatre Boots.
OB GYN (Gynecological) Products : Abortion Set, Vacuum Extractor Sets - Manual & Electric, Midwifery Case with Lid (Aluminum), Vaginal Speculums & Retractors, Breast Pumps / Breast Relievers, Nipple Shields.

Orthopaedic Instrument and Implants : Bone Cutting Instrument, Bone Drills and Twist Drills, Bone Holding & Plate Holding Forceps (Bone Holding Forceps), Bone Nibblers, Bone Plate Instrument, Bone Plates, Bone Screw Instrument, Bone Screws, Chiesels, Osteotomes, Gouges, Femoral Head Instrument, Femoral Heads, Intramedullary Interlocking Nails, K-Nail Instrument, Knee Surgery Instrument, Orthopaedic Hammers and Mellets, Orthopaedic Nails, Orthopaedic Sets, Orthopaedic Wires, Pin and Wire Instrument, Plaster Instrument, Retractors, Elevators & Hooks, Skull Surgery Instrument, Staples and Stapling Instrument, Tubular External Fixator, Hip Prosthesis, Wires & Pins, Spinal & Harrington Implants, Instruments for Plating, Bone Drill & Wire Instruments, Instruments for K. Nail/Square Nail, Instruments for Femoral Head, Instruments for S.P. Nail/Jewett Nail, Instruments for Plaster Cutting, Instruments for Spine, Instruments for Knee Surgery, Drill & Saw System, Miscellaneous Instruments.

Rehabilitation Aids : Abdominal Supports, Back Support, Cervical Aids, Fracture Aids, General Aids, Knee Calf and Ankle Supports, Traction Kits, Walking Aids, Wrist and Elbow Supports, Rib Belt, Foot/ Skin Traction Kit, Adhesive Bandage Skin Traction, Cervical Collar, Sacro Lumbar Belt, Ankle Traction Belt, Headache Band, Abdominal Belt, Ankle Binder, Traction Collar, Shoulder Immobilizer, Arm Sling (Pouch), Clavicle Brace, Elastic Tubular Knee Caps, Anklets, Elastic Knee Support, Wrist Brace, Finger Cot & Frog Splint, Wrist Band (Double Lock), Tubular Sweat Band, Tourniquet, Tourniquet Latex, Pelvic Traction Belt, Cervical Pillow, Cast Shoe, Water Bed (PSP Bed).

Shadowless Lights : Ceiling Operation Lights, Mobile Operation Lights.

Stainless Steel Hospital Holloware and Sterilizers : Autoclaving Trays and Boxes, Bed Pans, Buckets, Dressing Drums, Dressing Jars, Feeding Cups, Forceps Jars, Gallipots, Instrument Boxes, Instrument Sterilizers, Irrigators (Enema Cans), Lotion Bowls, Measure, Sputum Mugs, Trays (Instrument/Catheter/Kidney), Urinals, Wash Basins.

Surgical Needles : Anaesthesia Needles, Biopsy Needles, Hypodermic Needles, Special Needles, Suture Needles.

Surgical Medical & Rubber Goods : Asepto Syringe, Breast Pump, Chloroform Bellows/Inhaler, Corrugated Drainage Sheets, Ear/Ulcer Syringe, Enema Syringe, Hot Water Bottles, Ice Bags, Invalid Air Rings (Air Cushions), Kellys Douche Pad, Mackintosh Sheeting, Ring Pessaries, Rubber Bladders, Rubber Bulbs, Rubber Catheters, Rubber Sheeting, Rubber Tubes, Vaginal Douche Spray, Catheters - Malecot/Depezer/Jacques pattern, Rectal / Colon Tubes, Hospital Rubber Sheeting, Atomizer Bulbs, Air Way Tube, Enema Syringes (Higginson), Douche Bags / Enema Bags, Douche Tubes, Pipette Bulbs, Pipette Filler Bulbs - 3 Way, Stomach Tube, Ryles Tube, Irrigating syringe (Asepto Syringe), Surgical/ Laboratory Tubing, Pessary Rubber Ring, Tourniquet Latex, Tourniquet, Hot Water Bottle Cover.

Weighing Scales : Adult Weighing Scales, Baby Weighing Scales, Salter type Hanging Scales, Tubular Hanging Scales.

Suction Machines & Units : Portable Suction Units, Electric Operated Suction Unit, High Vacuum Suction Machines, Electric cum Manual Unit, Suction Units Manual, Hand Held Suction Units, Pipe Suction on Trolley, Wall Suction Manual Units, Parts Suction Units, Karman Cannula, Vacuum Extractor, Electric Operated Suction Unit, Hand Held Suction Units, Pipe Suction on Trolley, Wall Suction Manual Units, Parts Suction Units, Karman Cannula, Vacuum Extractor, Rib Belt, Foot/ Skin Traction Kit, Adhesive Bandage Skin Traction, Cervical Collar, Sacro Lumbar Belt, Ankle Traction Belt, Headache Band, Abdominal Belt, Ankle Binder, Traction Collar, Shoulder Immobilizer, Arm Sling (Pouch), Clavicle Brace, Elastic Tubular Knee Caps, Anklets, Elastic Knee Support, Wrist Brace, Finger Cot & Frog Splint, Wrist Band (Double Lock), Tubular Sweat Band, Tourniquet, Tourniquet Latex, Pelvic Traction Belt, Cervical Pillow, Cast Shoe, Water Bed (PSP Bed).
Scientific & Industrial Lab Equipments : Autoclaves, Heating Mantle, Incubators, Vaccum Pumps, Water Baths, Vortex Mixer, Ovens, Laboratory Hot Plate, Shaking Machines, Magnetic Stirrer-Cum-Hot Plate, Furnances, Heating Plate, Distilling Water Stills, V.D.R.L. [Clinic Rotator], Apparatus, Laminar Air Flows, Automatic Pipette Washer And Dryer, Willy Mill, Seed Germinator, Micro-Tissue Homogeniser, Deep Freezer, Glass Distillation Apparatus, Sterilizers, Buchi-Type Flash Evaporator, Paraffin Wax Bath, Mini Stirrer, Phototherapy Unit, Lypholizer, Infant Care Trolley, Destructor Incinerator, Radiant Heat Warmer, Fume Hood, Humidity Cabinet, Environmental Chamber, High Temperature Oil Bath, Plant Growth Chambers, Humidifier and De-Humidifier, Plant Growth Chambers (Large), Photoelectric Colorimeter, Plant Growth Chambers (Small), Suction Apparatus, Electrically Operated.

Contact Details

Ashwani Diagnostic Equipments Manufacturing Co.

"Gayatri House"
122/33, Street No. 5, Shankar Nagar,
New Delhi, 110051 (Delhi) - (India)


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