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Associated Content is reinventing the way individuals and enterprises publish content. We are doing so by developing proprietary Publishing Platform and organically building a collection of multi-media Content Producers that add to Our Content library. Take a look at Our Content and our Content Producers. Both test Our Publishing Platform. Our Platform : Associated Content is developing next generation online Publishing Platform. Our Publishing Platform allow for various types of content (text, photos, video, voice, etc.) to be published in a way that allows it to be discovered by search engines, easily used, and engineered to work with today's powerful adservers. Our Platform allow our Content Producers to publish Our Content. Perhaps Our Platform can publish your organization's content as well. For a demonstration, click here. Our Content : Associated Content is a publisher dedicated to delivering discoverable, usable and marketable content. The content, in its many formats and topics, is user-driven. Currently, the Company publishes its multi-format content assets here. Our Content Producers : Our Content Producers develop and publish user driven content. The content they produce fulfills a demonstrated demand for knowledgable insight, instruction or commentary. Each Content Producer is qualified and accountable. Click here for more information.

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We are doing so by developing proprietary Publishing Platform and organically building a collection of multi-media Content Producers that add to Our Content library.

Anyone can join our team of Content Producers! Individuals under eighteen years of age and non-US citizens may publish content on our site, however we cannot pay for any of these submissions.

To start the process, complete the registration form on the right. After reading and accepting the user agreements on the next pages, you can start submitting your content immediately! Submissions will be reviewed within five business days and will be either accepted or declined.

Submission guidelines :
In order to be reviewed by an Associated Content Editor, each submission must include the following information:
1. Submission type - Content Producers select one of four options for every submission :-
? Exclusive rights/monetary consideration
? Non-exclusive rights/monetary consideration
? Exclusive rights/no-payment
? Non-exclusive rights/no-payment
2. Headline - A descriptive title of your submission. Our content is discovered by search engines primarily by the first four or five words in the headline field. Place the important words at the beginning of your headline. For example, "Summit County, Colorado Wedding Locations and Advice" is a great headline. For our purposes, "The Best Day of My Life" is a poor headline because it doesn't describe the content in searchable terms.
3. Sub Headline (Optional) - This is where you can be creative.
4. Keywords - Search terms a user would enter to find your online content. Keywords should be as specific and descript as possible.
5. Abstract - A short 2-3 sentence description of your content.
6. "Did You Know?" Statement - This is your place to be creative and add some fun facts.
7. Target Audience - A person or group of people who you would like to have read or view your content.
8. Three Takeaways - Key information or discussion points to focus the user.
9. Resources for Additional Information - Places to send users who want to learn more about your topic. Resources can be online, print or other media.
10. Category Type - Choose the best category or categories based on the theme of your submission.
11. Caption (image files only)
12. Credit (image files only - optional).

Content Qualifications :-
1. Before submitting content to our system, make sure it would be a unique addition to www.Associatedcontent.Com. We will only publish something that already appears on our site if it is either arguably better or espouses a conflicting viewpoint.
2. All content and accompanying field descriptions must incorporate correct English grammar, capitalization, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation. Poorly written submissions will be automatically rejected.
3. Content must be free of excessive self-promotion, and cannot contain a press release or other advertisement.
4. Content must not be defamatory in nature or contain pornography or excessive profanity.
5. Content must be insightful and informative. Submissions which are vague or incomplete will automatically be rejected.
6. Attached image files must comply with copyright ownership per our independent contractors agreement (link). Caption and credit information for public domain images must be in accordance with stated public republishing policies.

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