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Noni is said to have been drunk in for over 1500 years in The Cook Islands, Hawaii, Tahiti and other Pacific islands. Some think it came to the Pacific from South East Asia and India. How it spread between the islands is not clear, however, although some experts feel voyagers and settlers from the Marquesas Islands carried the first noni fruit to the islands of the Pacific. However, it is clear that from the earliest times noni fruit and noni juice was widely consumed in the Pacific islands. In fact, because of its value and popularity, noni was grown in small bush gardens and large plantations. Noni in the ancient world : The early Polynesians (just like their descendants today) drank noni juice and used noni fruit for a healthy food, for dying their cloth and as a medical and healing plant. Scientific literature has hundred of references to the widespread popularity of noni and noni juice among ancient societies right across the tropical regions of the globe. Noni juice in early India : Since we think noni fruit first grew in Northern India, we would expect to find ancient Indians consumed M. Citrifolia for its healing properties. Indeed, the doctors of ancient India said almost every part of the noni plant could heal. The root was a cathartic and febrifuge (for lowering fever) agent. Juice from noni leaves, rubbed over affected parts in gout patients, relieved their pain, the doctors of India said. And noni leaves were used as a tonic, febrifuge, and healer of wounds and ulcers for healing. Noni fruit and juice was eaten and drunk by patients with throat complaints, spongy gums, leucorrhea (unusual menstrual bleeding), dysentery and sapraemia (blood poisoning by bacterial putrefaction).

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We provide Manufacturers and services of Noni Juice from the Cook Islands bottled in New Zealand. Free delivery worldwide.

Our products :-
100% Organic Noni Juice
Noni Fruit Powder, Vegetable Gum.
Noni Lozenges
Noni Peppermints
Noni Moisturiser
Noni Heat Lotion
Noni Skin Repair Gel

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