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Business overview

We, at Bajeria, are a group of technical personnel dedicated towards developing best quality products. Our endeavor has enabled our active participation in the field of research, design, manufacture and testing of electrical equipment on the low, medium as well as high voltage side. Due to exposure in the related fields and active joint participation with industry dealing in cables, transformers, bus ducts, switch gears, breakers, isolators and electrical construction, we have developed skills in complete designing and testing of our flexible jumpers and fuses to suit our customer's demand. We are the manufacturers and exporters of all type of HRC fuses. Most of the fuses manufactured are type tested for a breaking capacity of 80ka. Our other range of product includes copper / aluminium (copal) bimetal sheets, water and air cooled cables / leads, kickless cables, Ccopper and aluminum flexible connectors (braided and laminated), earthing tapes, braided copper tapes, standard flexible cables for use in arc and induction furnaces, welding machine, plasma equipment, vacuum circuit breakers, bus-duct and several other heating, welding, high current and high frequency equipments. Our laminated flexible jumpers are made by hot press welded process (made without riveting or soldering), but with special technology of metal diffussion to reduce power loss and thus save energy. We also manufacture HRC fuses for domestic and industrial applications, fuses for HT, PT, diode and thyristor protection, drop out fuses and fuse elements, overhead transmission line equipments, diesel locomotive spares, thermal and electrical insulating materials from syndaniyo, bakelite and other insulating materials. Our product range also includes contacts with silver tips, copper and aluminum terminal lugs and ferrules, lamp holders, low water alarm switch (L.W.S.) for railways, brush holders, arc boxes, arc chutes, fuse base, slip rings and other switch gear products.

Industry Electrical and Power
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Bajeria Industries Is Lreading Manufacturers, Traders And Exporters Of Electrical Equipment On The Low, Medium As Well As High Voltage Side. And We Exporter Of All Type Of Hrc Fuses.

Our Products Range :-
Laminated Flexibles :-
Copper Laminated Flexible Shunts
Copper Laminated Flexible Connectors
Copper Laminated Flexible Jumpers
Aluminium Laminated Flexible Shunts
Aluminium Laminated Flexible Connectors
Aluminium Laminated Flexible Jumpers

Braided Flexibles :-
Copper Braided Flexible Shunts
Copper Braided Flexible Connectors
Copper Braided Flexible Jumpers
Aluminium Braided Flexible Shunts
Aluminium Braided Flexible Connectors
Aluminium Braided Flexible Jumpers
Stainless Steel Braided Flexible Shunts
Stainless Steel Flexible Connectors
Stainless Steel Flexible Jumpers

Air Cooled Cables :-
Asbestos Power Cables
Fibreglass Covered Cables
Fibreglass Covered Connectors
Fibreglass Covered Shunts
Fibreglass Covered Jumpers

Water Cooled Power Cables:-
Furnace Cables
Kickless Cables

Copal Copper Aluminium Bi-Metal Sheet
Copper Aluminium Bonded Busbar
Hrc Fuses / Hrc Fuse Base &
Carriers & Semi-Conductor Fuses
Shapes Of Connectors / Jumpers
/ Leads
Drilling Patterns
Ordering Patterns

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Contact Details

Bajeria Industries

P.O. Box No.: 16239, 103, Dr. Masceranhas Road, Mazgaon,
Mumbai, 400010 (Maharashtra) - (India)


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