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Baoding Wright rectifier manufacture Limited has beautiful scenery of Hebei province in the country's high-tech industrial development zones torch Park, is a concentration of power electronic products, electrical automation and control products, the development, design, production, marketing and the integration of high-tech equipment for the manufacture of joint-stock enterprises. The company is the "national power electronics Standardization Technical Committee" members units; "National Standardization Technical Committee governor power electronics electrical drivetrain system power converter semiconductor technology sub-committee" members units; "China Electric Power Industry Association electronic branch" of the Member units; Hebei Office certification is the information industry "double soft enterprises"; Hebei Province STA is identified "high-tech enterprises." In 2003 through ISO9001-2000 quality certification. Companies have a number of national patent. Customers to focus on the company to meet customer needs for the largest share, the company services purpose is to "achieve a 100% customer satisfaction." The company is a product development capability, advanced, stereotyped products have independent intellectual property rights, and enjoy a certain reputation in the domestic high-tech companies. Companies engaged in a number of years of power electronics product development, research, design, crafts, testing and manufacturing engineers and technicians have been based on the current advanced computer technology and high technology flows change combined to create and develop a new generation of high-grade, high-tech performance power electronic products. Companies have been focusing on their quality of construction, the introduction of a number of middle-aged high-tech talent, and the establishment of technical staff training plans, periodic technical exchange, the moment at the latest developments and the latest industry technology. The company products entirely their own development, their own design, with independent intellectual property rights. Over the years the company also benefited from the industry share "power electronic Society, " "power electronics association" and "Zhejiang University, " "Yan Shan University, " "Beijing silicon-controlled rectifier Institute of Technology" and some national experts care and guidance, the company makes computer control technology in the same industry has a leading position. Second, the main product description : Computer-controlled silicon-controlled rectifier commutation power include : electrophoresis painting, electrolytic, electrochemical, electrodialysis, synchronous machine exciter, DC transmission, batteries provides discharged, electroplating, and silicon-controlled rectifier series rubber devices, transfer credit device, the soft start-up and exchange of electric motors integrated power protection devices, and exchange controls. Also high production networks, low voltage, the actual dynamic and static filter compensation devices. Computer double-charged hot standby without disturbance cut over electrophoresis paint rectifier has a car, motorcycle, and home electrical appliances Tuzhuang trades 90% of the market share, which can carry Plc and touch screen, HMI, PC machines, safety locks protection system, or the steady flow of voltage precision 1%. Computer double-charged hot standby without disturbance cut over electrolytic, electrochemical regulators, currents up to 300, 000 amperes, which can carry Plc and touch screen, HMI, PC machines, steady flow of precision 1%. An old friend to welcome new companies to guide! Very much welcome a new friend to Baoding enjoying to the full tour! It is our fervent hope that your presence

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturer
Establishment Year 1998
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level State

Products & Services

We are manufacturers of Rectifier for Electophoresis Coating, Rectifier for Electrochemistry, AC Power Controller, AC Power Motor Soft Starters and Protector,
Computer double-charged hot standby KYF-53BT series electrophoresis paint rectifier, electrophoresis laboratory DC power supply options, GH, KH- microcomputer double-charged series Jingzhaguan electrolytic, electrochemical devices, GD, KD, KD+ series Jingzhaguan electroplating power, GC, KC, KCF- series Jingzhaguan charge and discharge power provides, KS- series Jingzhaguan DC transmission device etc.

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Baoding Wright rectifier manufacture Limited

Baoding Hi-tech lndustrial Development Zone Huoju
BaoDing, 071051 (Outside India) - (China)


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