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Beijing Dynamic Power Co., Ltd., a Proprietorship Firm established in 1995, is prominent Manufacturer of high quality Electronics and Telecommunication products. We have already made a spectacular impression on the world of trade with our range of products and cornered a major share of market and that has helped us immensely to establish a niche for our products in this particular segment. Currently we are operating at International markets. Our company's growth is increasing day by day.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturer
Establishment Year 1995
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

1.Battery charger, discharger and monitor
especially designed for test in 24v/48v battery set[for telecom] and 110vdc/220vdc battery [for power sector]

2.Dc power supply
48vdc/20a; 48vdc/30a; 48vdc/100a; 24vdc/20a; 24vdc/30a etc.

3. rectifier
10a,15a, 25a, 30a,50a, 100a

4. phs remote power supply
dc/dc converter in local site, dc/ac inverter in remote site, dc/dc converter in remote site

5. power inverter n+1 paralleled to be redundant
system capacities: 2.5kw~20kw [2 ~ 20 inverter modules]

6. ups
[1]high input power factor [≥0.97] and little interference to power network with pwm technology
[2]sine-wave output, low harmonic distortion, low electric noise and low surge current transfer
[3]built-in cpu, high reliable and accurate control, automatic self-diagnosis

7. eps[emergency power supply]
widely used in various applications such as buildings, highways, tunnels and civil airports.

installation: wall-mounted, embedded, or standalone
single phase output: 0.5 kw ~ 20kw
three phase output: 2.2kw ~ 400kw

8. high voltage variable frequency inverter
especially designed for three-phase induction motors of 3kv, 6kv and 10kv series, which mainly used in power generation, metallurgy, petrochemical and chemical, mining, and city construction applications.

[1]high power factor and low input harmonics with zigzag transformer and multi-pulse rectifier technology
[2]direct connection to a standard induction motor with multi-level sinwave pwm technology: no output filter required, no harm to the insulation of the cable or the motor, low dv/dt, low output harmonics, fade vibration of the shafts or vanes
[3]uninterrupted operation with automatic bypass function for each power cell
[4]extremely flexible, reliable and safe system with the controller of high speed single chip microcomputer, dsp and fpga configuration
[5]avoidance of inrush current and extension of motor life with soft start technology
[6]complete warning and protection functions
[7]remote supervision via rs232/ rs485
[8]convenient maintenance with modular power cell design

9. centralized monitoring and management system
be designed to centrally monitor various telecom equipment such as telecom power supplies, switching equipment, transmission equipment, switch-in instruments, mobile telecom equipment, air conditioners and the working environment. it functions real-time data acquisition, recording, processing, alar

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No.8 Xinghuo Road,Science City, Fengtai District,,
Beijing, 100070 (Outside India) - (China)


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