Beijing Maiweier air-conditioning Ltd. BeiJing (China)

Business overview

Beijing Maiweier air-conditioning Limited, with integrity, putting entrepreneurship, professional, high-quality design and construction team and the fine sound quality of after-sale has been rapid peer and social trust, recognition and support. Companies in the service has been dedicated to maintaining high-quality services, stringent cost control works, tight construction schedule, with full supporting materials and equipment. Rely on the quality of its stability, reasonable prices, excellent customer appreciation. And with the many construction design institute, real estate developers, and enterprises to establish good decoration business relations. Is willing to work with you to: Maiweier to create functional, air-conditioned environment as the fashion in the design advocating practical, simple, comfortable, to catch people; During the construction works, perfect skills, and requirements for each project, perfect and complete expression of the essence of the overall design; Maiweier formulated a series of strict system works in the process of making the greatest good control design, construction, nearly three links to the air-conditioning to the customer to create perfect results. "Quality create credibility, design achievements dream" is the motto Maiweier staff is Maiweier always pursuing. With scientific management, humanization design, rigorous construction management, and improved protection later won wide recognition and praise from customers. With the rapid development of China's economy, the rising international status, WTO accession, the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Exposition of the bid is successful, we will provide unlimited opportunities the construction industry, we are full of confidence. With the international practice, the introduction of relevant laws and regulations, the air-conditioning industry Nuantong standardization of competition on the same starting line. We made all preparations in the face of competition, with pride, seize the opportunity the Youth Pre-takeoff. Relying on new marketing models and advanced management methods to the most modern features of the concept of service and service means, in Beijing Nuantong carve its own air-conditioning industries. "people-oriented" company for the 21st century is the basic idea. We are convinced that the artificial world soul of all things, plump and smooth-skinned rich province of humanity created our glorious world.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturer
Establishment Year 1998
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level State

Products & Services

Manufacturers of Xix Maikeweier overall large-cooled heat units Xx, Xix Maikeweier small wind cold water heating units glamour series split Xx, Xix Maikeweier small overall-air cold water pump units Xx, Xix Maikeweier Chaobo drop-air processor Xx, Xix Maikeweier modular air handling units Xx, Xix Maikeweier digital multi-MDS II generation of central air-conditioning Xx, Xix Maikeweier ALS large single screw-type cold water cooled units Xx, Xix Maikeweier hours bodies smallpox plug-changes in temperature units Xx, Xix Maikeweier the digital multi-generation central air-conditioning MDS I Xx, Xix Maikeweier PES single screw-type cold water units Xx, Xix Maikeweier air / heat-generating high static pressure pipelines Xx, Xix Maikeweier large single screw-type air pump units Xx, Xix Maikeweier modular air cold water pump units Xx, Xix Maikeweierming air conditioners installed ceiling-hours sports Xx, Xix Maikeweier WDC centrifugal cold water units Xx, Xix Maikeweier secretly installed ceiling-hours sports channel units Xx, Xix Maikeweierming installed ceiling-fan coil Xx, Xix Maikeweier smallpox plug-in fan coil Xx, Xix Maikeweier horizontal secretly installed fan coil Xx, Xix Maikeweier MDW series paired t Air processor Xx, Xix Maikeweier "Tornado" series water-cooling Juji Xx, Xix Maikeweier small clean room with central air-conditioning Xx, Xix Maikeweier WHS single screw-type cold water units Xx etc.

Contact Details

Beijing Maiweier air-conditioning Ltd.

Beijing right on the streets outside the Block Yulin Lane Room 1609

BeiJing, 100054 (Outside India) - (China)


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