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Business overview

Bhavna Electronics, a unit of Bhavna Group, is a professional marketing & distribution center incorporated during 1988 is being managed by a group of Electronic Engineers having varied experiences. We are into imports and stocking of various active & passive components from across the globe and also into special concentration on hard to find high value components. We have pleasure to inform you that we are the Business associates of Prinicipal Distributors Sindia Electronics Enterprises - SDM Electronics (I) Pvt. Ltd., for SHINDENGEN Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Japan. SHINDENGEN, a leading name in electronics including power semi conductors as well as complex switching power systems. You must be spending time & effort in sourcing the SHINDENGEN products which are now available under roof. You may take advantage of our professional services. We at BHAVNA ELECTRONICS believe that the difference between professional lies not merely in the range of service they offer but in the quality and depth of the service provided. BHAVNA ELECTRONICS has a very structured operations in order to provide its customers a one stop sourcing house for all their requirements of SHINDENGEN Products. We at BHAVNA ELECTRONICS are committed to provide our customers excellent support and service during various stages right from Development, Prototyping, and Production etc., and always strive to better our services.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1988
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Distributor, stockist and importers of industrial electronic components, various active & passive components.

-Surface Mount Devices
-General Purpose Rectifiers
-Schottky Rectifiers (SBD)
-Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers
-Power MOSFETs
-Surge Protectors
-Power ICs
-DC-DC Converters.

Surface Mount Devices :
-Rectifier Diodes
-Schottky Barrier Diodes
-Super Fast Recovery Diodes
-LSV Switching Transistor
-Transient Surge Suppressors.

General Purpose Rectifiers :
-Single (Surface Mount / Axial)
-Array (Surface Mount)
-Doubler (Surface Mount)
-SIP Bridges
-Low Noise Bridges
-DIP Bridges
-SQIP Bridges
-3 Phase Bridge Modules
-Twin Diode Modules.

Schottky Rectifiers (SBD) :
-Single (Surface Mount / Axial / 2 Terminal Type)
-Center Tap, Common Cathode (Surface Mount / 3 Terminal Type / Module)
-Center Tap, Common Anode (3 Terminal Type)
-Doubler (3 Terminal Type)
-SBD Bridges (SIP).

Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers :
-Single (Surface Mount / Axial / 2 Terminal Type)
-Center Tap, Common Cathode (Surface Mount / 3 Terminal Type / Module)
-Center Tap, Common Anode (3 Terminal Type)
-Doubler (3 Terminal Type)
-Super Fast Recovery Diode Bridges.

Transistors :
-High-Speed Switching Transistors :- FX Series, FS Series.
-High-Voltage High-Speed Switching Transistors :- HFX Series, For Lighting.
-Low-Saturation Voltage Switching Transistors :-
LSV Series (Surface Mount / 3 Terminal Type)
HSV Series (Surface Mount / 3 Terminal Type)
-Darlington Transistors :-
Darlington Transistors (3 Terminal Type).

Power MOSFETs :
-VZ Series (Surface Mount / 3 Terminal Type)
-VR Series
-VX-II Series
-HVX-II Series.

Sidac :
-Bi-directional Type (K1V Series)
-Uni-directional Type (G1V Series).

Surge Protectors :
-Varistors (Surface Mount / Axial)
-Trankillers ST, ST-D, DL Series (Surface Mount / Axial)
-Thyristor Surge Suppressors KA, KL, KP, KU, KT Series (Surface Mount / Surface Mount, Uni-Directional Type / Axial / 3 Terminal Type)

Power ICs :
-Stepper Motor Driver (MTD Series)
-Solenoid / Motor Drivers (MTA, MTB Series)
-Power Switching Regulators (MA Series)
-Inrush Current Controllers (MJ Series)
-DC-DC Converters (MD Series).

DC-DC Converters :
-EPH Series
-CME Series
-HHF Series.

Contact Details

Bhavna Electronics

19, Tinwala Bldg.,
Tribhuvan Road,
Near Dreamland Cinema
Mumbai, 400004 (Maharashtra) - (India)


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