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Business overview

The Business Unit APW offers tailor-made products developed in close cooperation with our customers. Worldwide technical service and high-quality products manufactured in our modern production plants on the basis of over a century of experience in the production and marketing of chemical products, particularly aluminium sulphate, are the key to permanent success. Up to this day, we have been market leaders in the field of aluminium sulphate in Central Europe.

Industry Chemicals
Business Type Manufacturer
Firm Type Public Ltd.
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Products & Services

Our Products are as follows

Market Segment Water Treatment:
Hardness stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors

SILIPHOS?, MIKROPHOS? slowly soluble phosphate spheres or pellets
LUPHOS?, ALBAPHOS? inorganic phosphates and combinations
AKTIPHOS? phosphonates and combinations
GILUFER? polycarboxylates and combinations
KORRODEX?, LABUXAN? organic and inorganic special inhibitors

Dispersing agents ALBAPHOS?, TURBODISPIN? polycarboxylates

BiocideseTURBANION?, LABUZID? organic combination products
Ozone technology
Use biocides safely. Read marking and product information before use.

Flocculants and precipitantsAluminium sulphate solid and liquid
Sodium aluminate solid and liquid
TRIFLOC?, LUFLOC? iron and aluminium salt solutions
GILUFLOC?, LOCRON? Polyaluminium chlorides

Flocculation aidsLABUFLOC?,
MIKROSORBAN?, KOARET? anionic, cationic, neutral polyelectrolytes

Agents for the treatment of sterilising waterALBAPHOS? phosphonates, polycarboxylates and combinations

Market Segment Paper Chemicals:
Wet strength agents - GILUTON ? for various fields of application, e.G. Wallpapers, laminates, packaging, filter papers and tissues; all products are low in AOX, do not require declaration and meet the recommendations of the German health and veterinary authorities.

Surface sizing agents - PERGLUTIN? lead, among others, to increased pick resistance, reduced linting, better printability and less load on the water circuits.

Aluminium compounds
-Aluminium formate ? ALTRIFORM? for the manufacture of chlorine- and acid-free papers and as a retention agent for laminating grades.
-Polyaluminium chloride ? GILUFLOC? for precipitating and fixing rosin size and for improving the filler and fines retention in the neutral range with simultaneous reduction of anionic trash.

DILURIT? for the prevention of web breaks, specks, holes, odour problems and product spoilage.

LABUFLOC? for dewatering and sludge thickening, improvement of retention and clarification of process and waste water.

CONTRASPUM? used to deaerate stock and prevent foaming in the water circulation during pulp manufacture and bleaching, in the paper machine circuits, de-inking plants, size presses and water treatment plants.

LASTABIL? , BEKAFLEX? for the bleaching of mechanical pulps as well as thermo- and/or chemi-mechanical pulps and in de-inking liquors for the optimal utilization of bleaching agents; reduced addition of waterglass prevent silicate deposition

GILUFIX? , HEXATREN? , LASTARON? for fixing pigments and fillers, screen conditioning, improving rosin sizing in the neutral range; against pitch trouble and anionic trash.

PYREX? for flame retardant finishing of special papers.

ALBEROL?; BASIDIN? for cleaning and conditioning wires and felts.

SYNCOL? for flying splicer.

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BK Giulini GmbH Business Unit APW

Giulinistra?e 2

Ludwigshafen, D-67065 () - (Germany)


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