BK Giulini GmbH Business Unit PCG (Pharma / Cosmetics / Gypsum) Ludwigshafen (Germany)

Business overview

BK Giulini GmbH Business Unit PCG (Pharma / Cosmetics / Gypsum) Pharma BK Giulini offers the widest range of antacid raw materials worldwide. As a leading manufacturer of antacid aluminium and magnesium compounds for the world market, we offer our customers not only standard products but also a range of speciality grades, which are adjusted to the pharmacological and technical requirements of the recipient. It is an integral part of our service package that we assist and advice our customers in the development of new, pharmaceutical specialities. The manufacture of antacid compounds takes place in our pharmaceutical plant, according to international regulations. Cosmetics BK Giulini supplies antiperspirant ingredients and cosmetic raw materials for a variety of applications. Antiperspirants Personal care cosmetics have changed significantly over the years, not only in terms of formulations but also with regard to newly developed active substances. These changes are characterized for example by the introduction of Antiperspirants which enable the formulation of highly efficient products. Aloxicoll? and Zirkonal? are BK Giulini Chemie?s trade names for Antiperspirant actives. The product range covers Aluminium Chlorohydrate and Aluminium- Zirconium complexes in both solution and powder. Gypsum We produce specialty plasters and formulations for the medical and dental field, for castings, the foundry industry, hobby use, as well as the insulation and the construction sector. Based on proprietary patented processes, BK Giulini has been producing synthetic gypsum for over 30 years meeting the most diversified industrial requirements. These speciality plasters possess a series of advantages. They do not cause any health problems, they guarantee good surface reproduction, high dimensional accuracy and simple handling. The BK Giulini Chemie synthetic plaster process is particularly characterized by high reproducibility and an optimum adaptation to desired physical properties. In addition, this process causes far less environmental problems than the production of natural plasters. BK Giulini Chemie produces materials for the medical and dental field, ceramics and casting, the foundry industry, the hobby field, for insulation and application in the construction sector. BK Giulini Chemie synthetic plasters are characterized by high purity, stable quality and the possibility of production according to the individual customers? requirements. They are not commodities, but allow tailor-made problem solutions.

Industry Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Business Type Manufacturer
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Our Products are as follows

Pharma Product Overview
-Aluminium hydroxidE (ALUGEL)
-Aluminium Phosphate
-Magnesium Aluminium Compounds
-Magnesium Hydroxide (GILUMAG)
-Complex Aluminium Compounds
Magaldrat (Al5 Mg10 (OH31 (SO4)2 x XH2O)
C 300 Hydrotalcite (Mg6 Al2 (OH)16 CO3 . XH2O)
C 600 Hydrotalcite (Mg6 Al2 (OH)16 CO3 . XH2O)
-Dihydroxialuminium Sodium Carbonate
A 265 DASC
C 212 (Almasilat), C 213, C 214
S 215 Powder

Rheological Additive Gilugel?
Gilugele - Rheological Additives
Gilugel? SIL 5 (Cyclomethicone pentamer)
Gilugel? MIN (Mineral Oil)
Gilugel? JOB (Jojoba Oil)
Gilugel? MIG (Caprylic/Capric-Triglyceride)
Gilugel? OS (Octyl Stearate)
Gilugel? EUG (Octyldodecanol)
Gilugel? CAO (Castor Oil)

Gilumasc?:Mixtures for face mascs and wholebody treatment based on synthetic calcium sulphate hemihydrate.

Special Gilugel? Types:
Gilugel? ALM (Almond Oil)
Gilugel? COR (Corn Oil)
Gilugel? DBP (Dibutylphtalate)
Gilugel? DOA (Dioctyladipate)
Gilugel? LAN (Lanolin Oil)
Gilugel? WHE (Wheat Germ Oil

-Gypsum Product overview
1) Medical Applications
LUXOBOND Surgical gypsum for medical bandages
2) Filler Applications
LUXOLAN Calcium sulfate dihydrate for use as a filler for technical products
3) Dental Application
A) Alginate Impression Compound
B) Modelling gypsum
C) Investment compounds
- gypsum-bound
- phosphate-bound
D)Mixing liquids for phosphate-bound investment compounds
4) Ceramic Area
5) Foundry Area
6) Automotive and Aircraft Area
7) Hobby Area
8) Structural Engineering Area

Contact Details

BK Giulini GmbH Business Unit PCG (Pharma / Cosmetics / Gypsum)

Giulinistra?e 2

Ludwigshafen, D-67065 () - (Germany)


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