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The Career Nepal (CN) is a humanitarian and non-political organization established in Nepal with the purpose of developing skilled, creative and multi-dimensional human resource competent and capable of satisfying today's need of corporate and professional sectors in both national and international arena. Since globalization has covered us to the bottom of our life, worldwide competition for limited opportunities and growing advancement in science and technology has given immense pressure over us, we have no way for our survival except being professionally sound, equipped, quick and correct. Otherwise our academic and theoretical knowledge will be left far behind in this global race. Nepal is a developing country suffering from technical and professional skills. We people (production) are mostly book based and unemployed. There is a long gap between day's requirement and our knowledge standing as a black blockade. This is not only our mistake it is a mistake of our system too. Similarly, majority of the Nepalese people are not economically sound to fulfill that gap, consequently forcing us such a life that we never think to be. Therefore, the Career Nepal has decided to remove this obstacle damaging our successful and valuable career by educating expertise from a different way and different options so that the dreams hidden into the eyes of the majority of the Nepalese youths can be realized, we could have good employment and succeed in our career as renowned personality of the world. The Career Nepal has special relief for those suffering from poor economic condition and deprived. It will provide ?5?.% to ?Women and disabled Men. Why CAREER NEPAL? Information & communication, technology, evolving globalization and crumbling trade & travel barriers have changed workplaces and transaction processes. It has thrown up new Opportunities and stiffened competition. The profile of winners and leaders is changing too. We must avail of new opportunities without losing their cultural, moral, and ethical morning. CAREER NEPAL, next only to the family, have a special responsibility in imbuing attitudes and skills that would help them becomes winners and leaders. As a successful person, your search is possibly for an effective collaborator who would attend to your scholastic and multi dimensional needs. OBJECTIVES : * Aiming for success, unbowed in failure * Create an institution of excellence that integrates knowledge and learning in a continuous process * Mould better human beings strive to build a better world * Rooted in tradition , Ready for the future * Learning to cope with life, its crests and troughs * Mastering technology by harnessing it for everyday applications * Learning by inquiry , exploring and experience, rather than by rote * Sensitive to human issues * Of imbibing the wisdom of ages, in the midst of nature, peace & harmony * Provide necessary help to poor women, disabled people * Building foundations of attitudes and skill * Providing guidance, counseling and support for placement * Career Nepal has special relief for those suffering from poor economic condition and deprived. It will provide ?5?.% to ?Women and disabled Men.

Industry Education and Training
Business Type Service Provider
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level National

Products & Services

We Provide Following Services.

The Career Nepal (CN) has offered programs at present aiming at our vision and mission :
I. Training For
1) PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal)
2) Proposal writing
3) Communication and Correspondence (computer, cyber and letter writing)
4) Office management
5) Career and Personality development
6) Leadership development
7) Concept of ToT (Training of Trainers)
8) Attractive Teaching Methods
9) Executive Management
10) Tips for Working in NGO's and INGO's
11) Computer ( Importance of IT Sector)
12) Community Development
13) Child Labor
14) Sustainable Development (Discuss)
15) How to Save Natural Resources? ( Discuss)
16) Social Mobilization Courses
17) Culture, Gender (Discuss Topics)
18) Report Writing
19) English Language

II. Personality Development Training
1) How to be Polite with People?
2) How to Win People?
3) How to be Successful person?
4) How to attend interview successfully?
5) How to write attractive Curriculum Vitae?
6) How to Build Up Career?
7) How to Be a Successful Orator and Presenter?
8) What to Wear Dress (Fashion for Personality)?
9) Self Confidence
10) Human Relationship
11) Public Relation
12) Personnel Excellence
13) Outgoing Personality
14) Communication Skills
15) Motivation
16) Time Management
17) Stress Management

III. Practical and living courses on
1) System of operation and functions of NGOs and INGOs,
2) Corporate job and Individual business
3) Human relation
4) Social mobilization
5) Social awareness and conflict studies
6) Interview diplomacy
7) Negotiation techniques & Informal negotiation
8) Art of Living
9) Job search and selection
10) Marketing techniques, market analysis and business promotion
11) Corporate accounting system and auditing
12) Oratory (public speaking) and anchoring
13) Fashion and designing
14) Motivation and positive attitude building
15) Health Training

IV. Language Learning
1) English
2) Professional and office English
3) Creative writing
4) Speaking
5) Easy method of translation

V. Student Field Study Tour, Practical Training
1) Labour charges in Nepal
2) Environment pollution in Nepal
3) Data collection training for students who are related with economics, population, science, rural development and other subjects.
4) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY tour program in India (Delhi, Bangalore & Major Cities)

VI. Student's special package
1) Number guaranteed answering techniques
2) Easy learning methods
3) Research and career search
4) National and International education system and teaching methods.
5) Creative writing
6) Field trip study, tour training programs

VII. Awareness package for deprived, children, old men and female on their
1) Constitutional and legal rights
2) Protection and care
3) Education and equality
4) Legal remedies

Contact Details

Career Nepal

G.P.O.Box No: 5447,
kathmandu, Nepal, Bagmati

Kathmandu, 5447 () - (Nepal)


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