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Cell Instruments Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of testing technology, specializing in research, manufacture and sales of packaging testing instruments and other industrial products. Cell Instruments Co., Ltd. products are widely used in research facilities of packaging, food, pharmaceutical and daily chemical companies, academies, official lab and other facilities as well. Cell Instruments Co., Ltd. offers state-of-the-art packaging control solutions for plastics, paper, textiles, food, pharmaceutical, toiletry, printing and adhesive industrial, etc. A comprehensive range of leak testers, burst tester, heat seal testers, hot tack tester, coefficient of friction tester, tensile testers, compression tester, medical package tester, impact, tear, peeling, flex, rub, torque, sensors, accessories and grips, is trusted by our clients for their various features and versatility, including accuracy, good performance, long operational life and easy maintenance. Timely and high-quality customer service is another way to achieve customer satisfaction and their lasting preference. We are backed by a team of professionals with rich industry experience and high qualification, Their in-depth knowledge of the field helps us in manufacturing our high quality product range in compliance with international standards and also client's requirements. By virtue of good corporate reputation, Cell Instrument sincerely welcomes partnership globally.

Industry Packaging
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 2012
Firm Type Pvt Ltd.
Expand Level International

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Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters and Importers.

-Leak and Seal
-Heat Seal
-Hot Tack
-Ampoule Breaking
-Medical Packaging Tester
-Rub Tester
-Torque Tester
-Bottle Tester
-CO2 Lose Rate Tester
-Paper Testing
-Cardboard Testing
-Box and Container Testing

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Flex Durability Tester
Sell  Jinan (China)   15th Aug 2017   Packaging

The flex durability tester is used to measure the resistance against repetitive strain for films, composites and coating films, etc. Flex failure is determined by measuring the pinholes formed in the sample structure. It is also called Gelboflex. Principle The sample size (200 by 280 mm) is attached to the flex tester mandrels. The flexing action consists of a twisting motion combined with a horizontal motion (compression), thus repeatedly twisting and crushing the film. The test set up give ... read more »

Coefficient Of Friction Tester
Sell  Jinan (China)   15th Aug 2017   Packaging

Coefficient of Friction Tester measures the static and kinetic COF of plastic films, sheets, rubber, paper and paper board, PP woven bags, fabrics, metal-plastic composite belts for communication cables, convey belts, wood, coatings, brake pads, windshield wipers, shoe materials and tires. It follows ASTM D1894 and ISO 8295 standard. The two samples are placed together. A long strip sample is fixed on the flat surface and another squared sample is applied force by a sled. The friction for ... read more »

ASTM D 5458 Plastic Wrapping Film Peel Cling Tester
Sell  Jinan (China)   01st Nov 2018   Engineering

ASTM D 5458 Plastic Wrapping film peel cling tester measures cling between two layers of film and help to determine the property of stretch wrap material ability to adhere to it. ASTM D 5458 Plastic Wrapping film peel cling tester technical features 1. 7 inch TFT touch screen operation (human machine interface) 2. PLC control unit inside for stable performance 3. Precision ball screw for accurate speed & displacement. 4. Test speed is adjustable. 5. Different connection of loadcell with ... read more »

Dealers Wanted
Business  Jinan (China)   07th Mar 2018   Packaging

Dealers wanted. for business contact, please get in touch Cell Instruments Co., Ltd. No.8 Xiying Bei Rd. Licheng District. Jinan, 250111, Shandong, P.R.C. Tel: +86 531 88977152 Mobile/whatsapp: +8618560013985 Skype: smrelin Web: www.celtec.com.cn www.celtec.cn ... read more »

Vaccum Leak Tester
Sell  Jinan (China)   15th Aug 2017   Packaging

Leak Tester is based on ASTM D3078 bubble emission method and detects the gross leaks of flexible packaging with headspace gas. Leak tester is working by creating positive pressure inside pouch after vacuum is drawn away the pouch if force to plug small leaks. Leak Tester has the following features: 1. Vacuum ejector betters than vacuum pump in creating a stable pressure 2. Digital vacuum degree and test time setting 3. Automatic vacuum maintenance and air back-flushing 4. Easy operation ... read more »

Swing Type Robot Arm For Stamping Press
Sell  Jinan (China)   07th Mar 2018   Engineering

All axes are driven by absolute position servo motor. Y-axis (up and down axis) uses Taiwan high-precision linear guide plus precision lead screw and high-precision servo, to realize high-precision high-speed smooth up-and-down positioning. S-axis (main axis of rotation) uses Japan robot dedicated hollow reduction gear plus Taiwan high precision servo to achieve high-speed precision gapless positioning. X-axis (front and rear telescopic shaft) uses Taiwan high-precision linear guide plus prec ... read more »

Package Compression Tester Box Compression Tester
Sell  Jinan (China)   01st Nov 2018   Packaging

Package compression tester is a professional tester for pressure resistance. It is suitable for composite film pack and paper cup/bowl used in food, medicine, cosmetics etc. It can also be applied to infusion bags, plastic infusion bottles, blood bags, ice bags, etc. Package compression tester Specification Measuring range 2000N (other optional) Measurement accuracy: Grade one Time range: 0~10000S Platen size: 250mm*300mm (other can be customized) Power supply 220V, 50HZ Dimension: 460m ... read more »

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Cell Instruments Co., Ltd.

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