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1779 Peter Woulfe examined the mineral now known as wolframite and concluded it must contain a new substance. Scheele, in 1781, found that a new acid could be made from tungsten (a name first applied about 1758 to a mineral now known as scheelite). Scheele and Berman suggested the possibility of obtaining a new metal by reducing this acid. The de Elhuyar brothers found in acid in wolframite in 1783 that was identical to the acid of tungsten (tungstic acid) of Scheele, and in that year they succeeded in obtaining the element by reduction of this acid with charcoal. Tungsten occurs in wolframite, scheelite, huebnertie, and ferberite. Important deposits of tungsten occur in California, Colorado, South Korea, bolivia, Russia, and Portugal. China is reported to have about 75% of the world's tungsten resources. Natural tungsten contains five stable isotopes. Twenty one other unstable isotopes are recognized. The metal is obtained commercially be recucing tungsten oxide with hydrogen or carbon. Pure tungsten is a stelel-gray to tin-white metal. Very pure tungsten can be cut with a hacksaw, and can be forged, spun, drawn, and extruded. The impure metal is brittle and can be worked only with difficulty. Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals, and at temperatures over 1650C has the highest tensile strength. The metal oxidizes in air and must be protected at elevated temperatures. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is attacked only slightly by most mineral acids. The thermal expansion is about the same as borosilicate glass, which makes the metal useful for glass-to-metal seals. Tungsten and its alloys are used extensively for filaments for electric lamps, electron and television tubes, and for metal evaporation work; for electrical contact points for automobile distributors; X-ray targets; windings and heating elements for electrical furnaces; and for numerous spacecraft and high-temperature applications. High-speed tool steels, Hastelloy(R), Stellite(R), and many other alloys contain tungsten. Tungsten carbide is of great importance to the metal-working, mining, and petroleum industries. Calcium and magnesium tungstates are widely used in fluorescent lighting; other salts of tungsten are used in the chemical and tanning industries. Tungsten disulfide is a dry, high-temperature lubricant, stable to 500C. Tungsten bronzes and other tungsten compounds are used in paints. Tungsten powder (99.9%) costs about $50/lb.

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Manufacturer & Suppliers Of Molybdenum Products.

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Tungsten Products Catalog:-
Tungsten Intermediate Products Types of Wolframate
Tungsten Final Products W, WC, Mixed Powder
Tungsten Carbide Grade Chinese & ISO Grades
Tungsten Carbide Products Various TCP Products
Tungsten Wire Products
Tungsten Bar
Tungsten Alloy Products
Tungsten Heavey Materials Tungsten Heavey Material
Tungsten Electrode

Molybdenum Products:-
Moly Concentrate Brands & Chemical compositions
MoO3 LUMP Standard, MoO3 Brands & Chemical Compositions
Ferro Moly Brands & Chemical Compositions
Ammonium Molybdate
Sodium Molybdate
Barium Molybdate Standard & Chemical Composition
Moly & Spraying Moly Powder
PM Moly Penetrator
Moly Square Bar, Plate, Round Bar & Rod
Moly Electrode, Disc
Molybdenum Wire
Spray Moly Wire
Cleaned Moly Wire
Moly Rod
Chemical analysis report of our Moly Products

Tungsten Bar/Rod/Block:-


PM Products:-
PM Antifriction Parts
PM Structural Parts
P/M copper-based friction plates
Spherical Tin-Bronze Powder
Catalogue Of our Nonferrous Powder

SiC , B4C & CBN Products:-
Properties and Application of B4C and SiC
A Series of Sealed Washer
A Series of Blast Nozzles
A Series of Jet Pipes
A Series of Armors

Grain Sizes and Chemical Elements of B4C
The size range of B4C and SiC products
Introduction to CBN & Industry Diamond

RE Products:-

Sintered Bronze Porous Components:-

Copper Wire for Glasses Frame:-

Cobalt Powder:-

Industrial Diamond Products:-

Synthetic Diamond Eapping Paste:-

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