CQY Communication Electron Co., Ltd. Zhejiang (China)

Business overview

CQY Communication Electron Co.,Ltd. (Jinxin Telecommunication Equipment Factory) established in the year of 1993, is the leading manufacturer for wide range of telecommunication & networking accessories, integrating designing, development and marketing. We are medium sized company with over 200 experienced employees, supervisors and technicians. Two Production bases located in NingBo and Shanghai, occupies a total floor space of over 3,000 square meters. Our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified, and we strictly adhere to International industrial quality standard. We have been in business since 1995 and have exported to Europe, North America, Middle East and Southeast Asia for the past 10 years. Our range includes :- Module & parts Distribution Box Insertion Tools Networking and fiber optic accessories MDF Though our painstakingly hardworking and accumulation, we have capability to design new products, offer top quality product, reasonable prices, and first-class service. All these allow us to offer our customers with stable & reliable supply. Welcome to visit our website, we wish to have an opportunity of service to you, and help you choose the right items for your requirements.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1993
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Manufacturers & Exporters of Telecommunication & Networking Accessories, Integrating Designing, Development and Marketing.

Our Products are :-
-Module Series :-
10Pair Disconnection Module
10Pair Connection Module
10Pair Profile Connection Module
8Pair Disconnection Module
8Pair Connection Module
5Pair Disconnection Module
10Pair Earth Module
10Pair Profile Earth Module
10Pair Switching Module
10Pair Profile Switching Module
10 Pair Lead Module
16Pair Disconnection Module
10Pair LSA-Plus NT Module
25Pair FT(Feed Through) Module
10Pair HIGHBAND Disconnection Module
8Pair HIGHBAND Disconnection Module
5 Pair Double Distribution Module
5Pair Pouyet Type Connection Module
IDC PCB Module
1Pair Quick-connect Subscriber Terminal Block Without Protection
1Pair Quick-connect Subscriber Terminal Block With Protection
20Pair Straight Splicing Module
Accessories For 20Pair Straight Splicing Module
10Pair Straight Splicing Module
Accessories For 10Pair Straight Splicing Module
25Pair Spin Clutch Module
100Pair Spin Clutch Module(4X25Pair)
10Pair Spin Press Module
5Pair Spin Press Module
20Pair Spin Press Module

-Distribution Box Series :-
30Pair Distribution Box(Screw Lock)
50Pair Distribution Box(Screw Lock)
100Pair Distribution Box(Screw Lock)
30Pair Distribution Box(Key-Lock)
50Pair Distribution Box(Key-Lock)
100Pair Distribution Box(Key-Lock)
50Pair Distribution Box
30 Pair Distribution Box
100 Pair Distribution Box
Telephone Box
2 Pair Distribution Box
4 Pair Distribution Box
10 Pair Distribution Box
5 Pair Aluminium Distribution Distribution Box
5Pair Plastic Distribution Box
10Pair Aluminium Distribution Distribution Box
20Pair Aluminium Distribution Distribution Box
20Pair Aluminium Distribution Box
Round Type Distribution Box

-Module Accessories :-
10 Pair 3-pole Arrester Magazine
10Pair 2-pole Arrester Magazine With Dust Cover
3-Electrode Gas Discharge Tube
3-Electrode Gas Discharge Tube
2-Electrode Gas Discharge Tube
Protection Unit
2Pole Test Cord/Plug With 6P2C Plug
4Pole Test Cord/Plug With 6P4C Plug
2Pole Test Cord (Double Test Plug)
4Pole Test Cord (Double Test Plug)
Cat5e Test Cord/Plug With 8P4C Plug
2Pole Test Cord/Plug With Alligator Plug
4Pole Test Cord/Plug With Alligator Plug
Test Cord For Straight Splicing Module
D Type Test Cord
Circle line tool
Link Tester
71-4 Pole Test Cord
Back Mount Frame For 10Pair Module
Label Holder For Back Mount Frame Of 10Pair Module
Label Holder For Back Mount Frame Of 8Pair Module
Hinged Label Holder For 10Pair Profile Module
Label Base
Number Bar
Faking Disconnection Plug
1Pair Disconnection Plug
Length Type Disconnection Plug
C Type Disconnection Plug
10 Pair Earth Bar
Jumper Ring
Cable Strainer
Immobility Frame
Earthing line of steel tube type

-Wire Connector :-
UY Wire Connector
UR2 Wire Connector
UR Wire Connector
UB Wire Connector
K8 Wire Connector
UG Wire Connector

-Tools :-
Krone Type terminal press Tool
Krone Type terminal press Tool With Sensor
4055 Type terminal press Tool
71 Type terminal press Tool
C Type terminal press Tool
D Type terminal press Tool
Terminal press Tool
110 Type terminal press Tool
Krone Disposable Insertion Tool
Terminal Press Pliers
Krone Disposable Insertion Tool
Tool kits
Cable tester series
Wire Stripping Tool

-Network And Fiber Optic Product :-
Face Plate
Outline Border of Face Plate
Desktop Box
Telephone Box
Cat6. Connector Box
Cat.5el Inline Coupler
ISDN 1 Way Extension Box
ISDN 2 Way Extension Box
ISDN 4 Way Extension Box
ISDN 5 Way Extension Box
ISDN 8 Way Extension Box
UK Connector
Cable Marker
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies Patch cord/Pigtails
Fiber Optic Adaptors FC
24 Pole Fiber Splice Box
Floor Boxes
Face Plate
Annectent Swtich
Keystone Jack
Cat.5el Inline Coupler

-MDF :-
JPX218A Distribution Cabinet
FA9-118-C Module
JPX218-A Module
JPX218-D Module
JPX218-E Module
FA9-118A Module
10Pair-50Pair Inside Wall Distribution Box
Connection Box
GH80-B-2 Wiring Box
Matching line box series 50 returning line-450 returning line
Patch Panel
Cable Management System

Contact Details

CQY Communication Electron Co., Ltd.

No.357 Yangmei Rd. Henghe Cixi Ningbo
Zhejiang, 0000 () - (China)


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