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Business overview

CTC Union founded in 1993, is committed to developing and manufacturing and selling network communication products. In particular, the focus on fiber optical technologies, Ethernet technologies and the integration of broadband access technologies. With leading-edge technology and high quality service as the driving force, CTC union continued steady growth, and become a top global equipment supplier of innovative last-mile access in the telecommunications market. Factory - CTC Union CTC Union's global alliance is a network of worldwide branch offices, partners and distributors from every continent. By forming partnerships with major telecom operators, Internet Service providers and value added resellers, CTC Union reduces costs and improves services for customers. This alliance covers Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, plus North and South America. This global partnership receives direct engineering and technical support from our company headquarters, located in Taipei, Taiwan. As services such as voice and multimedia are moving to IP based technologies, carriers have found that their core networks can be operated more effectively and economically if the public switching networks are migrated to a next generation IP based networks. Fully in line with this world wide trends, CTC Union in 2009, became a member of the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) whose main goal is to provide interoperability standards for carriers and manufacturers to smoothly deploy Ethernet solutions from core networks to Last-Mile. This proactive thinking will allow CTC Union to continue developing solutions for today and tomorrow's markets. Metro Ethernet Forum - CTC Union Environmental Protection - CTC Union As a socially responsible manufacturer, CTC Union is concerned with the environment and has taken active measures to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate hazardous materials in their products. None of CTC Union products use chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) in their production process and since 2007 all electronics use non-lead soldering according to RoHS 2.0 and WEEE directives. CTC Union's continuing mission is to provide our customers with "on time" solutions, quick and effective customer support, and valuable products with extended service life.

Industry Computers and IT
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Service Provider
Establishment Year 1993
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We are developing and manufacturing and selling network communication products. In particular, the focus on fiber optical technologies, Ethernet technologies and the integration of broadband access technologies.

In Band Managed Multi Service Platform
FRM220A GSW SNMP Gigabit Ethernet Aggregate Switch Card
FRM220A CH20 Ethernet Aggregation Platform
FRM220 NMC Network Management Controller
Standalone Chassis for FRM220 Series
Central EMS Element Management System
Element Management System
Interface Converters (ic232Ip-2F)
FRM220-10GC-TS 10G Ethernet Media Converter
FRM220-10GE-TX 10G Ethernet Media Converter
FRM220-10GE-TX 10G Ethernet Media Converter
2 Channels 16Gbps 3R Multi rate Transponder
FRM220 1000DS 1G Transponder 2R
FRM220 1000DS 1G Transponder 2R
2 7G Transponder 3R with Optical Line Protection
4G Transponder 2R with Optical Line Protection
10G Transponder 3R
10G Transponder 3R with Optical Line Protection
Ethernet Switches/NID/EDD-FRM220-MSW202
Ethernet Switches/NID/EDD - FRM220A-FSW103
Ethernet Switches/NID/EDD FRM220A-1002ES
Ethernet Switches/NID/EDD FRM220A-1000EAS/X
2 Port Gigabit Ethernet Muxponder
4 and 8 Channel MUX DeMU
Optical Add Drop Multiplexer
1 1 Fiber Optical Protection Switch
4 and 8 Channel CWDM Mux DeMUX
FRM220-10GC-TX 10G Ethernet Media Converter
Ethernet Converter FRM220 10 100
Ethernet Converter FRM220 1000TS
Ethernet Converter FRM220 100AS 1
Ethernet Converter FRM220 10 100iS 2
Ethernet Converter FRM220 10 100iS
Ethernet Converter FRM220 10 100i
Ethernet Converter FRM220 1000EAS X 1
Ethernet Converter FRM220 1000MS
Ethernet Converter FRM220 1000M
Ethernet Switches NID EDD FRM220 MSW404
Inverse Mux FRM220A iMux
Ethernet over E1 Converter FRM220A Eoe1 G
Ethernet over E1 Converter FRM220A Eoe1
Voice over Fiber FRM220 FXO FXS
Voice over Fiber FRM220 FXO 4 FRM220 FXS 4
Fiber Converter FRM220 Serial
Fiber Converter FRM220 DS3 E3
Fiber Modem FRM220 E1 T1
Fiber Modem FRM220 DATA
Fiber Modem FRM220 ET100
Non managed Converters FMC 10 100
Non managed Converters FMC 1000S
Converter Chassis FMC CH17 FMC CH08
High Density Fiber Media Converter Concentrator PHB 200 PHB 200M
E1 T1 DSU SU FRM220 E1 Data
E1 T1 Cross Rate Converter FRM220 FTEC
Fiber Multiplexe FRM220 GFOM08
Fiber Multiplexe FRM220 FOM01
Fiber Multiplexe FRM220 FOM04
Fiber Multiplexe FRM220 GFOM04
Enterprise Ethernet GSW 3208M1
Enterprise Ethernet GSW 3420FM
Carrier Ethernet MSW 4424C
Carrier Ethernet MSW 4424CS
Carrier Ethernet MSW 4424A
Carrier Ethernet MSW 4424S
Managed Converter FMC 10 100i
Managed Converter FMC 1000MS
Managed Converter FMC 1000M
Non managed Converters FIB 232A
Fiber IAD GW 732FW
CPE Switches Converter FSW 2104 FSW 2204
CPE Switches Converter FTH4 100M
CPE Switches Converter FTH4 1000MS
CPE Switches Converter GSW 2008MS
CPE Switches Converter GSW 1005MS
Enterprise Ethernet GSW 3208M2
Enterprise Ethernet GSW 3424M1
Fiber Optical Multiplexer FMUX101
Fiber Optical Multiplexer FMUX1001
PoE Injector INJ G30
PoE Media Converter FMC 1000 PH FMC 1000S PH
PoE Media Converter IFC 100PD
PoE Media Converter IFC 1000PSE IFC 1000PSE A
PoE Switch GSW 3216MP
PoE Switch GSW 3208MP
SFP Fiber Transceiver Fiber Transceiver
Fiber IAD GW 532FW
Ethernet over Coaxial EOC 10A
LAN Extender VDTU2A 404
LAN Extender VDTU2A 304
LAN Extender VDTU2A 301
EFM LAN Extender EFM 10 EFM20 EFM40
Fiber Optical Multiplexer FMUX04
Fiber Optical Multiplexer FMUX04E
Fiber Optical Multiplexer FMUX160 FMUX80
Fiber Optical Multiplexer FMUX1600 FMUX800
VDSL2 Bridge Router VDTU2 R240W
VDSL2 Bridge Router VDTU2 B110
VDSL2 Bridge Router VDTU2 R140
SDH SDH 1000
E1 Access Multiplexer Plus Slide in cards
E1 Access Multiplexer Eoe1A
E1 Access Multiplexer ETU01 Plus
E1 Access Multiplexer ETU011
E1 Access Multiplexer ETU01A
E1 Access Multiplexer ETU02 MUX Plus
E1 Access Multiplexer ERM MUX Plus
STM1 E1 Access Multiplexer iSAP2000
STM1 E1 Access Multiplexer iSAP5100
STM1 E1 Access Multiplexer iSAP1000
ITU T G 703 BNC RJ45
ITU T G 703 Krone IDC Balun
ITU T G 703 Balun Patch Panel BP20 CH BP20 M01
Ethernet Serial Server STE100A 232 STE100A Serial
TDM over IP IPM 8E1 IPM 16E1
TDM over IP IPM 1SE V35
TDM over IP IPM E1 IPM 4E1
Ethernet Bridge DC APT 12V
Ethernet Bridge ET100A V2
E1 Access Multiplexer ETU02 MUX
Interface Converter ic485IP 1
E1 V35 Surge Protector SP V35 01
E1 V35 Surge Protector SP SE B01
Phone Line Surge Protector TSP 10
Fast Ethernet Surge Protector
Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protector SP GE 01 SP GE 24
PoE Surge Protector SP POE 01
Protocol Analyzer HCT 7000
Optical Fiber Tester OLS 200

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Contact Details

CTC Union Technilogies Co., Ltd.

8F No. 60 Zhouzi St., Neihu District, Taipei
Taipei, 8862 () - (Taiwan)


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