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Business overview

Established February 15, 1989 as a multisectoral Co-operative 1995- the Co-operative was re-registered as DEMOS Limited Liability Company. Having started its business from the development of UNIX-based solutions for domestic computer industry and the introduction of information technologies in various industrial enterprises in Russia, in 1990 the Company began to develop what now makes up the Russian segment of Internet. This experience allowed us to implement several projects based on advanced data transmission technologies at Zvorykin linen factory in the town of Kostroma and the Office of the Central District Prefect in Moscow, where electronic message exchange became an integral part of the document turnover. During that period DEMOS signed a number of agreements with major computer and telecom hardware vendors, which immediately advanced the Company to a leading position as a distributor (see Table of the Company Awards).

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Service Provider
Establishment Year 1989
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We Provide Services of development of UNIX-based solutions for domestic computer industry and the introduction of information technologies in various industrial enterprises in Russia.

Scope of Activity :- Internet Service Provider, Corporate Information Systems Solution Provider, Information Security Solutions Provider, "Smart buildings", "Internet Houses", Computer Products Distribution.

Structured Cable Systems :- All parts and elements of enterprise LAN, telephone communication, power supply and life-support systems rely on the use of an SCS (structured cable system) that necessarily must:- be multifunctional, i.E. Allow any components of a life-support system, a voice/data communication system or a computer network to be integrated into it;, be redundant, i.E. Require no major alternations to the existing cabling system in order to accommodate changes in the number, composition or location of the components of the SCS;, be integral, which implies that the SCS should be designed, installed and wired as an integral whole for all the components to be included into it;, be manageable and repairable, which means that the SCS should be built so that the time required to locate and eliminate possible faults in it would be as short as possible.

AVVID Enabled Networks :- Just as LANs are now an indispensable part of many a modern office, distributed networks are likewise rapidly becoming an integral part of large businesses. The availability of such a network allows a company to appreciably cut down its overheads for ensuring fast and reliable information exchange between its individual branches while improving the quality and reliability of such exchange. The solutions that DEMOS offers in this field are not limited to any single technology - this could be an ATM, a Frame Relay, Radio Ethernet or others. Depending on the actual geographical location of a company's branches, the existing infrastructure and customer needs and requirements, we can build a system that would be optimal in terms of throughput, reliability, price tag and scalability.

Supply of Computer Hardware and Communication Equipment :- DEMOS is an official partner of a number of the world-leading vendors, including HP Invent, Sun Microsystems, CISCO Systems, IBM, Canon, Toshiba and others. We provide installation services, warranty-period and post-warranty servicing of and technical support (including on-site support) to the products we sell, as well as assistance in customer's personnel training.

Internet Access and Virtual Private Networks :- DEMOS provides:- E-mail services and postal access to Internet servers, On-Line and Dialup IP access to Internet, information services, Connection to Internet through dedicated and satellite communication links, IP telephony services, Services and solutions based on the use of VPNs for communication with remote offices and mobile employees through an encrypted tunnel connection via Internet and/or other open networks.

Information Security :- Our 10-years experience of providing ACCESS services gives us the right to say: "We are very good at making doors - we are even better with locks".

The RSA KEON Public Key Infrastructure Solution :-RSA Keon is the portfolio of Public Key Infrastructure solutions with market leading modularity, flexibility and interoperability - this family of products enables people to do business on the Internet in a secure and trusted way through the creation, management and use of digital certificates or signatures. In doing this, people can undertake authenticated, private and legally binding electronic communications and transactions.
-Public key technology can be applied to provide the robust security services of authentication, confidentiality, data integrity and non-repudiation. These services are essential elements for an organisation to confidently extend their business to include Internet-based transactions.
-The promise of public key technology is compelling. With it, business partners can securely share product design information. Both parties participating in a financial transaction will be unable to deny their participation. Remote employees can access applications in the home office without any concerns over the security of the network from their personal computer to the application server and patient health care information can be transmitted with confidence, knowing that it will only be read by the intended recipient.
-With public key technology access control, user authentication, data encryption and non-repudiation (legally enforceable transactions) are assured for all of these business processes and transactions. This assurance is valid, even in an otherwise open environment such as the Internet, or Intranet. Communication can then occur regardless of whether the parties on either end of the communication have long standing relationships or are engaging in a one-time event.

The RSA SecurID strong two-factor authentication :- One way for organisations to ensure secure e-business transactions is to make authentication an integral part of their security policy. Authentication refers to the identification of a user based on something he knows, something he has, or something he is. The most common form of authentication is simply passwords -something the user knows. Unfortunately, passwords are extremely weak as they are easily uncovered or guessed (the most common password is "password") by ingenious impostors. As a result, a security policy based solely on passwords, leaves organisations vulnerable to great risk.

Contact Details

DEMOS Limited Liability Company.

6/1, Ovchinnikovskaya nab.
Moscow, 115035 () - (Russia)


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