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Business overview

E.J.McKay is a global investment banking firm focused on mergers & acquisitions and corporate strategy advisory work known for our China transaction experience and result-driven action-based solutions. As one of the small number of remaining privately held Partnerships on Wall Street, we are not subject to undue outside influences, which allows E. J. McKay to build our businesses based on intellectual insight, innovative solutions and independent thinking. The private ownership of the firm by Partners is also the cornerstone of our business philosophy, that of growing long-term relationships rather than pursuing short-term transaction gains. Our work earns us the reputation as a trusted Board Room advisor around the globe. The core of E. J. McKay's business is mergers & acquisitions, which encompasses areas such as acquisition, joint venture, strategic alliance, restructuring, takeover, divesture, leveraged buyout (LBO), management buyout (LBO), among others. We are also engaged in various financing activities, such as private placement, public listing and IPO advisory, and private equity fund formation. While the firm started as a Buy-side advisor to multinationals entering China, today, E. J. McKay's business scope has expanded to include both Buy-side and Sell-side representations, and we are engaged by both multinational and Chinese companies doing businesses around the world. The nature of market entry, consolidation, restructuring and investment work in China differs vastly from that in New York and London, for example, in China E. J. McKay is often engaged in activities such as Greenfield establishment, technology transfer, long-term sourcing, and other commonly used investment vehicles. Our goal is to build long-term relationship by delivering tangible results to the Board and shareholders. A typical E. J. McKay engagement starts by asking the question 'why should I do this deal", and formulating a business strategy based on our insights on issues such as market size, brand, channels & distribution, competition, pricing, logistics, supply chain, operations, technology, costs, laws and regulations, taxation, so that the CEO can form the business basis for judgment, and enter the Transaction Phase with confidence. An E. J. McKay deal usually begins with identifying the appropriate transaction target, narrowing down on the optimal vehicle, and compositing the best deal structure, taking into consideration issues such as revenue, costs, assets, people, organization, pension, synergy, intangibles, related parties, and various stakeholder interests; finally arriving at valuation results that reflect different deal structures. Our goal is to create a sustainable win-win situation for the merged entity, while keeping the interest of our client as the highest priority. E. J. McKay assumes the role of book runner and deal maker in the M&A process, managing and coordinating the work among the target company management, client company management, lawyers, accountants, the government, and various stakeholders, but we are not engineering experts and we depend our client to provide insights on engineering, technology, production, and particular industry specific knowledge; meanwhile we serve as the transaction banker, strategy consultant, and country expert. It is the seamless partnership and the combined resources between E. J. McKay and our client that lead to our successes. The people at E. J. McKay are exceptional. From experienced CEOs who led Fortune 100 companies, to fund-raisers and campaign managers for US Presidential campaigns, to Rhodes and Marshall Scholars out of Oxford, to fresh undergraduates from the finest institutions around the world. Together we work as one team, preaching the same values of client interest first, professional excellence, respect for the individual, and responsible citizenship, forming a culture that is team based yet individual focused. It is a place where ideas flourish, aspirations come true and people grow. With offices in many major financial centers around the world, such as Munich, London, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Toronto, Mumbai and Shanghai, and representatives in many more international cities, we are able to advise the Board in most countries on cross-border investment issues, presenting solutions that are globally conceptualized but locally executed.

Industry Services
Business Type Service Provider
Firm Type Proprietorship
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Products & Services

We offer the services of Designing & Planning , Market Research, Management Consulting.
Investment Consulting.
Branding:- Channels & Distribution, Corporate Development, Financing, IT, Market Entry, Market Exit, Operations, Organization, Portfolio Construction.

Mergers & Acquisitions:- Buy-side Representation, Sell-side Representation, Leveraged Transactions, Advising Foreign Firms, Advising Chinese Firms, Selected Transactions, Post-merger, Integration.

Corporate Finance:- Public Listing, Private Placement, Alternative Financing, Fund Formation.

Industry coverage:- Automotive, Chemical, Consumer Products, Electronics, Financial Institutions, Logistics & Transportation, Machinery, Media & Entertainment, Metals & Mining, Not for Profit, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper, Real Estate, Retail, IT & Software, Telecommunications, Textile, Utilities.

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E. J. McKay & Co., Inc

Lansheng Tower Suite 1206
8 Huaihai Road Central
Shanghai, 200021 () - (China)


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