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Business overview

Encardio-rite was incorporated on June 14, 1966 at Lucknow, India with a vision to provide indigenous monitoring service solutions for civil engineering and structural projects. Over the last 50 years we have been involved with the safety monitoring of countless projects including some of the most prestigious ones like the Dubai metro, Doha metro, Marina Bay Sand and Tehri Dam. Internationally we operate through our subsidiaries in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Bhutan along with a wide associate network. With our public cloud based web monitoring service and indigenous manufacturing of dataloggers and sensors we offer optimized monitoring solutions. Our perseverance to innovate and constantly improve with our experience make us world leaders in our field and set standards for the finest technology.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturers, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1966
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We are Manufacturers of dataloggers and sensors we offer optimized monitoring solutions.

Our Products Range :-
Environmental Systems :-
Water Level Monitoring
Water Quality Monitoring
Weather Station
Vibration Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring :-
Ammonium Measurement
Conductivity Measurement
Dissolved Oxygen Measurement
Oil Measurement
pH/ORP Measurement
OC/DOC/COD/BOD/TSS/NO2-N/NO3-N Measurement
Turbidity Measurement
Data Presentation,
Archiving And World Wide Access Through Encardio-Rite Public Cloud Service

Structural Systems :-
Tilt Meter
Displacement/Crack/Joint Meter
Building Settlement Marker
Temperature Meter
In-Place Inclinometer
Dataloggers / Online Monitoring

Direct and inverted Plumb line :-

Inclinometer/In-Place Inclinometer :-
Vertical Inclinometer Probe
Digital Inclinometer System
Mobile Readout Unit
M Casing and Fittings
Vertical In-Place Inclinometer System

Read-Out Units :-
EDI-51V Portable Vibrating Wire Readout Unit/Data Logger
Model EDI-53P
Model EDI-53 Portable Readout Variable Logger in Five Variants
Model EDI-53I
Model EDI-53L
Model EDI-53UTM

Tilt Meter/Beam Sensor :-

Tilt Meter :-
EAN-70M Portable Tilt Meter
EAN-90M/92M Tilt Meter
EAN-91M Tilt Meter
EAN-41M Tilt Meter/Beam Sensor
EAN-31EL Electrolytic Uniaxial Tilt Meter
EAN-31EL-B Electrolytic Uniaxial Beam Sensor
EAN-41EL-B Electrolytic Uniaxial Beam Sensor

Extensometer/Measuring Anchor :-
EDS-63U/D Mechanical Borehole Extensometer System
EDS-64U/D Mechanical Borehole Extensometer System
EDS-70V/EDS-70P Borehole Extensometer System
EDS-71V/EDS-71P Borehole Extensometer System
EMA-11 Measuring Anchor
EDS-91 Magnetic Extensometer System
EDS-92 Soil Extensometer
EDS-80 Tape Extensometer

Displacement Sensor/Crack & Joint Meter :-
Vibrating Wire Linear Displacement Transducer
Potentiometric Linear Displacement Transducer
Model EDJ-40C Crack Meter
Model EDJ-41M Crack Meter
Triaxial Crack/Joint Meter
Model EDJ-40V Crack/Joint Meter
Vibrating Wire Joint Meter
Triaxial Joint Meter

Temperature Sensor :-
Vibrating Wire Temperature Sensor
Resistance Thermistor Probe
RTD Temperature Probe

Load Cell :-
Resistive Strain Gage Type Center Hole/Anchor Bolt Load Cell
High Capacity Resistive Strain Gage Type Center Hole/Anchor Bolt Load Cell
Vibrating Wire Center Hole/Anchor Bolt Load Cell
Resistive Strain Gage Type Compression Load Cell
High Capacity Compression Load Cell

Pressure Cell :-
Vibrating Wire Earth/Soil Pressure Cell
Vibrating Wire Concrete Pressure Cell
Soil and Rock - Concrete Interface Pressure Cell
Vibrating Wire Jackout Pressure Cell
Vibrating Wire Shotcrete-Concrete Stress Cell

Strain Gage/Sister Bar :-
Vibrating Wire Spot Weldable
Vibrating Wire Arc Weldable
Vibrating Wire Embedment
Hermetically Sealed Vibrating Wire
Shotcrete Strain Gage
Vibrating Wire Sister Bar Strain Meter

Settlement :-
Settlement Measurement System
Hydraulic Overflow Settlement Gage
Hydraulic Settlement Profiler
Liquid Level Settlement System

Piezometer/Water Level/Seepage :-
Vibrating Wire Piezometer
Vibrating Wire Slim Piezometer
Vibrating Wire Low Pressure Piezometer
Vibrating Wire Push-In Piezometer
Vibrating Wire Uplift Pressure System
Bourdon Gage Type Uplift Pressure System
Vibrating Wire Twin Tube Hydraulic Piezometer
Seepage Measurement Sensor for weirs

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Contact Details

Encardio-rite Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

A-7 Industrial Estate, Talkatora,
Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) - (India)


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