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Business overview

Enventure Technologies is an offshore technology services firm incorporated in the United States with development facilities in Bangalore, India. Founded in 1997, Enventure operates in four distinct verticals of PCB Design, Electronic Component Engineering, Software Development, and Business Support Services. The company has deep domain expertise in all these verticals and has been working with large, respected firms across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The Enventure Advantage enables global clients to lower costs significantly, without compromising on quality. Enventure?s quality assurance framework is more likely to deliver 20% better on-time and on-budget results than accepted global averages.

Industry Computers and IT
Business Type Service Provider
Establishment Year 1997
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We Enventure operates in four distinct verticals of PCB Design, Electronic Component Engineering, Software Development, and Business Support Services.

PCB Design :-
Enventure Technologies provides a total solution to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design and Layout. The Design Group at Enventure is comprised of highly experienced designers for Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal, and RF boards. Supported by a highly efficient project management mechanism, its skilled team has been the key to Enventure's success in this space. Enventure's value-added services have helped clients achieve, quick turnaround time higher levels of efficiency, and become more cost-effective.

Several leading OEMs, Contract Manufacturers and Design bureaus in North America & Europe have derived these benefits from utilizing Enventure's services. Enventure's industry experience includes-but is not limited to-Aerospace, Communications(Telecom/Datacom), Automotive, Computers and Peripherals, Consumer applications, Medical, Wireless and Industrial including Test and Measurement.

Enventure's design team works multiple shifts, based on customer needs. The time zone difference between the US & India allows for the ability to have someone working on customer's projects 16 to 24 hours each day. Designers at Enventure work on several high-end designs using tools like Cadence? Allegro, OrCAD?, P-CAD?, Mentor PADS? and other leading EDA tool vendors. Learn more about Enventure's recent tool additions.

Benefits of Time Zone difference :-
A collaborative design model that Enventure offers can leverage the time-zone difference between USA, Europe and India and practically enable the client to have a team working on projects 16-24 hours every day.

Enventure can provide custom models for clients in terms of night shifts in India, proper communication channels etc. Since there is about 12 hours of time difference between India and USA, it entails that a job submitted in the evening at 7 p.M PST, reaches India at 7 a.M and is completed by 7 a.M PST the next morning. This means that the client can save an entire business day. Learn More about Enventure?s collaborative design models.

PCB Design services :-
PCB Design
PCB Re-engineering/Redesign
Design migration from one EDA platform to another
Reverse engineering
Design For Environment
Conversion of boards from through-hole technology to SMD.
Library Development
Spice Modeling

PCB Design :-
- Schematic drawing
- Board Layout

Enventure has capability to design PCB's in different EDA platforms as per specific client requirements. The company has capability in different areas of design, some of which are listed below :-

Skills & Competencies :-
- Single, double, and multi-layer boards
- DFT compatible designs
- High Density SMD/Through-hole designs
- Buried and Blind via technology
- Controlled impedance board design
- Design of PCMCIA, backplanes, and motherboards
- Digital high-speed design
- SMD with latest technologies like PLCC, PGA, BGA, PBGA, uBGA, 50-60 ohms Control impedance boards
- High-speed signals of 100 MHz - 1 Giga Hz

Library Development :-
- Quick turn creation of schematic symbols and PCB footprints
- Creation of libraries based on customer requirements/input part-list
- Standardization of existing libraries to IPC standards/customer standards

Board Re-engineering :-
- Conversion of boards to replace Through-hole components with SMD components
- Re-engineering existing designs to handle component obsolescence
- Creating design files with full manufacturing data and gerbers, for boards that are available physically, but do not have the relevant design files.
- Redesigning boards to reduce cost and size by BoM optimization

CAM :-
- Gerber panelization
- DFM Verification

Spice Simulation :
- Spice Modelling
- Enabling Symbol Libraries for PSpice simulation.
- Conversion of PSpice models to Xspice
- Hierarchical Design Validation

Contact us now to get more details on how Enventure can become a key partner, helping your company achieve strategic goals - faster and at lower costs.

Electronic Component Engineering :-
Enventure Technologies has deep domain expertise in the area of Component Engineering. The company provides total solutions to various component engineering services like DB Creation, BoM Cleansing and RoHS/WEEE compliance.

Software Development :-
Enventure Technologies provides full-fledged software development services, which encompass streamlined production and processes that ensure a fast, reliable, global supply for software development companies. By working with an offshore provider like Enventure Technologies, companies gain the flexibility to lower their prices, increase demand for their products, attract new customers, and enter new markets. This results in dramatically increased revenue and market expansion opportunities.

Software Development Services :-
Enventure's software development services are divided into four groups: Product Development, Re-engineering and Migration, Quality Assurance, and Maintenance and Support.

Product Development services include Market Research, Collaborative Design, Prototyping, Incremental Development, Product Testing and Software Localization.
Re-engineering and Migration services include assessment of the product to be migrated, research of the platform to be supported, review of functionality transfer, risk assessment, cost analysis, implementation and new system optimization and tuning.
Quality assurance services include application reliability, load/stress testing, software testing and test management, test process assessment/improvement, test automation, full software integration testing, release cycle testing, and training.
Maintenance and Support services include off and on-site maintenance, bug fixing and trouble shooting, bug tracking and reporting, fine-tuning and product functionality improvement, new feature research and design deployment assistance and implementation.
Software Development Skills and Experience

Enventure Technologies operates within the Microsoft, Borland, Sun Microsystems and Open-Source environments. Enventure's deployment expertise is inclusive of desktop, Web, Handhelds and Embedded applications. Most of our developers are either Microsoft Certified or Sun Certified.

Our suite of skill sets include :-
Operating Systems: Windows NT/XP, 2K, 2K3, Win CE, Solaris, Linux, Linpy (Linux Handheld OS), Unix, Palm OS, Nokia Symbian
Pure Languages: COBOL, PL/1, C, C++, Visual Age, Java. C#, Pascal, Python
Scripting Languages: ASP, VB, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Perl, Tcl/Tk, JSP, AWT, Cold Fusion, PHP
IDE - Integrated Development Environments: VC++, Visual Interdev, Borland C++ Builder, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Borland Kylix
Frameworks: COM, .NET, Design Patterns, CORBA, MFC
Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Sybase, MS Access, DB2
Transactions: IIS, MTS, MS Index Server, MS Content Management server, MS Site Server, Bea WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Jakarta TomcAt
Testing Tools: Segue Silk Test, Rational Visual Test, Rational Pure Coverage, and Mercury WinRunner
Documentation Tools: Rational Rose, RoboHelp, WebWorks, FrameMaker, Doc-2-Help
FreeTTS, Flite and FestVox for voice synthesis including JSAPI
Embedded Linux driver development and Embedded VC++ for WinCE
StingRay Suite of toolkits for GUI development
Infragestics NetAdvantage for .NET GUI development
EJB, JNI, RMI, Swing
XML-RPC as a communication protocol
ATL, ActiveX, COM+
Enventure Technologies has a deep vertical domain expertise within a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, supply chain, publishing, CAD, electronic engineering, high tech, real estate, healthcare, university, hospital, legal, chemical research, insurance, pharmaceutical, technology, construction, electronics, and banking. Applications include PLM, PDM, EDA, CRM, ERP, Workflow, project management, document management, image related technologies, Language Synthesis and device drivers.

Software Engagement Models :-
Enventure offers two engagement models to its software customers; Fixed price model and A dedicated team approach.

The fixed price contract provides fixed milestones and costs and is thus ideal for one-time requirements.

The dedicated team model enables a client to have a team of developers, working exclusively on their projects. This is the ideal model for clients with ongoing requirements since this offers greater flexibility and control, resulting in substantial long-term advantages for both parties.

Enventure Technologies manages all engagements using the modified Rational Unified Process (RUP). This focus cultivates an environment that matches each client's existing structure and suggests best practices during regular interactions.

More Information on Software Development :-
Contact us for more details on Enventure's services, process engagement models, sample case studies, pricing or to discuss a specific project.

Business Support Services :-
Enventure has strong capabilities in the area of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Enventure's services in this area include :

Medical Transcription
Offshore Data Management
Customer support services

Over the years, Enventure has proven its competence and expertise in these fields, having built a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Clients of Enventure have benefited from the reduction in operational overheads without compromising on quality. Today, BPO is all about providing additional value to customers and in the process exceed customer expectations.

Data Conversion-
Enventure can convert clients data from various original file formats into new required format, including: HTML, XML, XHTML, SGML, ASCII, MARC, MSAccess, PowerPoint, RTF, MSWord, WordPerfect, PDF, Quark, Paper, TIFF, MSExcel, JPEG, GIF, BMP, etc.

Contact Details

Enventure Technologies Inc.

One New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 125
Portsmouth, NH 03801 (Outside India) - (United-states)


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