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Firstrate Sensor Co.,ltd is a hight-tech joint venture specialized in researching, manufacturing, and sales of sensors. Our products include Pressure Transmitters, Temperature transmitters, Liquid-level Transmitters, Wind Speed & Direction Transmitters, and Intelligent Control Instruments. They are widely used in the field of aviation & aerospace, national defense & military project, engineering machinery, railway & urban railway system, automotive electronics system, HVAC, air compressor, textile, petrochemical, coal mines and other industrial automation control. Firstrate currently employs nearly 300 people, more than 70% employees have bachelor degree or above, and cover an area of more than 20000 ?. The company has now implemented the quality management system of ISO9001-2008, and with advanced technique & equipment, comprehensive product test method. Our advanced technique, high quality products, and fast delivery have earned us good reputation among customers from home & abroad. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as US, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Korea, and India. We also provide OEM/ ODM service for customers around the world. Firstrate is committed to the research & development of international leading Microfused technology, adopts the Microfused Silicon Strain Gauge production technique ,CAN ( Controller Area Network) technology and wide temperature digital compensation data system. MEMS sensors have been recognized and highly praised by scientists and engineers from industrial automation. At present, our company has declared 6 national invention patents, 20 plus utility-model patents. And have got the certificates of CMC, CE, Safety & Flame-proof certification and ROHS. Firstrate will hold on to our enterprise spirits: With high and new technology, make contribution to the development of China's industrial automation. Aims at the forefront of MEMS technology, we actively develop and research sensors, promotes the industrialization of sensors, and make effort to be the pioneer, innovator and potential leader in the field of sensors.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer
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Firstrate Sensor Co.,ltd is a hight-tech joint venture specialized in researching, manufacturing, and sales of sensors like

FST Pressure sensor, Pressure transducer, pressur
FST800-201 Universal Industrial Pressure Sensor
FST800-202 Universal Industrial HP-Type Pressure
FST800-211 General Industrial Pressure Sensor
FST800-211A Universal Industrial Pressure Sensor
FST800-211B Universal Industrial Pressure Sensor
FST800-213 HP-Type Pressure Transmitter
FST800-214 Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitte

FST Temperature Sensor ,temperature transmitter,
FST600-101 Temperature sensor, temperature transd
FST600-102 Spring Compression Type Temperature Se
FST600-103 Platinum Resistance Temperature Senso
FST600-202 Integrated Temperature Sensor
FST600-203 Integrated Isolative Temperature Senso
FST600-204 Digital Display Temperature Transmitte
FST600-205 Explosion-isolated Temperature Transmi

FST Liquid-level transmitter, Liquid level transd
FST700-101 Input Liquid-level transmitter
FST700-201 Capacitive Liquid-level Transmitter
FST700-202 Digital Display Industrial Oil-Level T
FST700-203 Oil-Level Transmitter, fuel level tran
FST700-204 Capacitance Intelligent Oil-level tran
FST700-301 Capacitance Water-level Transmitter
FST700-302 Capacitance Water-level Transmitter

FST Differential Pressure Transmitter
FST800?901 Air Differential Pressure Transmitter
FST800-902 Micro Differential Pressure Transmitte

FST Display Controller
FST500?301 Digital Display Controller
FST500?302 Peak Display Controller
FST500?303 Intelligent Display Controller
FST500?304 Liquid-level Display Controller

MoreWind Speed & Directioin Series:-
FST Wind speed & direction sensor, anemometer
FST200-201 Auto-heated Wind Speed Sensor, anemome
FST200-202 Auto-heated Wind Direction Sensor, ane
FST200-211 Digital Wind Speed Alarm Controller

MoreMagnetostrictive Displacement Sensor series:-
FST Magnetostrictive Displacement sensor
FST-RP Aluminum Shell Magnetostrictive Displacem
FST?RH Pressure-proof Outer Pipe Magnetostrictive
FST?RS Water-proof Magnetostrictive Displacement
FST---LH Magnetostrictive Displacement Liquid-lev
FST?HPH Explosion-proof Magnetostrictive Displace

DEF tank/AdBlue Sensor
FST-DTK Back-shaped Adblue Sensor
FST-TZ Adblue Liquid level sensor
FST-DV U-shaped urea level sensor
FST-TV Adblues Liquid level senor
FST-DTKS Spiral Adblue Level Sensor
FST-TZS Spiral Adblue liquid level sensor
FST- DTN Adblue Sensor
FST-TZN Adblue liquid level sensor
Firstrate DEF tank

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No.18# of Electrolux Avenue, Muyun Industrial Park,
Changsha, 410118 (Hunan) - (China)


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