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Thank you for taking an interest in our nursery. We specialize in growing "own root" lilacs. We have tried to make our web site both informative and easy to navigate. We are not always able to return your phone calls so E-mail is the best way to get in touch with us. The web site has been designed to try and help eliminate many of the lilac questions customers have. Lilacs make a great gift for someone to plant when a new child is born. They also make a great wedding present or are a nice testimonial for someone. When someone plants a lilac, they are planting a legacy that people will remember each blooming season for many years to come. When you buy a lilac today for yourself or someone you love, it could very well turn into a part of your family's fond memories Thank you again for visiting our web site, and for the spreading of a plant whose flowers bring so much enjoyment to all.

Industry Agro / Food Products
Business Type Manufacturer
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We are Manufacturer of

Growing "Own Root" lilacs of over 70 varieties; pink, red, blue, white, purple, lavender and yellow and lilacs for warm climates.

-Frank Klager - Single Dark Purple
-Yankee Doodle - Single Dark Purple
-Lavender Lady - Single Purple
-Pocahontas - Single Purple
-Adelaide Dunbar - Double Dark Purple
-Franks Fancy - Single Purple
-Ludwig Spathe - Single Dark Purple
-Monge - Single Dark Purple
-Dark Night
-Agincourt Beauty - Single Dark Purple
-Margaret Fenicchia
-Sarah Sands
-Vesper Song - Single Dark Purple
-Fr. John L. Fiala - Double White
-Avalanche - Single White
-Edith Cavell - Double White
-Mount Baker - Single White
-Miss Ellen Willmott - Double White
-Monique Lemoine - Double White
-Mme. Lemoine - Double White
-Marie Legraye - Single White
-Sister Justena - Single White
-Angel White - Single White
-Mme. Louis Gialis - Single White
-Krasavitsa Moskvy - Double White
-Rochester - Single White
-Marie Finon - Single White
-Syringa vulgaris alba - Single White
-Wedgwood Blue - Single Blue
-Nadezhda - Double Blue
-Wonder Blue - Single Blue
-President Grevy - Double Blue
-President Lincoln - Single Blue
-Susquicentennial - Single Violet
-Charles Joly - Double Magenta
-Arch McKean - Single Magenta
-Znamya Lenina - Single Magenta
Mrs. W. E. Marshall - Single Purple
Paul Thirion - Double Magenta
Ruhm von Horstenstein - Single Magenta
President Poincaire - Double Magenta
Glory - Single Magenta
Congo - Single Magenta
Marie Frances - Single Pink
Belle de Nancy - Double Pink
Lucie Baltet - Single Pink
Montaigne - Double Pink
Charm - Single Pink
Macrostachya - Single Pink
Katherine Havemeyer - Double Pink
California Rose - Single Pink
Victor Lemoine - Double Pink
Edward J. Gardner - Double Pink
Esther Staley - Single Pink
Anabel - Double Pink
Lois Utley - Double Pink
Maiden?s Blush - Single Pink
Letha House - Single Lilac
Michael Buchner - Double Lilac
Asessippi - Single Lilac
Alice Christenson - Triple Lilac
Aucubaefolia - Double Blue/Lilac
Excel - Single Lilac
Syringa vulgaris - Single Lilac
Mechta - Single Violet
Albert F. Holden - Single Violet
Sensation - Single Purple/a White Edge
Primrose - Single Creamy Yellow
Blanche Sweet - Single Whitish-blue
Miss Kim - Single Lavender-Blue
Palibin - Single Whitish-Pink
James MacFarlane - Single Pink
Miss Canada - Single Pink
Donald Wyman - Purple/Lavender
Minuet - Single Lavender
Nike - Single Purple
Persica - Single Lilac
Superba - Single Pink
Ivory Silk - Single White
Single Pink
Agnes Smith - Single White
Lilac Sunday - Single Lavender
Clarke's Giant - Single Rosy-mauve
Prairie Petite - Single Pink
Bridal Memories - Single White
Red Pixie - Single Reddish Pink
Dwight D. Eisenhower - Single Blue
F.K. Smith - Single Lavendar
Sweetheart - Double Pink
Catawba Pink - Double Pink
Hiawatha - Magenta
Atheline Wilbur - Semi Double Rose-Violet.
Martha Stewart - Single Blue-Pink
Josee - Single Pink
George Eastman - Single Pink
Rajah - Single Wine-Red
Betsy Ross - Single White

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Fox Hill Lilac Nursery

347 Lunt Road
Maine, 04011 () - (United-states)


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