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We are the culmination of a 50 years process of evolution and growth that began in 1948. Our performance is anchored today in a variety of decorative and industrial paints which continue to gain an increasing share of the highly competitive indian market. We provide paints tailor-made to the customer's requirement. We have a distribution network of 800 well reputed stockists to reach every corner of the indian market. Our production team is manned by experienced qualified chemists and engineers. Emphasis is on consistent good quality. Glossy does its own R & D basic research in paints and product development. Glossy has its own state of the art testing equipments, computers and accelerated weathering equipment for developing, standardising and quality control of products. All batches of finished products are individually tested and passed by the in-house paints application laboratory before release. Professional approach By professional approach we mean well being based on trust and integrity. In developing our products and services. We pay the highest regard to health and safety of those using our products and the environment in which they live and work. Furthermore, we make it easy for people to do business with us. We at Glossy, monitor our service levels closely: from order handling to speed of telephone answering, everything we do is carefully measured and recorded.

Industry Building Material
Business Type Manufacturer
Establishment Year 1948
Firm Type Pvt Ltd.
Expand Level National

Products & Services

Manufacturers of paints & colors Interior Wall Paints, Exterior Wall Paints, Protective Coatings, Metal Paints, Furniture Paints, Wood Finishes, Heat Resistant Paints, Protective Epoxy Coatings/Epoxy Paints, Automotive Paints, Dry Colors, Miscellaneous Products.

Interior Wall Finishes - Premium Velvet Acrylic Emulsion, Acrylic Washable Distemper, Flat Oil Paint, Dry Distemper, Hard Coat Quick Drying Enamel, Superior White Zinc Paint, Superior White Zinc Paint, Kamal Distemper, Cement Primer Oil Base, Cement Primer Water Base, Wall Putty.

Exterior Wall Finishes - Super Glossycem Is : 5410, Premium Hi-Gloss Synthetic Enamel, White Horse Furniture Enamel, Weatherite Exterior Wall Paint Smooth, Textured Finish Weatherite, Rakshak Exterior Wall Paint.

Protective Coatings - Industrial Primers, Chemical Resistant Coatings, Stoving Paints, Acrylic Urethane Paints.
Metal Doors, Furniture Paints - Surfacer Primer 1001 White, Aluminium Paint, Red Oxide Primer For Metals, Hi-Gloss Synthetic Enamel, Glossy Synthetic Enamel, Hammerite Hammertone Finish.

Wood Finishes -Tuff Wood Polyurethane Clear Wood Finish, Homecare Natural Melamine Interior Wood Finish, Synthetic Clear Varnish, Autoking Table Top Clear, Autoking Sanding Sealer, Autoking Hi Gloss Finish, Pink Wood Primer, Hi-Gloss Synthetic Enamel, Glossy Synthetic Enamel, Surfacer Primer 1001 White.
Heat Resistant Paints - Black Bituminious Paint, Heat Resisting Aluminum Paints, Interior Boiler Composition, Exterior Boiler Composition, Stack Black, Acid & Alkali Heat Resisting Black Bituminous Paint, Fire Retardent Paints, Insulating Varnish Black/Golden.
Protective Epoxy Coatings - Epoxy Paints Two Pack 0682g, Epoxy Grey Air Drying Primer, Chemical Resistant Heavy Duty Floorings, Epoxy Red Oxide Primer, Epoxy Gloss Paint Stoving Finish High Bake, Glossy Solvent Free Epoxy, Epoxy Paint Aluminum (finishing) Silver Lustrous, Epoxy Air Drying Z/P Surfacer, Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer, Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer Two Packs: High Build Primer, Air Drying Epoxy Putty, Coal Tar Epoxy, Epoxy Clear Varnish Two Pack, Special Epoxy Mirror Back Paints, Epoxy (intermediate Coat) High Build Micacecous Iron Oxide (2 Pack).
Automotive Paints - Auto Special Autoking, Autoking Hi Gloss Paints, Synthetic Auto Finish, Primer Surfacer Grey Under Coat, Quick Set Oil Primer Red Oxide, Auto Clear, Auto Q.D. Putty Grey, Autoking Water White Clear, D.A.Thinner, Autoking Paint Remover, Base Coat For Plastic, Base Coat For Bmd And Sheet Metal (code Omd9g), Topcoat For Plastics (code 109g).

Dry Colors - Red Oxide, Blue Oxide, G.Yellow Oxide, L.Yellow Oxide, Black Oxide, Turkey Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Red Umber, Mexican Red.

Miscellaneus Products - Road Marking Paint, Chimney Black Paint, Drinking Water Tank Black, Paint Remover, Rust Remover (3 In 1 Thinner), Knifing Paste Filler, Clear Coating For Brass, Two Pack Silk Screen Grey Finish, 1001 Premium Stainer, Gopal Varnish, Gloseal Water Proofing Compound, Silicone Coating For Bricks And Walls-Waterproofing, Epoxy Thinner ( Code 0682t), Melamine Thinner, Chororubber Thinner, Stoving Thinner.

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Glossy Color & Paints Pvt. Ltd.

50 A & B, Najafgarh Road,
New Delhi, 110015 (Delhi) - (India)


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