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Goldart Consulting offers expert business consulting services specializing in business plans and business planning, marketing and promotions, finance, capital generation, management analysis, business sale and purchase advice, and funding, investing and loans advisory. We focus on strategy, analysis, sales, profit creation and financial planning with added emphasis on Management and Competitive analysis, investment and business opportunity development and profitability. It is a paradox that larger, more established companies (those that possess greater skill sets as a function of their larger human resource base) are the principal users of strategic Consulting services while small business companies (those with limited personnel and the most to gain from specialized strategic analysis and techniques) do not. I started Goldart Consulting with the goal of bringing advanced Consulting skills and practices to small and mid-size companies at a cost that is not prohibitive. Our mission statement is clear: Use what we have learned throughout our careers to help these small businesses realize the business opportunities they have setout to achieve. Personally, my career has included significant senior positions in both Sales / Marketing and Financial Analysis departments in Consumer-related, Entertainment and Financial fields. My efforts have ranged from developing new product launches to analyzing over $3 Billion in M&A deals to directing Sponsorship and Sales activities. I have degrees in both Marketing and Finance, a BSM and MBA, respectively, and extensive International experience with several foreign-based clients.

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We Provide services of Financial and Marketing Specialists.

We have five specific areas of expert specialization :-
Business Plans / Company Overview Production
Marketing and Promotions Services
Financial Planning, Organization and Analysis
Business Sale and Purchase Advisory Services
Funding and Capital Origination

1. Business Plan / Company Overview :-
The first step in all financing activities is the development of a comprehensive Overview document. This document acts as the chief communication vehicle to interested parties.
It is comprised of two sections. The Narrative section details a company?s history and major successes and other relevant information (e.G. Management experience, Capital structure, Market and Industry size). The Financial section outlines financial history and future years? projections. These analyses are essential to positioning the company properly with potential investors.
Further GOLDART pursues with the client the fruition of financing including bank presentations, equity pitch meetings and loan agreement negotiations. Successful meetings are dependent upon experience and understanding of all the relevant issues for both investor and client alike.

2. Marketing and Promotion Services :-
The essential goal of marketing is to create, develop and implement comprehensive business solutions to drive Sales and Brand creation. These solutions frequently include tradtional tools such as advertising, public relations and promotion programs, but may include newer non-tradtional tools such as Internet advertising, website development.
Working with mangement, we develop broad marketing campaigns using all traditonal and non-traditinal marketing tools to drive revenue production and increase brand / product awarensess.

3. Financial Planning, Organization and Analysis :-
Financial and Strategic Planning is the core business activity that preserves, enhances and ultimately realizes the full value of an owner?s interests. It includes an analysis of the current business portfolio, the company?s strategic objectives, the company?s inherent strengths and weaknesses, and an evaluation of the company?s relevant competitors and markets.
Further, through detailed Margin and Cost analyses which help management pursue its goal of the highest Return on Investment possible by focussing the business on the appropriate cost structure and correct investment activities.

4. Business Sales and Purchase Advisory Services :-
Though GOLDART?s role can vary considerably depending on the nature of the engagement and its client?s wishes, GOLDART acts in an advisory capacity during all aspects of the negotiation process with regard to merger and acquisition activity the client may be pursuing.

Working very closely with its clients and its client?s other advisors (attorneys, accountants, etc.), GOLDART assists in the direct negotiation by evaluating offers against management?s goals, handling communication between parties and councils and managing work flow to ensure the attainment of the favorable purchase price and deal structure (e.G. Cash vs. Stock deal, up-front, earn-out and contingency payments, and purchase, shareholder and employment agreements).

5. Funding / Capital Origination :-
GOLDART has developed a network of associates and acquaintances that are potential investors in certain projects. GOLDART may initiate contact with interested parties who may participate in investment transactions. In this role, GOLDART works as a broker between investors and the client.

Remember! Cash is more important than your mother...Treat it as such!
Remember! The brand is more important than your siblings....Act accordingly
Analyze decisions financially in all areas of the company before you decide!
Find good people, get good people, keep good people! (ie., pay them enough so they stay)
Review an action after it is taken and the results are in! Better decision-making results more from mistakes than from correct guesses.
Always, always, always know your competition!
Figure out exactly what your customer wants?then give them that (this is the sole purpose of business)
In business, it is better to be late than wrong.
If it's important enough to do, promote it!
Your costs are always the first basis of your price.
Follow the "Three Easy's" Approach: Easy to understand, easy to implement, easy to sell
Don't get just any deal....Get the right deal or walk away!
Specialization is the key to early success!
It really is "Not What You Get, But What You Keep" A good tax accountant and lawyer are worth their weight in gold!
Need a detailed explanation of any of these? Give us a call and we'll discuss them more thoroughly with you for free!
Want a download copy of this list. Send us an email at info@goldartconsulting.Com and we'll send you the file back!
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