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Recycled materials are high quality, environmentally healthy, and economically attractive resources from which to create new products. As state laws require reclamation of a used battery for each battery sold, more than 98% of all automotive batteries are recycled, and the demand for lead-acid batteries is growing. Most of the lead reclaimed and refined is purchased and used to manufacture the next generation of automotive and industrial batteries. Our recycled lead products are also available for a wide range of uses including sporting goods equipment, x-ray shielding, pipes and cable sheaths, roofing materials, back-up electrical power, and much more. Gopher Resource Corporation is recognized for leadership in pollution prevention and meeting or exceeding all environmental regulations and requirements. We are proud to provide North America with the best service in the lead refinement and recycling industry. As a company we are committed to environmentally safe recycling through continuously improving our Environmental Management System. Our community as well as all State and Federal Regulators, view Gopher Resource Corporation as a company in the forefront of excellent environmental management. Located in Eagan, Minnesota and in operation since 1946, Gopher Resource Corporation has taken a potential environmental liability; lead-bearing materials such as spent vehicle and industrial lead-acid batteries, and transformed it into a valuable, reusable resource that ultimately benefits everyone.

Industry Metals and Minerals
Business Type Manufacturers & Service Provider
Establishment Year 1946
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level National

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Our Product & Services range such as :-

At Gopher Resource Corporation, we understand the critical role lead recycling plays in our everyday lives. When we start our cars, wear lead shielding to protect ourselves from x-ray technology, use back-up batteries for our computers during power outages, fly in an airplane, use our cell phones, benefit from exit lighting in an emergency - we are experiencing the benefits of lead. And these are just a few everyday examples... There are so many ways that uses of recycled lead allow us to live with convenience and safety.

When lead-acid batteries are improperly disposed of, the acid is absorbed into the soil adversely affecting our environment. Recycling lead-acid batteries safely means greatly reducing health risks and preserving the earth?s ecosystems. Gopher Resource Corporation is continually developing and implementing quality control systems encompassing all areas of our company from smelting, refining, storage, and pollution control systems to ongoing training for employees including personal and professional development to insure quality products and superior service.

With recycled lead, we produce lead products in several different forms: one ton blocks, 70# bars, large billets, and small billets. New lead-acid batteries can be made from 100% recycled lead and recycled plastic, which we process at our affiliate company, Resource Plastics Corporation. As lead smelters, we produce and sell a variety of lead alloys such as pure lead, antimonial and calcium lead along with many other specialty alloys. In order to produce these products we obtain and recycle spent lead-acid batteries, lead scrap, lead residues, lead drosses and lead bearing wastes.

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Gopher Resource Corporation

3385 South Highway 149,
Minnesota, 55121 () - (United-states)


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