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Guangzhou HongLi Bogang Chemicals Co.Ltd.We have got the certificates of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.And ISO14001:1996 international Environment System, and got The Self-operating import and export right in June 2003. Our company product the color paste, MEKP, MEKPO, cobalt octoate, colorless accelerator (cobalt), series of polishing plates, and mold release wax, wool ball . These goods mainly use in inthe FRP dustry Guangzhou Hongli Bogang Chemical Co., Limited Contact: Leo(Mr.) Tel:86-020-36826086 Fax:86-020-36826080 Mobile:13826096844 E-mail:using32@hotmail.Com or using32@163.Com Website: www.Hl-frp.Com or www.Honglibg.Com or http://honglibg.Cn.Alibaba.Com/ Skype: using32 MSN:using32@hotmail.Com Add: Guangtang Village , Huadu District, Guangzhou, China

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Polyester Color Paste

Technical indexes

1. Appearance: Paste like substance with well-distributed color:

2. Gelation Time(25℃):2-30min;

3. Color Test:well-distributed color after sample solidification

Uses:It?s mainly used in coloration of products from toughened polyester glass.It is also suitable to manufactuing artificial agate products, resin handicraft products, polyester furniture and polyester button, etc.

Kinds:There are two kinds, i.E.Products from imported and domestic raw matarial, with till tens colors used in accordance with the needs of customers.


The product contains finely ground chromatophore resin, color powders, dispersing agent and dye fixatives, thus has good overlaying property, excellent dispersity, strong tinting power, bright color and long color-lasting time.

These characteristics are superior to that of domestic similar products.


1. The paste in new color should pass the test for determination of necessary quantity before use. Attention should be paid that the color used is that of product after resin solidification in stead of that of liquid resin.

2. Some colors have polymerization retarding or promoting properties on resin solidification, and thus should be subjected to tests befor use to determine the quantity of occelerators.


1. The storage place for the products should be kept dry, draughty, heat insulated, without direct sunlight penetration and in the temperature bellow25C:

The plastic bucket should be piled up in not more than two layers, and its cover should be tightly

Pcckages:Plastic bucket, 25kg,

Plasitc bucket, 5kg,

Plastic bucket, 1kg.

The package color is in correspondence with the entity.


Outline:HongLi-brand product methyl ethyl ketone peroxide is produced by the factory using foreign advanced technique under the guidance of domestic and foreign famous experts, showed new breakthrough in formula and technology, has reached the recent international and national advanced level in quality, and thus has got favorable comment by customers.

Technical indexes:

1. Appearance:Colorless and transparent liquid.

2. Content of active oxygen: 9%-13% in accordance with the needs of customers;

3. Blik:≥90℃

Characteristics;The product has rational structure, low water content, high blink point, light odor and good safety due to the process of special technology.

Use range: The solidification-initiator of unsaturated polyester resin under common temperature is , normally combined with the accelerator, widely use in toughened glass, brass name plates, polyester furniture, artificial agate and buttons, and technological casting.

Use volume: Generally 0.5-3.5%, to be adjusted according to the need of customers and circumstance temperature.

Package: Plastic bucket, 10kg,

Plastic bucket, 20, 25kg

Storage: The product belongs to dangerous product of organic peroxide type, and thus should be stored under 30℃, in avoidance to contact kindling material and of contamination by dust and rust ;and should be isolated from other articles, especially accelerators. The room for storage of the product should be well ventilated, and the electrical equipment within the room should be flame-proof.

Transport: the products should be transported in accordance with the stipulations in GB190 about flammable and dangerous articles, in avoidance of direct sunlight exposure; it should be also avoided from striking, quake, friction in carriage and from co-transport in a single car with accelerators.


HL68-A HL68-D

1 Appearance: Purple, clear liquid

2.Gelation time(25℃): ≤10min ≤5min

3.Density(25℃): 0.900-0.922g/m3

4.Color index of resin casting: Slight bluish Slight bluish

Use; The product is the best accelerator in tint color, is widely used, in the quantity of 0.5-2.5% of resin and generally combined with an initiator of peroxide, such as cyclohexanone peroxide or methyl ketone peroxide, in shaping of productds from toughened glass, especially suitable to use in tint casting for artificial agate, buttons, polyester furniture, and tint technological casting, Under any condition, the accelerator should not be in contact with initiator of peroxide, otherwise, violent explosion could be induced and result in severe consequence in blend, the initiator (and color paste) should be added into the resin followed by stirring for good mixture and adding the accelerator. It is also permissible to add the initiator after adding the accelerator and mixing well.

Characteristics: The product is a new one developed by our factory in 1990th. The characteristics include:

1. High efficiency, the application volume is only a half of a normal accelerator;

2. The solidified resin is tint, but the colored product is bright. It is especially suitable to use in tint product;

3. Excellent stability with a shelf life of over 6 months.

Package:Plastic bucket, 20kg.Temperature for storage and transport: bellow 30℃. Shelf life:6 months. The product belongs to inflammable articles, and should be transported in accordance with the stipulations in GB190.

(The product could be prepared according to the requirements of customers)

 Mold Release Wax

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