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Business overview

Hamtronics, Inc. Was founded in 1962 by some hams who shared an interest in vhf and uhf. One of the founders has an extensive background in technical writing and graphic arts in addition to electronics, which is why you have come to expect attractive and meticulous instruction manuals. Hamtronics, Inc. Specializes in VHF and UHF RF design, with particular emphasis on repeaters and on voice, control, and telemetry links. Our designs have been perfected over time and incorporate features suggested by hundreds of users. Having been around for 35 years, we value our reputation for quality and value. We use our engineering expertise to manufacture superior quality communications equipment and sell direct to the end user at reasonable prices with no dealer markups. We control costs by keeping overhead low and avoiding the more expensive advertising media. Originally a manufacturer of amateur radio equipment, today over 50% of Hamtronics? equipment is purchased by people in industrial, scientific, broadcast, and government organizations, many of whom are hams and recognize Hamtronics? equipment as a good value, well-built, and able to stand up to continuous duty. Some even prefer our equipment to more expensive equipment made by Motorola and others. That is because our receivers often are more sensitive and selective and our transmitters are designed to operate in continuous duty applications, holding up under adverse conditions better than transceiver-grade equipment. Being modular in construction and designed with interfaces needed for repeaters and links, our equipment also offers additional flexibility. You can buy just the modules needed and combine them in ways not possible with equipment from transceiver manufacturers.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturer
Establishment Year 1962
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Manufacturers of commercial and amateur VHF and UHF radio equipment.

Our Product includes:
*Synthesized FM Exciters & Rcvrs:
-T301 VHF FM Exciter
-R301 VHF FM Rcvr
-T304 UHF FM Exciter
-R305 UHF FM Rcvr
-T306 UHF FSK Data Exciter
-LPA-(xxx)R Power Amplifiers

*Crystal Controlled FM Xctrs & Rcvrs:
-TA51 VHF and TA451 UHF FM Exciters
-R100 VHF FM Receivers
-R451 UHF FM Receiver
-TB901 900 MHz FM Exciter
-R901 900 MHz FM Receiver
-LPA-(xxx)R Power Amplifiers

*Accys for Xmtrs & Receivers:
-TD-5 Subaudible Tone Encoder/ Decoder
-MO-202/DE-202 Modems for 1200 baud Data
-MO-96 Modem for 9600 baud Data

*Receivers for Special Applications:
-R121 VHF AM Aviation Band Receiver
-R139 Weather Fax Rcvr and Accessories
-RWX Weather Broadcast Receiver
-RWWV Time and Frequency Receiver

*Receiver Preamps & Preselectors:
-LNK Preamp for VHF or UHF
-LNG Preamp for 800-960 MHz
-LNP VHF Preselector
-HRF/HRG UHF Preselector

*Repeaters & Accys:
-REP-200 Repeater
-REP-200T with voice ID
-Add-on PA's for Repeaters
-REP-200 Programming Questionnaire

*Modules to Make Repeaters:
-TD-5 Subaudible Tone Encoder/ Decoder
-TD-2 DTMF (TT) Controller
-AP-3 Autopatch
-COR-3 (Simple)
-COR-4 (with ID)
-COR-5 (Micro- Controller)
-COR-6 (voice ID)

*Receiving & Xmtg Converters:
-VHF & UHF Receiving Converters
-XV2 Transmitting Converters

-Ccessories and Tools
-DVR-4 Digital Voice Recorder
-Frequency Counters

Contact Details

Hamtronics, Inc.

65 Moul Rd., 9535
Hilton, NY 14468 () - (United-states)


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