Hangzhou Lin'an Wanguo Color Printing Co., Ltd Hangzhou (China)

Business overview

Hangzhou Lin'an Wanguo Color Printing Co., Ltd. was established in November 1997 and has had 18 years' history up to now. Our company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, and the Second period project is 4,000 square meters in area. We are one of the earliest factories entering into the industry of decorative paper printing in China. Our company is equipped with the most advanced 8 printing machines in the domestic fields, which are top-class advanced equipment with more imported configures, the upmost technical contents, and the most high-speed (250m/minute) production lines. The printing width is 1250mm-2250mm and the productive capacity is 12000T per annual. What we mainly produce and develop is melamine printing paper and melamine impregnated paper for the surface of furniture and the kitchen cabinets and flooring. The product items are diversified and rich, ranging from more than 2000 designs of wood grain, marble, abstract series. Our products are currently exported to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Parts of them are exported to Europe and South America .

Industry Printing and Publishing
Business Type Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1998
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We are manufacturers and Exporter/Importer of decorative paper printing, flooring paper, furniture paper, wood grain paper, melamine dipping paper:-

Quercus Mongolica
Retro Spruce
Zijin Walnut
Article Patch
Lucky Walnut
Field Floor
Red Zebra Wood
Royal Gold Oak
French Chinar Tree
Kahveh Oak
Daokan Wood
Chestnut Wood
Boutique Cherry
Black Oak
Pear Wood
Qriental Rosewood
Wonderland Oak
Rich Walnut
Turtle Oak
Chromatic Strip Pine
Wander Oak
True Pine
Thailand Jujube
Mountain Pine
Plank Oak
Antique Pine Wood
Plain Alder
Robur Wood
Paksitan Teak
Wild Chestnut
Thousand Teak
Rome Design
Tiger Speckle Wood
Liujin Wood
Ireland Maple
Canada Pine
Alice Walnut
Manchurian Ash
Red Ash
Tree Tumor
Walnut Wood
Turtle Oak
New Tree Tumor
Suanzhi Wood
Amber Maple
Rustic Pear
Big Flower Wood
Golden Walnut
Antique Wood
Chook-Wing Wood
Colorful Pear Wood
Austria Briar Wood
High Ranked Red
Bontique Cherry
Silver Strips Of Wood
Plank Walnut
Laid Beech
Pakistan Beech
Red Beech
European Beech
Apple Wood
Beech Plank
Half Plank Beech
Anlig Design
Baisha Oak
Nigerian Oak
S.Africa Golden Oak
Super Oak
Semitropics Oak
England Oak
American Oak
Iron Core Oak
Vertical Golden Oak
Plank Oak
Colorful Oak
Athens Oak
New Oak
Italian Pine
Philipine Oak
Japan Pine
Nepal Pine
Rustic Pear
Tosca Pine
Sand Pine Wood
New Sparrow Eyes
Sparrow Eyes
Shade Wood
Silver Line Wood
Sandal Wood
Rue Wood
Railwway Wood
New Sabill
Tiger Speckle
Dune Teak
Italian Teak

Dream Stone
Ruby Design
Green Gem
Green Flower Veins
Flower Of Fog
Metal And Stone
Pearl Sand
Red Frost Rock
Cloud Stone
White Cloud Stone
S.Africa Red
Crodora Rock
Eastern Sea Wave
Stone Design
Thousand Thread Mountain
Marble Design
America Vesuvianite
Stone Design
Rock Design
Ice Flower Marble
Lucky Cloud Stone
La-B-La Light
Red-Golden Stone
Ice Carve Marble

Abstract Line
Linea Design
Polar Lights
Abstract Line
Colorful Strip
Cloth Grain
Golden Sands
Line 3D
3D Line
New Grid
Psychedelic Line
Small Umbrella
Ice Flower
The Falling Meteor
Wanguo Season
Small Golden Dragon
Light Of Amber
Flower of Fog
Sliver Rain Of Spring
Wanguo Fairy
Little Square
Tile Design
Maple Leaves
Happy Notes
Phoenix Towards Sun
Ground with Silver Net
Expo Design
Colorful Strip
Abstract Lines
3D Lines
Psychedelic Lines
Silver Ground
Snow Grass
Cloud Sea
Silver Rain of Spring
Bee Nets
Golden Leaf
London Dense Fog
Greenstone Iceflower
Jade Icy Flower
Wuzhou Roly-rock

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Contact Details

Hangzhou Lin'an Wanguo Color Printing Co., Ltd

Gaokan Village, Linglong Street, Linan
Hangzhou, 311301 (Zhejiang) - (China)


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