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It is hardly deniable that the discovery of the unique metallic features of ALUMINIUM has found impact on numerous manufacturing industries of uncountable numbers. Grabbing hold the wisdom of employing aluminium has become one of the keys to success in refining many industrial, domestic and constructional products. Whilst practice makes perfect, experience makes precision in this field. HOI PO INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED is founded in 1983. Coupling with over 20 years of experience in aluminium extrusion, Hoi Po Industrial is proudly known as one of the pioneers in this expertise which many manufacturers require to assist their productions. Hoi Po Industrial specializes in proposing customized products to its manufacturing customers to aid their unique needs in various product refinement process. In this respect, Hoi Po Industrial believes innovation and reaching impossible margin. To meet with the ever changing needs and demand in the present global market, Hoi Po Industrial has invested over HK$90 millions to perfect the manufacturing facility in its 2 plants in China. Constant resourcing with new equipment, machinery of latest technology and implementation of quality systems have collectively marked the reputable status of Hoi Po Industrial and strengthened its competitive edge in its stride towards excellence. The comprehensive facilities that it is equipped have enabled Hoi Po Industrial to provide a streamline "one-roof" process: from re-melting, tooling facilities, fabrication, surface treatment to extrusion. From embryonic protocol to end product to customer's satisfaction, the task could be entrusted to Hoi Po Industrial in which all the necessary expertise and technology are available. In year 2000, we expanded our product line to seamless extrusion pipe & tube as well as product with special alloy series such as 2xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx series, 6xxx series & 7xxx series etc. Latest technology such as 1100MT Seamless Extrusion Press, Quenching Furnace and Cold Drawn Machine are invested to achieve our ahead to expand our Computerized Machining Centre (CNC). It enables us to produce all die, tooling and products with higher precision, efficiency and productivity. The success of Hoi Po Industrial lies squarely in its firm belief in quality assurance, evidently displayed by the implementation of ISO 9001 : 2000 awarded in 1999. Our commitment towards international standards is steadfast. We believe that in improving our performance, in running the race towards perfection, with resulting quality output, we can meet and exceed expectations of reputable and demanding customers.

Industry Metals and Minerals
Business Type Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1983
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We are Manufacturers & Exporter of Industries of uncountable numbers. Grabbing hold the wisdom of employing aluminium has become one of the keys to success in refining many industrial, domestic and constructional products.

Heatsinks for Computer Usage
Heatsinks for Computer CPUs
CNC Machining Precise Product
Natural Anodized Heatsinks for Industrial Usage
Aluminium Casing for Industrial Usage
Aluminium Casing for Electronic Equipment
Colorful Anodized Tubes & Pipes for Industrial Usage
Seamless Extrusion with Drawn Tubes and Rods
Extrusions for Architectural & Constructional Usage
Large Heatsinks & Extrusion Components for Industrial Usage
Heatsinks for Electronic Components & Parts
Large Heatsinks & Casing for Industrial Usage
Black Anodized Heatsinks for Industrial Usage
Aluminium Casing for Toys
Tubes & Plates for Hair-Styling Appliances
Sheet Metal Product
Special Aluminium Alloy Extrusion Product

We are manufacturers of both Industrial Products and Construction Products :-
Uses of Aluminium Extrusion
Hoi Po Industrial is familiar with aluminium and its variety of use in different industries. With the aid of our extrusion specialist, the special metallic features of aluminium and their instrumental advantages are uncovered in the products of our customers from different industrial sectors, some of which are illustrated as below.

Heat Sinks :-
Heat sinks are widely used in telecommunication products, power supply and audio devices for instance high quality speakers, amplifiers, equalizers, etc. Given the high thermal conductivity of extruded aluminium, computer manufacturers have gained tremendous advantage in utilizing heatsinks as heat dissipation device to reduce the internal temperature of its computers in which highly delicate electronic chips and microprocessors are placed. Miniature heatsinks are used in mother boards or display cards chipsets of other electronic components.

Product Parts :-
The durability and light weight feature of aluminium are widely recognized by manufacturers of industrial , as well as domestic equipment. Advanced with these advantages, the Energizer hand torch manufactured by Sonca has found its outstanding name in the market worldwide. Aluminium extrusion is also welcome in other electrical appliances.

Audio Components :-
The application of alumimium is commonly found in making front panel, casing, etc of audio appliances and equipment. For this category of products, cosmetic requirement and precise machine are very important, at which our specialists and their expertise are excellent. The non-magnetic characteristic of aluminium is also found fit as supporting parts of power supply products and wide ranges of electronic equipment.

Tubes & Pipes :-
The rigidity and hardness of aluminium have significantly contributed in making tubes and pipes in different shapes and sizes for industrial, architectural and constructional usages. Our innovative extrusion process can suit many peculiar requests in shapes and styles of aluminium tubes and pipes ordered by our customers.
Seamless extrusion can even satisfy the need for high pressure resistance and achieve high mechanical requirement product.

Cons :-
Aluminium extrusion is commonly used in construction products. Door frames, window frames, tables, storage units, etc are only some examples in which both metallic appearance and durability of aluminium are displayed. Recently, Hoi Po Industrial has also participated in the parking meters replacement project. The major precise body of the parking meter is one of our products.

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