HOLOEYE Photonics AG Berlin-Adlershof (Germany)

Business overview

1998 "Holographie Design GbR" is founded by Sven Krueger, Marcel Rogalla, and Dr.-Ing. Stephan Teiwes in Berlin, Germany. The company specialises in the design and fabrication of diffractive optical elements for industrial and media applications. 1999 HOLOEYE GmbH is founded by Sven Krueger, Marcel Rogalla, and Dr.-Ing. Stephan Teiwes in Berlin, Germany. HOLOEYE?s intention is provide industry with micro-structured and diffractive optical structures or components, and create new industrial applications with this technology. HOLOEYE presents the first "Plug-and-Play" VGA LC Device ?LC1004? that can be directly plugged to a personal computer which enables computer-controlled spatial light modulation. 2000 HOLOEYE presents the successor of the ?LC1004?, the SVGA Liquid Crystal Device ?LC2002? for computer-controlled spatial light modulation. 2002 HOLOEYE changed its corporate legal form and becomes "HOLOEYE Photonics AG". HOLOEYE raised their registered capital to 50.000 EUR. 2003 HOLOEYE introduces the high-resolution reflective LCOS spatial light modulator kit ?LC-R 2500? with 1024 x 768 Pixels. 2004 HOLOEYE Corp. Is founded as a 100 % owned US-subsidiary in San Diego, CA in April 2004. 2004 Brillian Corporation, AZ, USA signs a distribution agreement with HOLOEYE, for the sale of its Gen II liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS?) microdisplay products and components. Beginning in September 2004, systems integrator and optics expert HOLOEYE is distributing Brillian?s microdisplays in North America and Europe for key speciality markets, including medical, defense, commercial and industrial applications.

Industry Engineering
Business Type Manufacturer
Establishment Year 1998
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Design and fabrication of diffractive optical elements for industrial and media applications.
-Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) -Technology
HOLOEYES active Spatial Light Modulator (aSLM) systems are based on Liquid Crystal Microdisplays. These devices can modulate light spatially in amplitude and phase, so they act as an dynamic optical element. The optical function or information to be displayed can be taken from the optic design directly and can be transferred by a computer interface.
LC-R 3000
LC-R 2500
LC-R 768
LC-R 720
LC 2002

-Diffractive Optical Elemants (DOE) - Services
Diffractive optics are making their way into industry. The areas of applications range from bio technology via printing, material processing, sensing, contact-less testing to technical optics and optical metrology. Diffractive optics provide value-add to laser systems. By incorporating diffractive optical elements (DOE) in the optical field of a laser beam, the beam's "shape" can be controlled and changed flexibly according to application needs. The base here is the microstructure of the DOE which acts like a router for photons directing their way to propagate through free space. The technical discipline of diffractive optics provides methods to design and implement DOE microstructures in order to manipulate light and photons and by this implement a desired function.
Beam Splitters

-HOLOEYS?s OptiXplorer - Education Kit
General introduction / motivation
OptiXplorer - Education Kit
The OptiXplorer Kit includes:
LCD display modulator
. Driver software
. Mounting ring
. Five extensively explained experiments
Application software
Beam expander laser module (inkl. Mounting)
Cable set

-OEM - LCoS Microdisplay Services
Previously, the availability of microdisplay components has been limited. However, with the growth in the HDTV market in the recent past, this is no longer the case. HOLOEYE Photonics AG and BRILLIAN Corporation, one of the leading microdisplay manufacturing companies in the world for the HDTV market, have signed an agreement, which enables HOLOEYE to address all industrial, medical and emerging markets with LCoS? Gen. II Displays in Europe and North-America. Due to this agreement HOLOEYE Photonics AG can offer adapted OEM solutions and implementation design services in the field of technical optics, specifically technical projection, imaging, and display technologies.

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HOLOEYE Photonics AG

Albert-Einstein-Str. 14

Berlin-Adlershof, 12489 () - (Germany)


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