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IBC is a global network of professional background verification experts providing Background Screening, Risk Advisory and Corporate Investigation Services. We offer our service to public and private-sector clients. Our specialized team provides clients with high-class services, counting upon experience gained from a range of former regulations and expert background. Our expert professionals include Certified Fraud Examiners, Forensic Accountants, Former and local Prosecutors, Law Enforcement Officers and Agents and Trained Investigators. Our well qualified team and proprietary technology enabled processes allow us to provide high quality services and maintain timelines. Strategic Alliances Become IBC Global Network Partners IBC is recognised as the premier professional firm for background verification, Risk Advisory and Corporate Investigation in private sector working in India and beyond. Throughout its founding, the firm has worked hard to improve the standing and reputation of the investigation professionalism. All the applicants are stringently examined as to their knowledge, competence and ethics and are governed by IBC Disciplinary on boarding Team. Every network partner must notified with detail background check report and provide a recent Criminal Clearance Certificate as the key requirements to gain and maintain network partnership of high quality professionalism. Partners & Affiliates To provide employers with more options and a better way of managing their background check process, we ve developed and refined our systems in partnership with industry leaders, Human Resource Services, Educational Institutions, Private Detective agencies and Government authorities. At IBC, Kamesh Kiran - Director - is a member of ACFE. ACFE is worlds premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. AFCE is reducing business fraud worldwide and inspiring public confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession. The mission of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is to reduce the incidence of fraud and white-collar crime and to assist the membership in its detection and deterrence. To accomplish our mission, the ACFE: Provides bona fide qualifications for Certified Fraud Examiners through administration of the CFE examination. Sets high standards for admission, including demonstrated completeness through mandatory continuing professional education. Requires Certified Fraud Examiners to adhere to a strict code of professional conduct and ethics. Serves as the international representative of Certified Fraud Examiners to business, government and academic institutions. Provides leadership to inspire public confidence in the integrity, objectivity and professionalism of Certified Fraud Examiners. Certificate & Recognitions IBC awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certifications It is an internationally recognized and respected quality management systems standard. The certification is confirmation of our commitment to deliver quality service to our clients. From the beginning, attention, to the quality of our internal processes has earned us the good faith and unwavering patronage of our clients. For the simple reason - we have helped them reduce risk to their businesses and enhanced the quality of their own procedures. Our best practices, at each stage of our processes, are clearly evident in everything we do. Quality is the benchmark of our business. Dedicated managers for employment, education, criminal records check and investigations. Authentication and verification checks through written acknowledgements and physical visits Discrepancies re-checked by senior managers Case closures as per QA standards QA compliance reviews We strongly believe that a Comprehensive Background Check, supported by Outstanding Customer Service, is an essential element of an effective hiring process. Global Expertise IBC has unparalleled expertise in providing background screening services around the world. We have a fine distinction of various states, languages, industries, and employment positions, as well as the various rules and regulations that govern the release of background information on both individuals and entities. Our extensive international resources, including our global network of offices, allow IBC to identify critical information pathways and follow them anywhere they might direct. Our researchers have widespread language capabilities and have particular knowledge in unique industries such as education, healthcare, and finance. We are also adept at recognizing how the skills and credentials in one country interpret to another. Investigations Fraud and financial irregularities are some of the most complex and demanding issues facing companies today. Our investigators are trained in interviewing, evidence gathering and surveillance, with the most up to date undercover techniques. IBC has detailed knowledge of the acceptability of evidence and principles of proof required for civil and criminal actions. As soon as a problem or so-called incident is identified, IBC experts develop an investigative policy that addresses the issues and the clients needs. This could include disaster steps to prevent any further damage and the detection of stakeholders and regulatory bodies that need to be informed of the matter. While our investigative accountants work to quantify the losses, our experienced team of former prosecutors, law enforcement personnel, financial analysts, computer forensics specialists and trained investigators identify the individuals or organizations liable for the losses. IBC works with the client to discover and gather evidence to hold up any subsequent civil, regulatory or criminal action. Fraud & Internal Investigations IBC has an unmatched track record of successful fraud investigations. Our experienced investigative teams establish the facts to decide what happened, identify wrongdoers, curtail or recover losses and help re-establish trust with shareholders, partners, customers, regulators and other stakeholders. IBC works closely with the clients senior management and its legal counsel. After evaluating the problem and clearly defining the clients objectives, we can quickly present a plan intended to discover sources of information and liability for wrongdoing. An effective research often involves interviews of employees; detection of non-employee witnesses; the location, recovery and investigation of dangerous documents and data; and an effective risk mitigation plan. We correspond with our client regularly throughout the process to ensure that the investigative process remains reliable with their objectives. Asset Searches & Recovery Whether filing suit to recover property from a former business partner, seeking the return of funds misappropriated by corrupt government officials or trying to enforce a legal judgment awarding financial damages, locating and recovering concealed assets is a critical task. IBC has devised successful strategies to identify assets held in real and elusive properties, offshore vehicles and multi-layered business holdings. With strict loyalty to privacy and protection laws, IBC investigators and forensic accountants follow complicated financial trails to trace assets hidden locally or in foreign jurisdictions, and unwind complex asset-hiding schemes. Identifying the location and value of hidden assets is a critical step in recovering assets in litigation, and in applying for appropriate legal relief. Misuse of Intellectual Property Trade secrets include product formulas, specifications, marketing plans, customer lists and other proprietary information you use in your business. Any information that is not generally known and confers an financial benefit to your company may be considered a trade secret. Often, this information is kept in password-protected files and can be accessed only by top-level people in your company. Theft of trade secrets typically occurs when an employee with access to proprietary information: Sells information to a competing business Goes to work for a competing business Starts a competing business Regulatory Investigations Regulators worldwide have stepped up their scrutiny of corporations domestic and overseas operations and business development efforts, with a refreshed focus on corruption, kickbacks, anti-competitive behavior and pay-to-play schemes involving governments. Our legal counsels have the experience and aggressiveness to handle these types of situations with capability and confidence. We have represented numerous businesses and individuals facing the situations outlined above, and we routinely achieve outstanding results for our clients in a cost-effective manner. Many of our investigations have occurred in the context of parallel regulatory or civil proceedings our findings have brought closure to the issues in dispute. In every representation we bring to the table our longstanding reputation for competence, ethics, diligence, and support on behalf our clients. IBC works closely with clients and their legal adviser to manage and protect intellectual property (IP), including customer data, trade secrets, trademarks and patents. We help safeguard against piracy, counterfeiting, gray market diversion and misappropriation by former employees, business associates and third parties Litigation & Disputes When organizations and their counsel face complex disputes, they trust IBC to investigate and to advise on actions. Criminal and corporate breaches result in approaching the court or having recourse through alternate dispute mechanisms/out of court settlements. We are sensitive to the needs of our clients who are unaware of the complexities involved in a lawsuit. We handle Civil (inclusive of Property, Family matters, Defamation suits, Adoption and Maintenance issues) Labour, Criminal, Commercial and Constitutional matters in various courts and tribunals including various High Courts in India. We assure our clients best possible results by being proactive and structuring a purpose to achieve adequate relief. Business Process Outsourcing A steep rise in information technology and related areas has witnessed a new realm of legal challenges. We undertake advising and assisting clients in the negotiation and drafting of software sale agreements, software development agreements, licensing agreements, hardware and software outsourcing agreements and technical support agreements for various types of software products in addition to drafting and reviewing outsourcing agreements, advising on data protection issues, cyber laws, confidentiality obligations, dispute resolution and enforcement issues. We also assist clients on matters relating to Press and Media laws, copyright agreements, agreements between production houses, suits relating to defamation and plagiarism. Corporate Governance Adequate corporate governance optimizes profits and intensifies opportunities. We aim to focus on advising clients on corporate governance processes and procedures including ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring high & visible standards of corporate governance Real Estate Realty is an industry, projecting accelerated growth. We advise and assist clients in the documentation for purchase, lease, licensing and joint development agreements relating to various kinds of property, including the applicability of local taxes and levies such as stamp duties, registration charges and procedures, building bye laws, land use regulations, zoning regulations, development of townships, SEZ etc. We also draft title reports and project reports in respect to properties including drafting, reviewing and negotiating conveyance documentation, lease/licensing documentation, lease-cum-sale documents, amenities agreements, and joint development agreements. The aforementioned also includes advise in relation to stamping and registration of property documents, assignment of lease/license arrangements, and development agreements etc. Infrastructure and Hospitality Investing in infrastructure or the hospitality industry is lucrative. We enable you to make informative and conscious decisions, as we advise clients by conducting due diligence, drafting and negotiating, reviewing and documentation of agreements in respect to infrastructure projects. Our focal areas would include advising on legal and regulatory framework, licensing and other related issues, drafting and reviewing license and service agreements, and reviewing, drafting BOOT, BOT and other project specific Contracts. Commercial & Transactional Law Binding contractual obligations serve as the need of the day; we possess the knowledge in the drafting of agreements with distributors, retailers and with franchisees. We also assist in the drafting of Clinical Research Agreements, Supply and Manufacturing Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Contract Manufacturing, Distribution Agreements, Commission Agency Agreements, apart from a host of other agreements in the course of business operations and management of organizations. Immigration Law Corporate bodies are subject to constant queries with regard to immigration related issues. We advise on matters relating to immigration Law and dispense advisory opinions/memoranda with regard to the law and practice prevalent in India. Competitor Intelligence Whether competing in a mature market with established players or entering an emerging market with unknown local players, a companys success often depends on understanding the strengths and vulnerabilities of the competition. IBC gathers strategic intelligence that helps our clients obtain an edge in competitive markets. We combine experience across a multitude of industries with its worldwide investigative reach to accurately assess the competitive environment in which our clients operate. When clients want to identify acquisition targets or joint venture partners, they come to IBC to map the competitive landscape. We maintain the highest ethical and legal standards while conducting our research. The result is actionable intelligence on which to base strategic and tactical decisions.

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We provide valuable services like Risk management & Fraud prevention Consultancy, Credit verification and customer profiling / investigation, Asset verification, Claims investigation, Background Verification.

We are global network of professional background verification experts providing Background Screening, Risk Advisory and Corporate Investigation Services.

Our Services:-
Fraud & Internal Investigations
Asset Searches & Recovery
Misuse of Intellectual Property
Regulatory Investigations
Litigation & Disputes
Business Process Outsourcing
Corporate Governance
Real Estate
Infrastructure and Hospitality
Commercial & Transactional Law
Immigration Law
Competitor Intelligence

Employee Screening -
Background Screening
Education Credentials Verification
Employment Record Verification
Address Verification
Criminal Record Search
Professional Reference Checks
Gap Verification
Identity Check
OFAC Checks
Drug Abuse Testing
Apostille Certifications
Company genuineness status checks
Bills & Reimbursement
Database Checks
Media & Online Searches

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