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International Proficiency, LLC is an independent, professional proficiency testing service. A full-time administrative staff ensures that we can respond to your questions quickly and that we can track of the progress of each test.

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Firm Type Public Ltd.
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Products & Services

Available Proficiency Tests
-CMM CMM grid plate and cube
-Gage Blocks Small and large gage block sets
-Basic Hand Tools Six basic hand tools
-Optical Comparitor Magnification and linear accuracy scale
-Surface Finish Six surface finish samples

-Mass Small gram weight set and a 1Kg weight
-Thermodynamic Six glass thermometers, 1 RTD and 1 PRT
-Accelerometers Low mass and high mass accelerometers
-Pipette Volume

-SWR 12 SWR artifacts including a Wiltron 50 Ohm 20 cm airline, four attenuators, 3 adapters, two directional couplers and a precision Wiltron Open / Short
-Network Analysis Includes kit includes a 10 cm airline, stepped impedance airline, 20 dB and 50 dB attenuators and several other artifacts.
-Wideband AC Voltage Five thermal converters
-Attenuation 0-10 dB Varible Attenuator, 0-110 dB Varible Attenuator, 1, 3, 6, 10 & 20 dB Stick Attenuator, 20 dB Directional Coupler
-DMM HP 34401A

Test in Development
-Dimensional Advanced Hand Tools
-Physical Torque
Volumetric Flow
Mass Flow
-RF Microwave Scattering Parameters
Power Sensors
High Power Measurements
-Optical Variable and Fixed Attenuators
Power Meter
Power Sensor
-Electrical Impedance
Time & Frequency

Contact Details

International Proficiency, LLC

P.O. Box 2621

Evergreen, CO 80437 () - (United-states)


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