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Today Inventive Hospitality (P) Ltd is one of the leading suppliers (In India It'''s the only one) of Bio-remedial cleaning products supplying to various Government Departments, Multi -national companies, commercial houses, and Institutions. Its management cadre and other staff members are a dedicated lot with high standard of integrity and professionalism.Our mission is to win the trust and confidence of all those who have disposed faith in our philosophy and style of functioning. IHPL is a renowned trading house in almost all major Indian cities and has extensive global connectivity. Having achieved successful growth in a very short span , the promoters of the company felt the need to contribute and give back to the society in a eco-friendly environment in a meaningful and sustainable manner. Birth of IHPL is a result of the passion and strong belief of the management to protect the environment and leave a better world for the future generations. We are all aware that Water is essential for everything on our planet to Grow and Prosper. Life can not exist without water therefore IHPL felt that it should be given utmost priority and importance. However growing populations and rapid urbanization and industrialization have polluted the very sources of water, and rendered it unfit for any ecological or human use. To combat further deteoriation of this precious resource Inventive has been formed with the sole purpose to bring latest environment friendly technologies for supplying clean water and treatment of waste water. The company proposes to manage waste water resources in collaboration with KEEEN Ltd Thailand.Its basic philosophy is to improve the quality of the environment through the use of cleaning technology based on bio-remediation process. In the present scenario Inventive realizes the importance of a clean environment which is eco-friendly devoid of any pollution as it is the need of the hour. With high percentage of pollution it has taken over two decades of research work to develop this product branded as KEEEN. No doubt KEEEN has helped to reduce the use of chemicals harmful to the environment which affects the lives of millions of human beings along with flora and fauna. Presently lot of chemicals are being used with high percentage of toxic for cleaning purpose in the contemporary industrial world using conventional method. Inventive has been selected from among the number of aspirants who wanted to import this product to be the sole distributor for all the KEEEN products for India and Sub-continent.By bringing the KEEEN products in India Inventive has taken a bold revolutionary step by introducing KEEEN for the first time in India for treatment of Hydrocarbons, Bio-Molecules by the process which breaks them down into carbondioxide and water. No doubt Inventive'''s major product is KEEEN though the company would be introducing world class products other than KEEEN ,which are used in the Hospitality Sector. KEEEN has shown successful and most amazing results in many of the South east Asian countries. Inventive has a strong Institutional and Retail Base with thousands of satisfied customers all across the country. Thus the company has made a great contribution to address industrial environmental problems at the lowest cost . Inventive is emerging as a Indian leader in development and distribution of micro '''biological products for the treatment of waste water ,eliminating unwanted odors at their source. Environmental remediation and increasing the harvest from the crops. You will thus realize that the company pays lot of importance to the health sector also. We feel proud to say that the company has given a lot of contribution for the upliftment of social and commercial structure which has been neglected for many years. Inventive by introducing KEEEN products in India has brought about a revolutionary change in many of the leading industries such as Automobile Industry, Oil & Gas Industry , Shipping Industry , Heavy manufacturing Industry , Food Industry , Retail Industry , Waste Management , Waste Water Treatment , Hospital Sector and many more. Inventive believes strongly in the old proverb '''Live and let Live '''

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We are Traders, Importers and Exporters of a eco-friendly environment in a meaningful and sustainable manner. Birth of IHPL is a result of the passion and strong belief of the management to protect the environment and leave a better world for the future generations.

Surface Cleaner / F.O.G Digester
Parts Cleaner (Automotive)
Oil Biosorb
Oil Spill Control
Natural Hand Wash
Surface Cleaner Sensitivity
Bio Sanitizer
Germ Killer Blood,Scale & Oil Remover
Odor Neutralizer
Max Blends
Oil Absorbent
Odor Eliminator
Wastewater Treatment

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Inventive Hospitality (P) Ltd.

222, Aggarwal Modern Bazar, C-33, Lawrence Road Industrial Area,
Delhi, 110035 (Delhi) - (India)


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