InvesTrade Margate (South-africa)

Business overview

Investrade was established in 1999 as a result of the many requests from various overseas and local business associates and friends to source and sell ranges of Furniture and Furnishing Accessories both locally and abroad. I, Rocky Pretorius have in my career traveled to over 30 countries selling and buying many different types of household furniture products and as a result have established an incredible network of reliable suppliers, buyers and friends in the Furniture industry. My mission is therefore to assist interested traders, manufacturers, sellers and buyers to locate, buy or sell high quality furniture and furnishing products, at a fraction of the cost they can do this through other avenues and in so doing add value to their businesses and lives. My belief that successful business is dependent on relationships built on integrity has proved to me time and time again that this is the only way to succeed. All of my suppliers have enriched my life and have become personal friends of mine. Unfortunately, not all my many customers are known to me personally but a substantial amount have become personal friends of mine and my family. I invite you to browse the attached pages to see what we presently offer on a large scale but wish to point out that my team and I are not limited to these products only. Send us your requests and we will advise if we are able to assist in locating the product you seek.

Industry Furniture and Wood Products
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1999
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We are Manufacture, Wholesalers & Exporters of Following Products.

Our Products are:-
* Beds
-Louise Phillipe
-Regal - Oriental
-Regal - Horizontal Lattice
-Regal - Scroll
-Regal - Solid
-Regal - Jailhouse
-Santana - Sleigh
-Tusker Bed
-Yen Bed
-Contessa Bed
-Idaho Bed
-Lombardi Bed
-Naples Bed
-Yokura Bed
-Zayba Bed

* Headboards
-Lisa Headboard
-Louise Philipe Headboard
-Regal Oriental Headboard
-Santana Headboard
-Tusker Headboard
-Yen Headboard
-Regal Scroll Headboard
-Regal Diagonal Lattice Headboard
-Caribbean Headboard
-Contessa Headboard
-Idaho Headboard
-Lombardi Headboard
-Naples Headboard
-Yokura Headboard
-Zayba Headboard

* Pedestals
-Lisa Sleigh
-Regal Pedestal
-Regal Pedestal
-Zen Pedestal
-Maxi Pedestal

Our Export Products are :-
* Beam Beds

* Bedside Cabinets
-Shaker Pedestal
-Sindy Castle

* Federation Style Bed
-Shaker Long Spoke

* Fusion Beds
-Panama Med Footboard
-Tudor High Footboard
-Tudor Motel End
-Yen High Footboard
-Yen Motel End

* Headboards
-Carey 4ft
-Regal Oriental
-Caribbean Headboard

* Lattice Beds
-Kontiki Motel End
-Naples Diagonal
-Naples Horizontal

* Metal Work Beds

*Panel Beds

* Sleigh Beds
-Chicago Dark
-Louise Phillipe
-Savannah Med Footboard
-Regal Solid Panel
-Regal Oriental
-Regal Scroll

* Spoked & Spindle Bed
-U Bed
-Panel with Kicker
-New Scotland

*Spoked Beds

Contact Details


P O Box 2243,
KZN, Margate

Margate, 4275 () - (South-africa)


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