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The consultancy service is started by Shri Jagjit Kumar Kaushik, who is a retired assistant commissioner of police cum director fingerprints bureau crime branch Delhi police. He has an experience of more than 40 years in various fields of investigation and security. Our is a unique consultancy service started by a mature and retired police officer who has experience of various fields like investigation, finger and footprints examination and procuring of handwriting expert opinion and assuring a peaceful, safe and secured life by verifying the domestic help you are engaging in your family. We also undertake the verification of the vendors operating in your area to give you fool proof security. Private detective work is also undertaken which is handled by a team of matured seasoned retired officers. We also provide surveillance service to check patent products, matrimonial verifications is also undertaken to ensure peaceful and happy married life. Our Strengths: Have been working in different fields of Delhi police such as Crime, security, Training etc. Was the head of the team, which won various medals in All India Inter Police duty meet Competition in the scientific aids to investigations. Trained various foreign and other trainees of the police department about fingerprints and other related subject pertaining to investigation and scientific clues found at the scene of crime in National Crime Record Bureau. A guest lecturer of various advance courses of finger print and computer of NCRB and National Institute Of Criminology and Forensic Sciences, Rohini. Having experience of more than 40 years of service in various field of investigation and also finger prints crime branch.

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Business Type Service Provider
Establishment Year 2003
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

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Finger prints examination
Handwriting opinion
Security consultants
Legal advisor
Detective services
Matrimonial verification
Domestic help verification
Employee's Verification

Finger prints examination - Finger print science is the monitor of all the forensic sciences. Finger print expert gives an opinion regarding the involvement of a person in the crime or not involvement of a person in the said crime. The persistency of ridge details and individuality after ridge details are the basis of finger prints science which deciphers an individual from other individual. Prior to adaptation of this science the record of the criminal was used to be maintained as per anthropometery system of identification. In this system the body measurement of a person was taken for record. This system failed when William Worth features resembled with William West as the system was not classifiable and the features individuality could not be established. The man can change the features by impersonating himself in the guise of sikh, muslim, parsee, pathan, father etc. Etc. But the finger print will never change as they are formed in the womb of the mother when child is 4 months old and remain permanent till the skin perishes even after death..

Services rendered

Comparison of finger prints
Development and lifting of finger prints from the S.O.C. (scene of crime)
Recording of finger prints
Examination of finger prints on documents and furnishing opinion there on.
Recording specimen finger print and their certification/ attestation for production of record for immigration purpose as required by embassies / high commission of U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia etc.
Preparation of graphological record on the basis of analysis record of the finger print.
Verification of the antecedents of domestic help
Recording of the finger prints of security staff and venders, probable visitors to the society and their antecedents verification.
We ensure that you have not engaged a killer/ criminal as domestic help to provide a fool proof security.

Handwriting opinion - The team of hand writing experts caters the need of examination of the handwriting and documents all over India. We have submitted expert opinions under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act to various courts in India and abroad, which were highly appreciated and acknowledged for accuracy and expertise. We provide complete solutions in handwriting examination matters and our expert opinion is admissible under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act by all the Courts of India and abroad on issues such as:

» Signatures and initials,
» Writing and disguised writings,
» Alteration, erasing and over-writings,
» Age of writing ink,
» Use of typewriter and printer,
» Handwriting/signature matching,

Services Rendered

To give opinion on handwriting for production in the civil Court cases.
Forensic photography of disputed documents,
To give opinion on the Wills forgeries.
To fix the age of the documents.
For detection of the fraud in the document cases by forging the signatures of the party.
Examination of bank fraud cases of withdrawal of the money etc.
Appearance in courts as an expert witness,
Presentation of facts in courts,
Preparation of technical arguments.

We have our experts specialized in examination of questioned documents, handwriting matching, detect forgery on property documents, cheques, financial documents, and other important documents. We provide complete solutions in handwriting examination matters and our expert opinion is admissible under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act by all the Courts of India and abroad. Shall be our please to assist you, whenever you may require our services.

Security consultants - A team of security experts who have retired from various govt. Security agencies/ central police organizations with the leadership of director J.K. Kaushik provide security consultancy.

Services Rendered

Individual security
House Security
Industrial / Office Security

To provide peaceful friendly secure atmosphere to work "you enjoy sleep while we guard you". J.K. Kaushik was instrumental in supervising the security of many VVIPs, foreign delegates such as dalai lama, George Bush (former president of U.S.A.) etc etc., chief minister of Delhi and some union ministers.

Legal Adverser - A team of seasoned lawyer in criminal and civil wings for providing legal advice in the important cases. The team can handle any case of civil and criminal nature at the request of clients.

Services Rendered

Providing legal advice on the civil and criminal cases
Preparation of defense questionnaire of cross examination of the witnesses - specially for forensic sciences including finger prints and handwriting.
Examination of document secretly without distorting the writing or texture of the document.

Detective services - J.K. Consultancy is having its own team of seasoned retired police officer to give detective services and to keep surveillance on a person or in a particular area do secret enquiries in any matter relating to trademark violation etc.

Services Rendered

Keeping Surveillance in any person or in any area.
Doing secret enquires in matter like patent violation, copyright violation or any trademark violation
Any sort of detection work is undertaken on client request.

Matrimonial verification - It is an important task. As that ensures the happiness of the daughter or son for the entire life. We conduct secret enquires to give a true picture of the entire family and status of the family.

Services Rendered

Enquiring about the background of the spouse.
Enquiring about the background of the family.
Any other type of enquiries relating to matrimonial cases are also welcomed.

Domestic help verification - Most of the elderly couples are residing in the flat. They are mostly dependent on the domestic help for there day to day work. Most of them don't get their antecedents verified through police with the apprehension that they may leave them. Thus they become easy target to the unverified domestic help on which they rely for help. Spade of robberies and murder committed by domestic help are no secret to them.

Services Rendered

Verifying the background of the domestic help.
Verification done in a scientific manner by recording their finger prints and photographs and other important documents.

We are helping the local police to ensure safety and peaceful life to the elderly couples who are living in constant fear. We also provide vender verification at the request of the residential welfare association.

Employee's Verification - Very often shortage of man power is felt in the MNC's, the different cadre people are employed through different sourcing agencies. The employer can only satisfy himself regarding their technical qualifications through their bio-data. He is unable to verify the previous status of the person and his/her involvement in anti-social/anti establishment activities of the person. We hereby provide the following solutions:

. Complete background check of the employees those are newly hired.

. Complete background check of the employees those have been already hired.

. We also check their involvement in criminal cases.

. We provide a foolproof method of employee's verification through finger printing for keeping the record of the employee of the Company.

. We ensure you do not hire a criminal as an employee.

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