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Welcome to Jaipur Gems & Jewelry, establish in 2006. Apart from this, we have in store for our clients, an exquisite range of Plane Beads and Silver Jewelry. Our Silver Jewelry is crafted using high quality silver metal in compliance with defined quality standards. These are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. Further, to attain maximum client satisfaction, we also offer customizations at industry leading prices.

Industry Gems and Jewellery
Business Type Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 2006
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We are Manufacturer and wholesaler of many kind of Best Carving (Precious & Semi-Precious), Precious (Emeraled, Ruby, Corol, Pearls, Sapphire, BlueSapphire, Corol etc.) and Semi Precious Cut Stones. We supply Cut, Cabs., Beads, and Fancy cut stones on made or order basis. We Specialize in Tanzanite, Tasavorite, Lolite, Rhodolite, Prehnite, Spessatite, Rubilite, Apatite, Kunzite, Spinel, Morganite, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz.


Jewelry, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Rings, Diamond Pendants, Wedding Rings, Gemstone Beads, Loose Gemstones, Diamond Beads, Black Diamond, Semi Precious Gems, Precious Gemstone, Colored Beads Gemstone Briolets, Gemstone Drops Briolettes, Emerald, Cabochon Gemstones, Emerald Faceted Gems, Ruby Cabochons, faceted Gemstones, Amythest Cabochons, Aquamarine Faceted Cabochons, Red Garnet Faceted Gems, Citrine Faceted Gems, Citrine Faceted Gemstone, Diopside Gems, Sunstone Cabochon Gemstones, Gemstone Beads, Elastic Bracelets.


Amethyst: Amethyst Cushion Cut Faceted, Amethyst Melon Cut, Amethyst Rice AY, Amethyst Tube AY, Amethyst Flat Oval AY, Amethyst Cube AY, Amethyst Faceted Coin AY, Amethyst Faceted Round, Amethyst Light Nugget, Amethyst Dark Nugget, Amethyst Drop, Amethyst Drop Side Drilled, Amethyst Light Button, Amethyst Dark, Button, Amethyst Plain Coin, Amethyst Cut Square, Amethyst Square Light, Amethyst Faceted Pear Drop, Amethyst Pear Drop, Amethyst Faceted Oval, Amethyst Plain Drop Side, Amethyst Light Oval.

Aquamarine: Aquamarine Round, Aquamarine Faceted Roundel, Aquamarine Roundel, Aquamarine Nuggets, Aquamarine Faceted Oval Nugget, Aquamarine Oval, Aquamarine Oval, Faceted, Aquamarine Coin, Aquamarine Faceted Coin, Aquamarine Square, Aquamarine Faceted Nugget, Aquamarine Button, Aquamarine Drop Long drill, Aquamarine Drop Side drill, Aquamarine Square, Aquamarine Pear Side drill, Aquamarine Carving Melon, Aquamarine Square, Aquamarine Diamond Shape.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz Round, Rose Quartz Faceted Roundel, Rose Quartz Faceted Oval, Rose Quartz Faceted Cushion, Rose Quartz Tear Drop, Rose Quartz, Tear Drop, Rose Quartz Tube, Rose Quartz Faceted Rectangle, Rose Quartz Faceted Briolette, Rose Quartz Faceted Briolette

Citrine: Citrine Round, Citrine Faceted Round, Citrine Corner to Corner square, Citrine Button, Citrine Oval Light Color, Citrine Oval Golden Color, Citrine Square Original, Citrine Drop Side drill Light, Citrine Oval Carved, Citrine Tyre Golden color, Citrine Faceted Rectangle, Citrine Nugget Original.

Lebrodarite: Laborite Round, Laborite Faceted Roundel, Laborite Flat Oval, Laborite Peardrop Briolette, Laborite Peardrop Briolette, Laborite Button, Laborite Oval Faceted, Laborite Faceted Tyre, Laborite Cushion Cut Faceted, Laborite Drop Long Drill, Laborite Peardrop Briolette, Laborite Square, Laborite Faceted Square, Laborite Faceted Nugget, Laborite Peardrop, Laborite Triangle, Laborite Eye, Laborite Pear, Laborite Tube.

Lemon Quartz: Lemon Faceted, Lemon Faceted Roundel, Lemon Flat Oval, Lemon Faceted oval, Lemon Pear Drop, Lemon Faceted Cushion, Lemon Faceted Nugget.

London Blue Topaz: Blue Topaz Faceted Roundel, Blue Topaz Faceted Oval, Blue Topaz Oval, Blue Topaz Faceted Briolette, Blue Topaz Nugget, Blue Topaz Faceted Cylinder, Blue Topaz Round, Blue Topaz Faceted Oval, Blue Topaz Faceted Briolette, Blue Topaz Cushion Cut Faceted, Blue Topaz Square.

Garnet: Garnet Round, Garnet Faceted Roundel, Garnet Round Rose Cut, Garnet Oval, Garnet Faceted Oval, Garnet Square, Garnet Faceted Square, Garnet Coin, Garnet Faceted Coin, Garnet Tyre, Garnet Faceted Tyre, Garnet Drop, Garnet Faceted Teardrop, Garnet Faceted Rectangle, Garnet Drop Faceted Side Drilled, Garnet Loi, Garnet Tube, Garnet Triangle, Garnet Faceted Cone, Garnet Rhodolite Faceted, Garnet Small Tube.

Peridot: Peridot Round, Peridot Faceted Roundel, Peridot Button, Peridot Oval, Peridot Faceted Oval, Peridot Square, Peridot Cut Faceted Square, Peridot Faceted Peardrop, Peridot Faceted Briolette, Peridot Tyre, Peridot Coin Faceted.

Smoky Quartz: Smokey Quartz Round, Smokey Quartz Faceted Roundel, Smokey Quartz Oval, Smokey Quartz Faceted Flat Oval, Smokey Quartz Oval, Smokey Quartz Faceted Flat Pear, Smokey Quartz Briolette, Smokey Quartz Tyre, Smokey Quartz Square, Smokey Quartz Chips, Smokey Quartz Faceted Side Drilled Pear.

Iolite: Iolite Round, Iolite Faceted Roundel, Iolite Button, Iolite Flat Oval, Iolite Oval Faceted, Iolite Drop Faceted, Iolite Cut Square, Iolite Faceted Nugget.

Tourmaline: Multi Tourmaline Round, Tourmaline Round, Tourmaline Faceted Round, Pink Tourmaline Faceted Round, Green Tourmaline Faceted Roundel, Pink Tourmaline Coin Faceted, Tourmaline Square, Tourmaline Faceted Oval, Tourmaline Flat Teardrop Briolette, .Tourmaline Faceted Flat Rectangle.

Blue Topaz: Blue Topaz Faceted Roundel, Blue Topaz Faceted Oval, Blue Topaz Oval, Blue Topaz Faceted Briolette, Blue Topaz Nugget, Blue Topaz Faceted Cylinder, Blue Topaz Round, Blue Topaz Faceted Oval, Blue Topaz Faceted Briolette, Blue Topaz Cushion Cut Faceted, Blue Topaz Square.

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MUMBAI, 400021 (Maharashtra) - (India)


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