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Javelin controls were formed to assist manufacturers with electrical & control systems for special purpose machinery and process automation. Our design capabilities include electrical, control, instrumentation, PLC, HMI, SCADA and servo motion control software. Market : The majority of our work is for UK based OEM?s, although we have undertaken projects in the US, Europe, and the Far East. Our client base is mainly from the pharmaceutical, food preparation & process control sectors, encompassing end of line wrapping/packing & special purpose machinery. Partnerships : We take a partnership approach to projects allowing us to work closely with the machine manufacturers, designers and end users. Quotation : For quotations please feel free to call us, or use our online quotation request form which allows you to send supporting drawings directly from your desk top. Click below for a sample copy of a recent Functional Design Specification (FDS) : 1. FDS for proposed Gas Seal Test Rig 2. FDS for proposed Wet Seal Test Rig Services : We offer the following services : 1. Electrical Design 2. PLC HMI & SCADA Software 3. Control & Instrumentation Design 4. Servo & Motion Control 5. Process Control Design 6. Special Purpose Machines 7. Prototyping 8. Upgrade to existing control systems Technology : Javelin Controls have gained significant exposure to the majority of modern industrial control systems. Including SCADA packages such as Cimplicity & Intouch as well as the PLC platforms of Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Modicon & Omron. We also have motion control experience with Control Techniques, Allen Bradley, Siemens and Quin. Projects : A few of the projects we have carried out recently include a seal test rig for conducting and recording performance tests on special purpose high performance seals, a rotary de-nesting machine for completing batches after a quality control check has removed faulty items, and a machine for trickle impregnating electric motors with a resin coating to encase the motor windings. Further details of these projects can be found here.

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Products & Services

We are Manufacturers with electrical & control systems for special purpose machinery and process automation.

Our Projects are :
1. Seal Test Rig :- Single machine using SCADA interface to test seals, print a pass certificate when appropriate and record the test information on a PC for further analysis as well as automatically protecting against set up or critical seal failures during the test procedure. The test rig was designed to control the environment of the test by controlling motor speed, pneumatic pressures and monitoring temperatures and flows. Installation based around the GE Fanuc PC based SCADA system Cimplicity and an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 range PLC unit.

2. Add Back Rotary - Pharmaceutical :- This machine was part of a larger line to make up batches of pharmaceutical foil ribbons that had been through a quality control process resulting in rejected units being discarded. The rotary unit then replaced the rejected ribbons into the batch which was then placed onto an indexing conveyor prior to banding. The machine used a Siemens PLC unit which communicated with the machines up & down stream.

3. 40 station trickle impregnating machine :- Machine designed to trickle impregnate motor windings with resin using a touch screen HMI configured for recipe control as well as direct operator control. The machine used an Allen Bradley PLC. The unit loaded motor windings onto an indexing carousel and by passing a current through the windings to heat them up to initially 100?C; the resin was then trickled onto the motors. The resin was then cured by raising & then maintaining the winding temperature to 170 ?C. This machine was designed as part of a continuous process to produce approximately 120 completed components per hour.

4. Deodorant Capsule Project : This machine was originally designed as an interim solution for hand assembly of caps and to check finished integrity and flow rate. It has 10 stations & its expected life was 30, 000 units. However, the assembly stations are still in use today and have assembled over 2 million units to date. The assembly stations carry out two tests, the first checks that the cap is sealed when the nozzle is covered, and the second determines the rate of flow when the nozzle is opened.

5. Load Shed Trip Selector : This machine is used in a gas pipeline installation which has 4 pump motors in a rig; however, the power supply is not enough to run more than 2 pumps at any one time. The system is programmed to determine which pumps are operating and according to a trip list sequence, shut down pumps and or block pumps from being started. Each pump is also equipped with a manual operator override. The PLC unit used is an Allen Bradley PLC100 base and processor.

6. Muffin Machine : De-nesting unit for a muffin packaging line. The machine is designed to de-nest and place 80 plastic trays a minute onto a flighted conveyor. The conveyor indexes 4 flights at a time. The de-nester is also required to match position with the conveyor to ensure accurate tray placement. A second Muffin machine was purchased by the end user resulting in significant labour savings on the 24/7 site.

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Javelin Controls Ltd.

10 Warbleton Road,
Chineham, Basingstoke, Hampshire
Hampshire, RG24 8RF () - (United-kingdom)


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