Jinzhou Xinxing Dyeing and Printing Auxiliary Co., Ltd. Jinzhou (China)

Business overview

Jinzhou Xinxing Dyeing Auxiliaries Co., Ltd. is 1km away from Jinzhou exit of Shihuang Expressway and 40km away from Shijiazhuang International Airport, enjoying convenient traffic. Our company specializes in development, production and sales of sulfur dyes. Formerly known as Jinzhou Dongxing Dyestuff Plant, our company was established in the early 1980s. Now our business covers acid dyes, basic dyes, vat dyes, direct dyes, textile assistants and other chemicals, including edible and industrial cellulose, sodium pyrosulfite, sodium sulfite and amino-silicone oil. Our company has large-scale production plants in textile cloth, building materials and other fields and the export right, and actively develops the international market to expand overseas business. Our company always insists on the business philosophy of “Credit Basis, Mutual Benefit, Reciprocity” and management concept of “Human Orientation, Pragmatism & Innovation”. In the new period and environment, our company will continuously develop, seek truth, innovate and return customers with excellent products and complete personalized service. Wish to cooperate with you to create a bright future.

Industry Chemicals
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1980
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We are Manufacturers, Traders and Exporters of covers acid dyes, basic dyes, vat dyes, direct dyes, textile assistants and other chemicals.

Our Products:-
Leather Dyes:-
Leather Green BN
Leather Green BE
Leather Black ET
Leather Black ER
Leather Black H-BNS
Leather Black H-BND
Leather Black H-GGB
Leather Black H-BNRS
Leather Brown MN
Leather Blue NB
Leather Red DBR

Sulphur Dyes:-
SulphurRed LGF 200%
SulphurRed LGF 100%
SulphurLight Yellow G 100%
Sulphur Blue BBF 130%
Sulphur Blue B 150%
Sulphur Blue CV 120%
Sulphur Blue CV 100%
SulphurLight Yellow GC 250%
Sulphur Yellow Brown 5G 150%
Sulphur Red Brown B3R 100%
Sulphur Blue BRN 150%
Sulphur Blue BN 150%
Sulphur Blue 3R 130%
Sulphur Green 7713 300%
SulphurBrilliant Green GB 100%
SulphurBlack BR 200%
Sulphur Black B 200%
Sulphur Green 511 200%
Sulphur Green 611 200%

Basic Dyes:-
Auramine O
Bismarck Brown G
Bismarck Brown G
Bismarck Black BL
Malachite Green
Basic Violet 2B
Methyl Violet 5BN
Basic Rhodamine B
Basic Magenta
Basic Brilliant Blue BO
Basic Lake Blue BB

Direct Dyes:-
Direct Yellow R
Direct Yellow GX
Direct Yellow GX
Direct Orange S
Direct Orange S
Direct Orange 2GL
Direct Brown D3G
Direct Brown M
Direct Brown MM
Direct Brown MN
Direct Red B
Direct Scarlet 4BS
Direct Scarlet 4BS
Direct Scarlet FBA
Direct Red 4BE
Direct Red 12B
Direct Red 12B
Direct Fast Red F3B
Direct Fast Red 4B
Direct Fast Red 4B
Direct Fast Red F2B
Direct Fast Red BWS
Direct Green BE
Direct Green B
Direct Blue BH
Direct Blue 2B
Direct Sky Blue 5B
Direct Sky Blue 5B
Direct Fast Blue B2RL
Direct Fast Turquoise GL
Direct Fast Turquoise GL
Direct Fast Turquoise GL
Direct Copper Blue 2B
Direct Copper Blue 2B
Direct Fast Blue FBL
Direct Fast Blue 4BL
Direct Fast Blue BRL
Direct Grey BE
Direct Fast Black G
Direct Fast Black G

Acid Dyes:-
Acid Orange II
Acid Orange 3KL
Acid Light Yellow G
Acid Light Yellow 2G
Acid Yellow MT
Acid Yellow MT
Acid Yellow A4R
Acid Yellow 4R
Acid Blown DR
Acid Blown SR
Acid Red G
Acid Red B
Acid Red 3R
Acid Red RS
Acid Red F-2R
Acid Red 2BS
Acid Red N-5BL
Acid Black 10B
Acid Black 10B
Acid Nigrosine
Acid Black MB
Acid Black NT
Acid Black L-DN
Acid Black L-DN
Acid Black BNG
Acid Black ATT
Acid Black ATT
Acid Black ET
Acid Black ER
Acid Green A
Acid Blue A
Acid Blue N2G
Acid Blue 5R
Acid Blue BRLL

Paper Dyes:-
Paper Red E
Paper Red EB
Paper Brown BG
Paper Brown BB
Paper Green DB
Paper Black BL
Paper Black BG
Paper Yellow RH
Paper Blue D
Paper Blue BGL

Vat dyes:-
Vat Yellow GCN
Vat Yellow F3GL
Vat Yellow G
Vat Golden G
Vat Pink R
Vat Brilliant Orange RK
Vat Blue RSN
Vat Blue BC
Vat Dark Blue VB
Vat Black BB
Vat Olive Green B
Vat Grey BG
Vat Grey M
Vat Black DB
Vat Direct Black RB
Vat Olive R
Vat Red R
Vat Red F3B
Vat Brown BR
Vat Brown G
Vat Brown GG
Vat Brilliant Green FFB
Vat Brilliant Green 2G
Vat Grass Green GN
Vat Olive T
Vat Khaki 2G
Vat Brilliant Violet RR
Vat Blue GCDN
Vat Dark Blue BO

Textile Agent:-
Anti Migration Agent
Promoter For Wet Fastness
Anti-creasing Agent
Leveler For Cotton Agent
High Temperature Leveler Agent
High Temperature Repairing Agent
Promoter For Wet Rubbing Fastness Agent
Promoter For Dry Rubbing Fastness Agent
Formaldehyde-Free Crosslinker Agent
Trough Cleaning Agent
Low Temperature Defoamer Agent
High Temperature Defoamer Agent
Foam-free Detergant
Anti Staining Agent
Amino Modified Silicon
Self Emulsification Amino Silicon
Cationic Film
Anionic Softener
Thickener for Pigment Printing
High Concentration Hydrophilic Softener
Nonionic Softener

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose(HPMC)

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Contact Details

Jinzhou Xinxing Dyeing and Printing Auxiliary Co., Ltd.

1402, Unit 2, Building 14, No. 505, Xinhua Road
Jinzhou, 050000 () - (China)


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