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KLS electronic co., ltd, is one of leading foreign trader of electronics in China, is a comprehensive trade enterprise with import and export of electronic products as well as other services. The main business line of the company include importing and exporting of electronic, elements and products, processing with supplied materials, samples and blueprints, sales & purchase agents, Searching for customer non-standard goods amongst vast products data sheet. KLS has been adhering to the principle of serving the customers with high-quality electronics products. By strengthening the operation and management and placing equal emphasis on marketing process, KLS has gained customers from USA, RUSSIA, UK, BRAZIL, SWEDEN ETC... We have professional earnest cooperation factories are ready anytime to supply stable-quality product, of which 80% of products have UL, CSA, VDE, CE and ROHS certificate for the market developing of our customer. Each year we attended four to five Electronic exhibitions all over the world for introduce our competitive products to customer. With our assistant of good service and qualified products, our partener are fully enjoying the rapid progress. Famous exhibition we attended regularly: Electronica Munich (Nov,15. once two year) Electronica Hongkong (Dec,9-12, Once a year) Welcome to our booth for further cooperation. Our memo is "Meet customers need with best price and best quality!" You are searching for creditable and professional supplier to work with; we are also looking for sincerely and long-term customers. Once we find each other, we could make rapid progress together!

Industry Electrical and Power
Business Type Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 2002
Firm Type Partnership
Expand Level National

Products & Services

We are a one of leading foreign trader of electronics in China, is a comprehensive trade enterprise with import and export of electronic products as well as other services.

Our Products :-

Connectors :-
IDC Sockets*Micro matchs
Box Header*Box Header with Latch
CF Cards*SIM Cards*TF Cards*SD Cards
IC Sockets*PLCC Sockets*SIL Sockets*Zif Sockets
D-Sub*SCSI*D-SUB Hoods
Pin Headers*Mini Jumpers
Female Headers
Wire To Board Connectors*Wire To Wire Connectors
Circular Connectors
Future Bus Connectors*Hard Metric Connectors
DIN41612 connectors
Micro USB Connectors*Mini USB Connectors*USB Connectors
AC Power Sockets*AC Plugs Series
FFC/FPC Connectors Series
Edge Card Connectors Series
IEEE 1394 Connectors*HDMI Connectors Series

RF Connectors *Antennas :-
SMA Connectors Series
SMB Connectors Series
BNC Connectors Series
N Connectors Series
MCX Connectors Series
MMCX Connectors Series
F Connectors Series
RF Cable Assemblies Series
Wifi Antenna 2.4/5.2/5.8GHz Series
GPS Antennas Series
GSM Antennas Series
Combo Antennas

Audio And video Accessories :-
2.5mm Phone Jack
3.5mm Phone Jacks
DC Power Sockets*DC Power Plug Series
6.3mm Mono Jack * 6.3mm Stereo Jack Series
RCA Jack Connectors Series
Mini Din Connectors*Din Connectors Series
Mono Plug connectors*Stereo Plug connectors Series
RCA Plug Connectors*RCA Phono Female Socke Series
XLR Socket Connectors*XLR Plug Connectors Series
Banana Plug Connectors*Banana Jacks Series
Binding Post Series
Loudspeaker Connectors Series
Loudspeaker Terminals Series
Audio Adaptor Connectors*Video Adaptor Connectors Series
CATV Splitter*CATV Amplifier*Satellite Splitter*Satellite Amplifier Series
TV antenna Series
CATV Outdoor Amplifier Series
CATV Outdoor splitter Series

Terminal blocks :-
PCB Terminal Blocks
Pluggable Terminal Blocks
Screwless Terminal Blocks
Multi Purpose Pluggable Terminal Blocks
Feed Through Terminal Blocks
Barrier Terminal Blocks
DC Power Jack Connectors Series
UK Rail-Mounted Terminal Block
MBK Rail-Mounted Terminal Block
Double Rail-Mounted Terminal Block
SAK Rail-Mounted Terminal Block
DFB Spring cage terminal
DF2 Spring cage terminal
DF3 Spring cage terminal
DF4 Spring cage terminal
DD Spring cage terminal
Miniature terminal blocks

Buzzers :-
Piezo Buzzer Series
Piezo Transducer Buzzer Series
Magnetic Transducer Buzzer Series
SMT Buzzer Series
Mechanical Buzzer Series
Piezo Diaphragm Series

Potentiometers :-
Cermet Potentiometers
Wire-Wound Potentiometers
Trimmer potentiometers
Dimmer potentiometers

Fuses * Fuse Holders :-
3.6*10mm Fuses
5.2*20mm Fuses
6.3*25mm /6.3*30mm / 6.3*32mm Fuses
Fuse holders*Fuse Clips
PTC Resettable Fuses
Thermal Fuses
Micro fuses
Auto Plug In Fuses*ATO/ATC Fuse Holders
Battery Holders
9V Battery Connectors
Coin Cell Holders
SMD Fuses*GDT Fuses Series
CONQUER P type Chip Fuse

NTC Thermistors Resistors
PTC Thermistors Resistors
Varistor Resistors
Carbon Film Fixed Resistors
Precision Metal Film Fixed Resistors
SMD Resistors
Metal Oxide Film Fixed Resistors
Network Resistor
Cement Fixed Resistors
CdS photosensitive resistor series

Rocker Switches
Micro Switches
Tact Switches
Multi-Function Switches
DIP Switches
Toggle switches
Vertical Push Switches
Slide Switches
Push Button Switches
Hook switches series
Overload Switches series
Rotary switches*Coding switches series
Encoder switches Series
Detector Switches Series
LED Push Button Switches series
Indicator Lights series
Waterproof Tact switch

LEDs*LED Displays*LCD Displays And Modules:-
LED Numeric Display
LED Dot Matrix Display
LED Light Bar
LED Clusters
Character Type LCD Module
Graphic Type LCD Module

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Film Capacitors
Ceramic Capacitors Series

KWH Meter Accessories:-
Electronic counter
Precision Manganin Shunt
Current Transformers
Electric Meter Case Series
Meter Terminal Blocks Series
DIN-rail modular meter Series
Gas Meter

Communication Accessories:-
Modular Jacks
Modular Jack with Transformer
SMD Modular Jacks
Modular Jack With LED
SFP Connectors
Modular Plugs
ADSL Adapters * Modular Adapter
Wired Jacks
Voice keystone jack
keystone jacks
Clamp modules

Quartz Crystal Units * Ceramic Resonators
Quartz Crystal Unit
Quartz Crystal Filter
Crystal Oscillator
Ceramic Resonator
Ceramic Filter
Ceramic Discriminators

PCB * PCB Assembly:-
Single Sided PCB
Double Sided PCB
Multilayer PCB
PCB Assembly

Flat Cables * Cable Assemblies:-
Flat Cables
Rainbow Flat Cables
Flat Ribbon cables Series
Wire Harness Series
USB Cables Series
SATA Cables Series
LAN Cables Series
Phone Cord Cables Series
HDMI Cables / DVI Cables Series
Power cords Series
D-SUB Cables / VGA Cable Series
SCSI Cables / Centronic Cables Series
Mono*Stereo Plug Cables Series
RCA Plug Cables Series
XLR Plug Cables Series
audio*video Adaptor Cables Series
S-Video Cables Series

Multilayer INDUCTORS Series

Relays*Discrete Semiconductors :-
Relay Products
semiconductor Products
Bridge Rectifiers Series
General Purpose Rectifiers Series
Fast Recovery Rectitier Series
High Efficient Rectitier Series
Super Fast Rectifiers Series
Schottky Barrier Rectifiers Series
Transient Voltage Suppressor Series
Switching Diodes Series

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1610-1614 Pacific Mansion No 500,Mingzhou Rd,Beilun,Ningbo,
Ningbo, 315800 () - (China)


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