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Business overview

Established in 1986, Liean-Gimn Enterprise Co., Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer and provider of high quality resistors, including Carbon Film Resistors, Metal Film Resistors, Flame-Proof Metal Oxide Film Resistors, Fusible Metal Film Resistors, Thick Film Chip Resistors, Cement Wire-wound Resistors, and various type of Wire-wound Power Resistors. We serve a market where reliability, precision, performance and quality are essential. As we are constantly innovating and improving our quality standards, our products are well-known domestically and internationally. Our strong core competencies in manufacturing and engineering are the foundations to have a sustainable growth in the electronic business. Our average monthly output is 450 million pieces and Liean-Gimn has built high-level buildings covering 6, 000 square meters. The total sales in 2003 was approximately $11 millions USD, compare to $9 millions USD the year before, there was an increase of 22.22% Growth Rate. Our company has been growing steadily since 1989 and is still going strong. We have also received the ISO9001 certificate to guarantee our product quality in 1999. Liean-Gimn Enterprise Co., Ltd has passed strict product inspections by world famous companies such as Sanyo-Japan, Nissi-Singapore, Technol-Malaysia, Hical-India, Tatung Co.-Taiwan and Acer Computer-Taiwan and has since become a regular resistor supply center. Liean-Gimn Enterprise Co., Ltd is focusing on providing 100% satisfaction guaranteed products and services to all of our customers while innovating better and cost-effective products for our clients tomorrow. Our strength brings us confidence. To create excellence is always our unremitting pursuit. We are strongly supported by R&D team, and Quality is assured by the strictest adherence to all specification requirements and state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing methods.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturer
Establishment Year 1986
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level National

Products & Services

Manufacturer of
Resistor : - CR Series Carbon Film Resistors,
MF Series Metal Film Resistors, MO Series Flame-Proof Type Metal Oxide Film Resistors, FCR Series Flame-Proof Type Carbon Film Resistors, FUSIBLE METAL FILM RESISTORS, KNP. KNS . NKN . KNY . Wirewound Resistors, RT Metal Glaze Hight Voltage Resistors, ZERO-OHM Jumper Wire, LOW VALUE WIRE RESISTORS, Packing methods and Cut & Forming,
Color Indication Rating and Standard Values and Symbols.
Chip Resistor : - AR High Precision Chip Resistor, CR Series Thick Film Chip Resistor, CR Series Low Ohmic Thick Film Chip Resistor, CR Series High Ohmic Thick Film Chip Resistor, High Precision Chip Resistors, Thick Film Chip Resistors Network-CN Series, Packing Method & How to Order.
Cement Resistor : - SQP Series Cement Wire Wound Resistors, SQT Series Cement Wire Wound Resistors, SQM Series Cement Wire Wound Resistors, MPR Series Cement Wire Wound Resistors, SQZ Series Cement Wire Wound Resistors, SQH Series Cement Wire Wound Resistors, SQV Series Cement Wire Wound Resistors.
Power Resistor : - Aluminum Housed Wirewound Resistors, Non-Flammable Fixed Wire-Wound Power Resistors-DQ Series, Non-Flammable Fixed Wire-Wound Power Resistors-DR Series, Non-Flammable Fixed Wire-Wound Power Resistors-ZR Series,
Metal Clad Wirewound Resistors.
Other : - Polyster Film Capacitor, Ceramic Disc Capacitor, ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS, Electrolytic Capacitors-ECR SERIES Stadard, Miniature Radial Type1000 hours, Electrolytic Capacitors-E5R SERIES Utlra, Miniature Radial Type, Electrolytic Capacitors-EMR SERIES Super, Miniature Radial Type, Electrolytic Capacitors-EXR SERIES Low IMP For Switching Regulator.

Contact Details

Liean-Gimn Enterprise Co., Ltd.

4F, No. 163, Shing Ming Road, Nei-Hu
Taipei, 114 () - (Taiwan)


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