Lizz Agro-chemicals Co,Limited Hong Kong (China)

Business overview

Lizz Agro-chemicals Co., Ltd headquartered in HONGKONG(China), as a professional Agrochemical company, manufactures and markets world-class quality pesticides (Acaricides, Heribicides, Insecticides, Fungicides)and Plant Growth Regulators. With our long time experience and good knowledge on agrochemical business, our extensive and intensive good relationship with agrochemical industries, agrochemical research institutes and agrochemical administration authorities, we are good at (1) Furnishing qualified products at competitive prices. (2) Preparing documents for registration in different Countries. (3) Quality Control. (4) Facilitating exportation procedures for timely delivery.

Industry Chemicals
Business Type Manufacturers & Trader
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Manufacturers and Traders of Presticides.

Our Products :
- Hexythiazox 98%TC, Fenbutatin oxide 95%TC,
Propargite 90%TC.

- Diquat dibromide, Fluazifop-p-butyl, Glyphosate 95% TC; isopropyl ammonium 62%, Haloxyfop-r-methyl, Metsulfuron methyl, Diflufenican, Paraquat dichloride, Quizalofop-p-ethyl, Sulfometuron-methyl, Tribenuron-methyl, Metribuzin.

- Alpha-cypermethrin, Abamectin, Methomyl, Imidacloprid, lambda-cyhalothrin, Deltamethrin,
Buprofezin, Fenitrothion, Pymetrozine, Propoxur, Trichlorfon, Cyromazine.


- Abscisic Acid, Benzylaminopurine, Brassinolide a-Naphthylacetic acid, B-Naphthoxyacetic acid Forchlorfenuron, Flower nutriment Ethephon,
Paclobutrazol, Naphthylacetamide, Kinetin (6-furfurylaminopurine), 24-Epibrassinolide,
B-Naphthoxyacetic acid a-Naphthylacetic acid
Gibberellic acid(Ga3), Tablets 4-odophenoxyacetic acid, 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid, Mepiquat chloride, Thidiazuron, Zeatin.

- Albendazole Sulfoxide, Salinomycin sodium, Albendazole, Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium, Apramycin Sulfate, Tetramisole HCL, Clopidol, Thiabendazole, Closantel Sodium, Tiamulin,
Colistin Sulfate, Tilmicosin, Florfenicol, Tilmicosin Phosphate.

Contact Details

Lizz Agro-chemicals Co,Limited

Flat/RM 601-2 Chuk,
On BLDG 23 Mercer ST Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong, 518040 () - (China)


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