Lucky Enterprises New Delhi (India)

Business overview

Established in the year 1984, Lucky Enterprises, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of quality assortment of pashmina (cashmere) shawls, chain-stitch rugs, woolen garments, home furnishings and handcrafted decor items. During the early years of our establishment, we were engaged in manufacturing carpets. It was later in the year 2000 that we initiated as a manufacturer of all kinds of shawls, stoles, scarves, chain-stitch rugs, crewel tapestry products and variety of home furnishing items. Our range is crafted by our skilled artisans, who make use of quality yarns such as spun silk, woolen, rayon and cotton that are procured from reliable vendors. We are constantly working towards introducing various other innovative designs, patterns and upgrading quality of our products. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and a team of talented and dedicated workforce provide us with the necessary support to offer the most exclusive designs in the range of handicraft products to our clients. These products are widely acclaimed for their attractive patterns and intricate embroidery work by our clients in Poland, Qatar, U.S.A, Denmark, Brazil, Italy, Belgium, Mexico, Spain, Greece, North America, South America, Mid East and Western Europe. We are continuously progressing under the able guidance of our CEO, Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Bhat, whose 20 years of industry experience has enabled us to carve a niche in the market. His determined efforts and optimistic approach has inspired everyone in the team to put in best efforts and make the organization reach a new level of success.

Industry Textiles
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1984
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Manufacturers and Exporters of quality assortment of pashmina (cashmere) shawls, chain-stitch rugs, woolen garments, home furnishings and handcrafted decor items.

Our Product Range :

Pashmina Hand Embroidered Full Length Ladies Shawls
- Pure Pashmina Kanni Print with Needle Work Outing Shawls
- Pashmina Kanni Jamma Shawls
- Pashmina Multi Box Design With Needle Work Shawls
- Pure Pashmina with Full Hand Needle Work Paisley Shawls
- Hand Woven Check Needle Work Pure Pashmina Shawl
- 100' Pure Pashmina Hand Printed with Needle Work Shawls
- Natural White Pashmina Hand Embroidered All Over Shawls
- Hand Woven Stripes With Hand Needle Work Pashmina Shawl
- Pure Pashmina Big Paisley Needle Work Shawl
- Pashmina Hand Embroidered Woven Stripes Shawls
- Natural Brown Pashmina Hand Embroidered Shawls
- Pure Cashmere hand Woven Needle Work Border Shawls
- Pure Pashmina Heavy Embroidered Needle Work Border Shawls
- Natural Colour Kashmiri Sozni Work Shawls
- Pashmina Designer Embroidered Shawls
- Pashmina Needle Work All Over Paisley Shawls
- Hand Made Hand Needle Work shawls
- Hand Needle Work 4 Side Border Kashmir Pashmina Shawls
- Pure Pashmina Hand Embroidered Paisley Border Shawls
- 100' Hand Made Natural Colour Cashmere Shawls
- Pure Pashmina Back All Over Needle Work Shawls
- Pure Pashmina Hashi Dar Shawls
- Pure Pashmina Cashmere with Designer Border Shawl

Cashmere Pashmina Needle Work Stoles And Scarves
- Pure Pashmina Needle Work All Over Stoles
- Pure Pashmina Woven Border Needle Work Paisley Stoles
- Designer Towel Weaving Pure Pashmina Needle Work Stoles
- Hand Made Pashmina Paper Machie Sozni Work Stoles
- Pashmina Sozni Work Stoles
- Pure Cashmere Needle Work Hashi Dar Stole
- Pure Pashmina Heavy Needle Work Border Stole
- 100' Pure Cashmere Pashmina with Big Paisley Border Stoles
- Pure Pashmina Hand Embroidered Big Border Stoles
- Pure Pashmina Hand Cut- Work And Needle Work Stole
- Pure Pashmina Heavy Hand- needle Work All Over Stole
- Pure Pashmina Hand Embroidered Border Stole
- Pure Pashmina Sozni Work Border Stoles
- Pashmina full Embroidered Needle Work Jamma Stoles

Pure Cashmere Pashmina Stoles and Scarves
- Pure Hand-Loom Pashmina Check Stoles
- Pure Hand Made Stripe Shawls
- 100' Cashmere Pashmina Reversible Stole
- Pure Cashmere Pashmina Digital Printed Stoles
- Pure Cashmere Pashmina Hand Woven Natural White Shawls
- Pure Cashmere Pashmina Ombre Shaded Stoles
- Tie Dye Pure Pashmina Stoles
- 100' Pure Pashmina Reversible Shawls
- 100' Pure Pashmina Kanni Woven Border Stoles
- Pure Pashmina Woven Mordern Dot Design Stoles
- Pure Pashmina Self Jacquard Stoles
- Pure Pashmina Hand Handloom Shawls

Fine Wool Hand Embroidered Shawls and Stoles
- Pure Wool Hand Embroidered Ladies Shawls
- 100' Fine Merino Wool with Needle Work Stoles
- 100' Fine Merino Wool 140 Count With Needle Work Stoles
- 100' Fine Merino Wool Hand Embroidered All Over Stoles
- Pure Wool 140 Count With Needle Work Border Stoles
- Fine Wool Hand Embroidered Chinar Border Stoles
- Pure Wool 140 Count Needle Work Border Stole
- Pure Wool 140 Count with Needle Work Border And Corner Stole
- Woolen Needle Work Stoles
- Pure Woolen Hand Embroidered Paisley Shawls
- Pure Woolen Needle Work Big Border Shawls
- Hand Embroidered Woolen Shawls
- Kashmir Hand Embroidered Shawls
- Full Hand-Embroidered Needle Work Jamma Shawls
- Woolen with fine Needle Work Kashmiri Shawls

Kashmiri Zari shawls
- Zari Border Shawl
- Pure Merino Wool With 4 Side Real Zari Border Shawl

Pure Merino Wool Lace Stoles
- Fine Wool With Heavy Australian Lace Stoles
- Pure Merino Wool With Shaded Ombre Lace Stoles
- Pure Woolen Contrast Lace Stoles
- Pure Woolen 4 Side Lace Shawls
- Fine Wool Tie Dye Lace Shawls
- Fine Merino Wool With Indonesian Heavy Lace Shawl
- Merino Wool Fancy Lace Shawls
- Zari Lace Double Border Shawls
- Fine Wool With Heavy Zari Lace Border Shawls
- Digital Printed Lace Shawl

Gents Shawls And Mufflers
- Kashmiri Needle Work Pure Pashmina Muffler
- Pure Cashmere Gents Scarf
- Pure Silk Jamawar Muffler
- Wool-lycra Muffler
- Pure Woolen Jamawar Mufflers
- Woolen Natural Color Gents Shawls
- Pure Merino Wool Gents Muffler
- Woolen Kanni Border Gents Shawl
- Pure Silk Reversible Gents Scarf
- Silk Wool Light Weight Reversible Mufflers
- Viscose Check Gents Muffler
- Wool Lcyra Multi Color Muffler
- Wool Silk Blended Scarf
- Woolen Gents Hand Embroidered Shawls
- Kanni Gents Shawls
- Pure Woolen Jamawar Gents Shawl
- Gents Shawl In Pure Woolen Kanni

Silk Pashmina Fancy Stoles
- Silk Pashmina Chand and Border Fancy Stole
- Zari Badam Palla and Jaal Silk Pashmina Stoles
- Fancy Border Silk Pashmina Stole
- Embroidered Silver Zari Beaded Paisley Silk Pashmina Stoles
- Silk Pashmina Machine Embroidery Border Stoles
- Patch Work Jamma Silk Stole
- Paisley Border With Bead Work Silk Pashmina Stoles

Fine merino wool with Swasrovski and Suede Tassel Stoles
- Fancy Silk Pashmina Shawls
- Swarovski and Metal Work Silk Pashmina Stoles
- Silk Pashmina with Swarovski Circle Design Stoles
- Silk Pashmina With Seude Embroidered Stoles
- Border Cut Swarovski Work Silk Pashmina Stoles
- Suede Cut Work Silk Pashmina Stoles
- Silk Pashmina Seude Embroidered Border Stoles
- Suede Leather Cut Work Border Silk Pashmina Stoles
- Silk Pashmina With Embroidered Suede Stripes
- Silk Pashmina Beaded Tassels Stole

Silk shawls,stoles,scarves with Digital Print
- Silk Shawl With Multi Floral Digital Print
- Digital Print Silk Scarves
- Pure Silk Digital Printed Scarves
- Pure Silk Multi Floral Digital Printed Stoles
- 100' Silk With Paisley Design Digital Printed Scarves
- Pure Silk Abstract Digital Printed Shawls
- Pure Silk Digital Printed Floral Border Shawl
- Pure Silk Floral Butterfly Digital Printed Stoles
- Digital Tiger Print Stoles
- Pure Silk Big Multi Floral Digital Printed Shawls
- 100' Silk Butterfly Digital Printed Stoles
- Pure Silk Modern Digital Printed Stoles
- Pure Silk Digital Printed Peacock Design Stoles
- Digital Printed Silk Shawl
- Silk Shawl With Digital Print Floral Border

Silk shawls,stoles,scarves with screen print
- Pure Silk Batik Printed Scarves
- Pure Silk Solid Color Scarves
- Pure Silk Butterfly Printed Pareos
- Pure Silk Polka Dot Printed Stoles
- Pure Silk Zebra Printed Stoles
- Pure Silk Printed Scarves
- Pure Silk Kanni Printed Pareos
- Pure Silk Solid Color Square Scarves
- Pure Silk Hand Painted Scarves
- Pure Silk Kanni Printed Stoles
- Pure Silk Kanni Printed Square Scarves
- Pure Silk Butterfly Square Printed Scarves
- Pure Silk Hand Painted Square Scarves
- Pure Silk Printed Sun Design Stoles
- Pure Silk Multi Floral Printed Stoles
- Pure Silk Batik Printed Pareos
- Pure Silk Leopard Printed Stoles
- Pure Silk Kanni Printed Scarves
- Pure Silk Batik Printed Square Scarves
- Pure Silk Jamawar Printed Stoles
- Pure Silk Printed Square Scarves
- Pure Silk Butterfly Printed Scarves
- Butterfly Design Silk Shawls &Pareos

Silk Shawls,Stoles,Scarves in Reversible patterns
- Pure Silk Plain Weave Reversible Shawls
- Pure Silk Twill Weave Reversible Stoles
- Pure Silk Heavy Quality Reversible Stoles
- Pure Silk Reversible Border Design Shawls
- Pure Silk Plain Weave Reversible Border Stoles
- Pure Silk Plain Weave Reversible Stripes Stole
- Pure Silk Twill Weave 3 Color Woven Reversible Shawls
- Pure Silk Twill Weave Woven Reversible Box Design Stoles
- Pure Silk Reversible Multi Color Reversible Border Shawls
- Pure Silk Woven Dot Reversible Stoles
- Silk Reversible Scarves
- Pure Silk Reversible Muffler
- Pure Silk Reversible Scarves
- Pure Silk Reversible Square Scarves 90x90 Cms
- Pure Silk Kantha Work Reversible Vintage Shawl
- Pure Silk Ombre Shaded Stoles
- Pure Silk Tie Dye Shawls
- Pure Silk Reversible Modern Check Stole
- Reversible Pure Silk Shawls

Silk Wool Shawls Scarves Stoles
- Fine Heavy Embroidered Silk Wool Stoles
- Silk Wool Printed Stoles
- Silk Wool 4 Side Dyed Border With Polka Dot Printed Stoles
- Basket Weave Floral Printed Stoles
- Silk Wool Light Weight Printed Stoles and Scarves
- Silk Wool Light Weight Printed Stoles
- Silk Wool Fine Reversible Stoles
- Silk Wool Kanni Printed Stoles
- Wool Silk Blended Modern Printed Stoles
- Silk Wool Center Dyed With Polka Dot Printed Stoles
- Silk Wool Light Weight Floral Digital Printed Stoles
- Silk Wool Embroidered Stoles
- Silk Wool Fine All Over Embroidery Stoles
- Leoport Print Shawls and Scarves
- Silk and Wool Multi Floral Print Scarves
- Silk Wool Digital Animal Printed Stoles
- Silk Wool Dyed Stoles

Woolen Jamawar Stoles and Scarves
- Woolen Jamawar Boiled with Hand Painted Stole
- Woolen Jamawar Boiled with Multi Color Wrap Stole
- Woolen Jamawar with Digital Printed Stoles
- Woolen Lycra Shawls, Stoles and Scarves
- Woolen Jamawar with Hand-Embroidery Stole
- Woolen Jamawar Boiled Hand Embroidered Muffler
- Wool-Lycra Modern Design Stoles with 4 Side Fringes
- Woolen Jamawar with Heavy Bead Work Stoles
- Woolen Jamawar With Heavy Embroidered Stoles
- Pure Woolen Jamawar Cutting Shawls
- Pure Woolen Jamawar Paisley Stoles
- Pure Woolen Modern Jamawar Stoles
- Pure Woolen Jamawar with Self Embroidery Stoles
- Pure Woolen Jamawar with Embroidery & Sequin Work Stoles
- Woolen Jamawar with Suede Patch And Tassel Shawls
- Woolen Jamawar With Suede Cut Work Tassel Stoles
- Pure Wool Kani Stoles
- Pure Woolen Kani Shawls
- Pure Woolen Embroidered All Over Kani Stoles
- Pure Wool Kani Border with Centre Embroidery Stoles
- Fine Woolen Kanni Border With Heavy Embroidered Shawls
- Pure Woolen Kanni Heavy Embroidered Shawls
- Super Fine Woolen Kani Jamma Shawls
- Woolen Boiled Embroidered Shawls
- Kani Shawls In Pure Wool Size 100x190cms
- Woolen Jamawar With Fur Ball Stoles
- Woolen Jamawar with 2 Side Fur Trim Stoles
- Woolen Jamawar with 4 Side Fur Trim Stoles
- Woolen Jamawar Embroidered Shawl,Stole, Scarf
- Woolen Jamawar Embroidered Triangular Scarf
- Pure Woolen Jamawar Hand Painted Stoles
- Woolen Knitted Stoles
- Woolen Jamawar with Embroidery Square Scarf

Fine Woolen Printed Shawls Scarves Stoles
- Pure Woolen Natural Scenery Digital Prints Stoles
- Pure Woolen Monumental Printed Stoles
- PE Rose Digital Printed Fine Woolen Stoles
- Soft Woolen Tiger Digital Printed Shawls
- Fine Merino Wool With Eagle Digital Printed Shawls
- Fine Wool Digital Printed Shawls
- Fine Woolen Peacock Design Digital Printed Shawls
- Pure Wool Designer Zebra Digital Printed Stoles
- Fine Merino Aquarium Digital Printed Scarves
- Fine Merino Wool Digital Printed Horse Design Stoles
- Fine Wool Big Floral Digital Printed Shawls
- Pure Merino Wool Digital Printed Stoles
- Pure Merino Wool Abstract Printed Stoles

Modal Stoles and Scarves
- Tie and Dye Shawls
- Modal Paisley Shawls
- Model Shawls
- Mughal Arts Modal Stoles
- Mughal Arts Elephant Digital Printed Shawl
- Modal Ombrey Shaded Stoles
- Modal Paisley Border With Dots Stole
- Modal With Elephant Woven Border Stoles
- Modal Heavy Quality Jamma Shawl
- Modal Multi Stripes Shawl
- Modal Digital Floral Printed Shawl

Linen Stoles and Scarves
- Linen Printed Stoles
- Linen Scarves
- Pure Linen Solid Color Stoles
- Linen with Embroidery Scarves
- Linen with Lace Applique Scarves
- Linen Shaded Ombrey Stoles
- Linen With Digital Printed Stoles
- Linen Cotton Scarves

Viscose Shawls Stoles and Scarves
- Viscose Leaves And Stripes Border Stoles
- Viscose Big Circle Reversible Shawls
- Viscose Shawl with 4 Colours
- Viscose Floral Embroidered Border Shawl
- Viscose Jacquard with Stripes Shawl
- Viscose Modern Design Stoles
- Viscose Lycra Shawls, Stoles And Scarves
- Viscose Shawl In Coffee Design
- Viscose Embroidered Shawls, Stoles and Scarves
- Viscose Tea Design Shawls
- Viscose Lycra Solid Designer Shawls
- Viscose Polka Dot Reversible Scarves
- Viscose Floral Shawl
- Viscose Printed Stoles
- Viscose Shawl In Celebration Design

Viscose Acrylic shawls,stoles,scarves
- Viscose Acylic Jamawar Shawl
- Viscose Acylic Intricate Jamawar Shawl
- Viscose Acrylic Embroidered Stoles
- Viscose- Acrylic Modern Jamawar Stoles
- Viscose Acrylic Multi Colour Embroidered Stoles
- Viscose Acrylic Jamawar with Stone Work Stoles
- Viscose Acrylic Jamawar with Heavy Embroidered Stoles
- Viscose Acrylic Reversible with Woven Border Stoles
- Viscose Acrylic Paisey Border Stoles
- Viscose Acrylic Woven Stripes Border Stoles

- Viscose Acrylic with Fur Neck Poncho
- Designer Viscose- Acrylic with Fur Neck Poncho
- Embroidered Viscose- Acrylic Poncho
- Fancy Viscose Acrylic Fur Neck Poncho
- Floral Viscose- Acrylic Fur Neck Poncho
- Viscose Acrylic Jamawar Poncho
- Chinar All Over Woven Design Viscose- Acrylic Poncho
- Fur Neck Viscose- Acrylic Poncho
- Woolen Fur Neck Poncho
- Woolen Knitted Poncho
- Knitted Woolen Shawl
- Natural Colour Knitted Ponchoo

Viscose Polyester Stoles and Scarves

Handmade Payer Rugs From Kashmir
- Hand Made Payer Rug from Kashmir
- Hand Made Payer Rugs from Kashmir
- Hand Made Payer Rug
- Payer Rugs from Kashmir
- Payer Rug from Kashmir
- Payer Rugs
- Payer Rug
- Kashmiri Hand Made Payer Rug
- Kashmiri Hand Made Payer Rugs
- Designer Prayer Rug
- Prayer Rug
- Cotton Pray Rug
- Golden Work Pray Rug
- Silk Velvet Pray Rug
- Embroidered Pray Rug

Handmade Wall Hangings
- Hand Made Wall Hangings
- Hand Embroidered Elephant Wall Hangings
- Hand Embroidered Flower Vase Wall Hangings
- Hand Embroidered Wall Hangings
- Hand Made Wall Hanging
- Round Jewel Carpets
- Silk Velvet Wall Hanging
- Star Shaped Wall Hanging
- Octagonal Shaped Wall Hanging
- Decorative Jewel Carpet Wall Hanging
- Beaded Work Wall Hanging

Hand Made Cushion Cover from Kashmir
- Hand Made Art Silk Cushion Covers
- Silk Hand Made Cushion Covers
- Tribal Woolen Design Cushion Covers
- Modern Arts Handmade Cushion Covers
- Oriental Hand Made Cushion Covers
- Kashmir Traditional Hand Made Cushion Covers
- Cotton Crewel Hand Made Cushion Covers
- Picasso Handmade Cushion Covers
- Kashmir Hand Embroidered Cushion Cover
- Woolen Hand Made Modern Design Cushion Covers
- Hand Embroidered Modern Cushion Covers
- Embroidered Cushion Cover
- Woolen Chain Stitch Cotton Cushion Cover
- Silk Chain Stitch Cushion Cover
- Exclusive Hand- Embroidered Crewel Cushion Cover

Kashmiri Ladies Bags and Purses
- Ladies Designer Leather bag
- Ladies Suede Bags
- Ladies Embroidered Bag
- Ladies Designer Suede Bags
- Coin Pouches
- Passport Bags
- Pure Leather Hand-Embroidered Bags
- Suede Embroidered Bags
- Hand Embroidered Shoulder Bags
- Wooden Handle Embroidered Bag
- Kashmiri Crewel Bag

Carpets and Rugs
- Hand Knotted Silk Cotton Carpets
- Hand Knotted Silk Carpets
- Hand Knotted Woolen Carpets
- Hand Made Durries
- Hand Tufted Carpets
- Polyester Shaggy Modern Tile Design
- Silk Chain Stitch Rugs
- Woolen Chain Stitch Rugs
- Hand made Wool Jute Durries
- Hand Made Chain Stitch Rugs

Bed Spreads & Covers
- Velvet With Embroidered Bed Spreads
- Embroidered Silk Bed Covers
- Cotton Crewel Bed Cover
- Silk Printed Bed Cover
- Embroidered Bed Spreads
- Bed Covers

Table Cover Runners and Mats
- Table Cover
- Table Mats
- Table Runners
- Nett Table Cover
- Beaded Table Cloth
- Velvet Hand Embroidered Table Covers

Crewel Furnishing Fabric
- Hand Embroidered Floral Crewel Fabric
- Home Furnishing Curtains Fabric
- Velvet Hand Embroidered Crewel Fabric
- Upholstery Fabric
- Cotton Base Hand Embroidered Floral Crewel Fabric
- Crewel Upholstery Fabric
- Kashmir Cotton Base Crewel Home Furnishing Fabric
- Cotton Dosuti Hand Embroidered Chinar Design Crewel Fabric
- Crewel Furnishing Fabric
- Crewel Fabric
- Traditional Danz Dar Design Crewel Fabric

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Contact Details

Lucky Enterprises

L-1/2A,Ground Floor South-Extension, Part-II,
New Delhi, 110049 (Delhi) - (India)


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