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Business overview

Established in year 1967, "M R Forging & Engineering Works" is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial and quality fitting products like Hex Bolt, Stud Bolts, Eye Bolts, Nut Bolts, Hex Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts etc. Our diverse range of fasteners include Hexagonal Bolts, Nuts Series, Hexagonal Nuts, Metal Screws, Inconel Stud Bolt, Stainless Steel Rod, Inconel Sheets, Industrial Pipes, Industrial Tubes, Coating Studs, U Bolt, Titanium Nuts, Steel Nuts, Industrial Fastener & High Pressure Washers. Our entire range is supplied to the whole Multi national manufacturing market which includes industries like chemical, sugar and paper. Quality is our foremost concern, which is why we employ the client-oriented approach throughout our entire organization. This is done so that we only offer an impeccable and flawless range to our clients. Our well equipped manufacturing unit includes many high technology machineries which have resulted in the manufacturing of superior quality fitting products. Under the able guidance of our "Mr. Ramzan Singhania" we have been able to develop extremely skilled and efficient work force. They always engaged in providing the most qualitative range of fasteners to our customers. Aim/Mission/Vision “As a customer centric organization, our efforts have always been directed towards delivering premium quality stainless steel products, flanges and more that meets the client expectations. Our ability to procure finest quality products from reputed vendors has given us a competitive edge over our competitors in the same domain.”

Industry Building Material
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1967
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

"M R Forging & Engineering Works" is one of the leading Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider and Exporter/Importer of industrial and quality fitting products like Hex Bolt, Stud Bolts, Eye Bolts, Nut Bolts, Hex Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts etc.

Product Range:-
Inconel Fasteners:-
Inconel Stud
Inconel Bolt
Inconel Hex Bolt
Inconel T Bolts
Inconel Square Bolt
Inconel Nib Bolt
Inconel Allen Cap Screw
Inconel Socket Head Screw
Inconel Eye Bolt
Inconel U Bolt
Inconel J Bolt

Monel Fasteners:-
Monel Stud Bolt
Monel Bolt
Monel Hex Bolt
Monel T Bolt
Monel Square Bolts
Monel Nib Bolt
Monel Allen Cap Screw
Monel Socket Head Screw
Monel Eyebolt
Monel U Bolt
Monel J Bolt

Alloy 20 fastener:-
Alloy 20 Stud
Alloy 20 Bolt
Alloy 20 Hex Bolt
Alloy 20 T Bolt
Alloy 20 Square Bolt
Alloy 20 Nib Bolt
Alloy 20 Allen Cap Screw
Alloy 20 Socket Head Screw
Alloy 20 Eyebolt
Alloy 20 U Bolt
Alloy 20 J Bolt

Copper Fasteners:-
Copper Stud
Copper Bolt
Copper Hex Bolt
Copper T Bolt
Copper Square Bolt
Copper Nib Bolt
Copper Allen Cap Screw
Copper Socket Head Screw
Copper U Bolt
Copper J Bolt

Hastelloy Fasteners:-
Hastelloy Stud
Hastelloy Bolt
Hastelloy Hex Bolt
Hastelloy T Bolt
Hastelloy Square Bolt
Hastelloy Nib Bolt
Hastelloy Allen Cap Screw
Hastelloy Socket Head Screw
Hastelloy Eyebolt
Hastelloy U Bolt
Hastelloy J Bolt

Titanium Fasteners:-
Titanium Stud
Titanium Bolt
Titanium Hex Bolt
Titanium T Bolt
Titanium Square Bolt
Titanium Nib Bolt
Titanium Allen Cap Screw
Titanium Eye Bolt
Titanium Socket Head Screw
Titanium U Bolt
Titanium J Bolt

Hexagonal Bolts:-
Hex Bolt
Stud Bolts
Eye Bolts
Dome Bolts
Hex Bolts
Stud With PTFE
Hexagonal Bolt
Tee Head Bolts
Lifting Eye Bolts
Hex Screw
Structural Bolts
Coach Bolt
Rock Bolt
High Strength Friction Grip Bolts

Nuts Series:-
Domed Cap Nut
PTFE Coated Nut
Brass Nut
Stud Bolt and Nut
Stainless Steel Wing Nut
Acorn Nut
Flange Nut
Square Nut
Nylock Nut
Nylon Nut
Coupling Nut
Cap Nut
Self Locking Nut
Slotted Nut
Forged Nut
Wheel Nut
T Nut
Brass Lock Nuts
Long Nut
Collar Nut
Taper Nut
Spindle Nut
Shear Nut

Metal Screws:-
Allen Cap Screws
Stainless Steel Csk
Socket Cap Screw
Allen Screw
Alloy Steel Screw
Machine Screw
Button Head Cap Screw
Grub Screw
Pan Head Screw
Slotted Machine Screw
Countersunk Flat Head Screw
Countersink Screw
Washer Head Screw
Square Head Screw
Wing Screw

Hexagonal Nuts:-
Nut Bolts
Hex Nuts
Heavy Hex Nuts
Inconel Stud Nut
Brass Hex Nut
Galvanized Nut
Hexagon Lock Nut
Hub Nut
2H Nut
Check Nut
Compression Nut
Weld Nut
Metric Nut
Collet Nut
Crimp Nut

Hex Bolts:-
Socket Head Bolt
Flange Bolt
Hub Bolt
Wheel Bolt
Center Bolt
Banjo Bolt
Stainless Steel Carriage Bolt
T Slot Bolt
Sheet Metal Screw
Roofing Bolt
Brass Stud
Coupling Nut
Split Bolt
Square Neck Bolt
Locking Bolt
Copper Bolt
Shoulder Bolt
Shackle Bolt
L Key Bolt
Rack Bolt
Weld Bolt
Step Bolt
Hanger Bolt
Long Bolt
Countersunk Bolt
Expansion Bolt
Fish Bolt
Lag Bolt
Mounting Bolt
Through Bolt
Rail Bolt
Pivot Bolt

High Pressure Washers:-
High Tensile Washers
Inconel Tooth Washer
Flat Washer
Wave Washer
Flat Square Washer
Brass Washer
Cup Washer
Serrated Lock Washer
C Washer
Conical Washer
Bevel Washer
Flange Washer
Square Washer

Inconel Stud Bolt
Hastelloy C Stud Bolt
Inconel Stud Bolt

U Bolt:-
Hastelloy U Bolt
J Bolt
U - Bolts

Duplex Steel Fastener
Brass Fastener
Brass Connectors
Pin Fastener
Alloy Fastener
Eye Hook
J Hook
Snap Rings
E Type Circlips
Head Plug
Copper Stud
Cold Headed Fastener
Oval Belt Fastener

Stainless Steel Rod:-
Titanium Rods
Steel Rod
Hastealloy Rod
Monel Rod
Inconel Rods
Duplex Rods
Super Duplex Rods
Hastelloy Rods
Alloy Rods
Tie Rods
Threaded Bars

PTFE Coating Studs

Stainless Steel Stud:-
Double End Stud
Clamping Stud
Stainless Steel Stud
Axle Stud

Titanium Nuts:-
Titanium Hex Bolt
Titanium Castle Nut
Titanium Stud Nut
Hex B16 Bolt
Titanium Heavy Nut

Steel Nuts:-
Heavy Hexagonal Nut
Stainless Steel Hex Nut
Steel Stud Nut
Steel Nut Bolt
Steel Heavy Nut

Industrial Fastener:-
Industrial Fastener
Monel Fastener
Copper Fastener
Conveyor Belt Fastener
Stud Elbow
Pipe Hook
Locating Ring

Stainless Steel Pipes for Plumbing
Stainless Steel Pipes for Petrochemical
Titanium Rods for Spinal Fusion
Seamless Tubes for Heat Exchanger

Stainless Steel Fasteners:-
Stainless Steel Stud
Stainless Steel Bolt
Stainless Steel Hex Bolt
Stainless Steel Socket Head Screw
Stainless Steel Square Nut
Stainless Steel Nib Bolt
Stainless Steel Allen Cap Screw
Stainless Steel Eyebolt
Stainless Steel U Bolt
Stainless Steel J Bolt

Brass Fasteners:-
Brass Stud
Brass Bolt
Brass Hex Bolt
Brass T Bolt
Brass Square Bolt
Brass Nib Bolt
Brass Allen Cap Screw
Brass Socket Head Screw
Brass Eyebolt
Brass U Bolt
Brass J Bolt

MS Fasteners:-
MS Stud
MS Bolt
MS Hex Bolt
MS T Bolt
MS Square Bolt
MS Nib Bolt
MS Allen Cap Screw
MS Socket Head Screw
MS Eye Bolt
MS J Bolt
MS U Bolt

Nickel Fastener:-
Nickel Stud
Nickel Bolt
Nickel Hex Bolt
Nickel T Bolt
Nickel Square Bolt
Nickel Nib Bolt
Nickel Allen Cap Screw
Nickel Socket Head Screw
Nickel Eye Bolt
Nickel U Bolt
Nickel J Bolt

Duplex Fasteners:-
Duplex Bolt
Duplex Hex Bolt
Duplex Stud
Duplex Eye Bolt

Super Duplex Fastener:-
Super Duplex Bolt
Super Duplex Hex Bolt
Super Duplex J Bolt
Super Duplex Eye Bolt

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M. R. Forging & Engineering Works

No. 51- C, Dockyard Road, Lohar Khata, Gala No. 14, Mazgaon,
Mumbai, 400010 (Maharashtra) - (India)


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