Marine Parts Suppliers Mumbai (India)

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Industry Engineering
Business Type Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1980
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We Are Traders, Exporters And Importers Of Marine Main Engine And Related Spare Parts.

SULZERRND : 68, 76, 90, /RND-68M, 76M, 90M, RD -44, 56, 68, 76, 90, TAD 36, 48, 56 B&W RV/VV 16/18, 23LH/4E, 28LH/4E, GV 23.5/33, L23/30(H), L28/32(H), L32/40, L27/38, S26MC, L/S35MC, L/S42MC, L/S50MC, L/S60MC, L/S70MC, L/S80MC, L/S90MC, K45GF(CA), K55GF(CA), K80GF(CA), K90GF(CA), K62EF, 42VT2BF- 50VT2BF, 62VT2BF-, 74VT2BF, 84VT2BF-, 84VT2BF-, K62EF, K 45GF, 45 GFCS, 4. M.A.NKZ70/120A/C/D/E/, 57/80A/C, 40/54, 40/54A, 52/74. 30/45ATL, 52/55A, 60/105E, 40/60, 40/54, KZ 70/102E, KZ 86/160E, 52/90

MITSUBISHI : UEC37/88H, UET39/65C, UET45/75C, UET45/80D, UET45/90D, UET52/105D. UET45/75C, UET45/80DS, UEC52-80C, UEC52/90D, UEC52/105(C)D, UEC45/115H, UEC52-105(C)E, UEC52/125H, UEC37/88H, UEC37L(H)A, UEC45L(H)A, 52L(H)A, 62L(H)A. AKASAKAAH25, K26SR, AH27, AH28, AH30, AH33, AH36, AH38, AH40, A41 A31, A34, A37, A38, A45, DH38SS, DH51SS, DM26R, DM-28, DM29FD, DM30, DM33, DM36, DM38(AK), DM39, DM46, DM47(K), DM51SS, K28FD, UET45/75C, UET45/80D, 6U-50, UET52/90(C)D, UEC52/105(C, E)D45/115H, UEC37L(H)A, UEC45L(H)A, UEC52L(H)A, UEC62L(H)A, UH-27-40, UZ6SS, TM37.

WARTSILLA : L20, 4R 22, 4R22HF, 6R22 MD, 424TS, 524TS, 624TS, 824TS, 414TK, 514TK, 614TK

PIELSTICK : 12PC2V, 14PC2V, 16PC2V, 12PC2.5V, 14PC2.5V, 16PC2.5V, 10PC4V570, 12PC4V570, 14PC4V570

MAK : MAK 8 M 453 AK, MAK 8M601AK, 6M551AK, 8M551AK, 8MU551AK, 9M453AK, 9MU452AK, 9M551AK, 6M281AK, 6M282AK, 6M331AK, 8M331AK, 281AK, 282AK, 6 M 332 AK, 6 M 331 AK, 282, 281. 232AK WERKSPOOR STORK6TM410, 6TMS410, 8TM410, 9TM410 FUJI 6M275FH4A, 8MD275E, 6S32F, 6S30BH40, 6S40

BB. D.G.SETS ENGINE & ALTERNATER CRANKSHAFT SPARES NEW/USED : YANMARKL, KDL, KFL, KFL-(T, HT, UT), RL, RAL-(T, HT, ST), ML, MAL-(T, HTS), CHL, LA, LD, AL, AL-UT, HAL, G, GL-(UT, ST, HT), U, U(A)L, UAL-(UT, ST, ), ZL, Z-ST, MF240HT, N18, N165, N260, S165L, S185L, M200L, M220L, T220L, T240L, T260L, Z280L.

DAIHATSU : PKT18, PS-18(D), PS-20(D), PS-22(D), PS(HTC, B)26D(H), PS-30(D), DS-18(A), DS-20, DS(B, D, M)-22, DS(M)-26(A, F), DS(M)-28(S), DS(M)-32, DL-14, DL-16, DL-19, DL-20, DL-22, DL-24, DL(B)-26, DL-28, DL-32, DK-20, DK-22, DK-24, DK-26, DK-28, PL-24, VS26. 8DV32NIGATA, 6L13AHS, 6L16S(X, HS), 6L16X(XC), 6L18X(CX), 6L19HX, 6L20A(C)X, LF20X(BHS), 6MG20FHS, 6MG22LX, M(L, MG)25(BX, CS)X, 6M26KGSH, 6M28AFTE(AGT), 6M28EG, 6M28DHS, 6M28(B, G)X, 6M31(A)X, 6M31AGT, 6M31EZ, 6M33HS, 6M34AGT, 6M37A(C)HS, 6M37X, 6M(MG)40(E)X, 40CX, PA-5L, 8PL5L, 12PC2V, NSF-G, NSBC-G, NSD-M, 6NS(D/F)-G.

HANSHIN : LH24, LH26(G), LH28, LH31(G), LH34, LH26G, LH31G, LH34LA, LH41, LU24, LUS24G, LU28(A, R, G), LU32, LU35, LU38, LU40, LU46(A, SH), LU50, LU54, LUN28, LUD24, LUD26, LUD32, LUD35, LUS28, LUS38, LUS40, LUS(LF)58, EL30, EL32, EL35, EL40, EL44, ELS32, ELS35, ELS44, L26, L26B(G)SH, LF28RG, T6L46SH, Z750SH, LF50A, BERGEN KRG, KVM, LDG, RTGB6, RSGB

WARTSILLA : 2R22, 6R22, 8R22, 424TS, 624TS, 524TS, 614T, 514T, 814T SULZER 6AL20/24, 8L20/24, 6BAH22, 8BAH22, 6AL25/30, 5AL25/30, 6ASL25/30 B&W 5T 23LH, 6T 23LH, 7T 23LH, 8T 23LH, 5T23LH-4, 6T23LH-4, 6T23HH, 626MTBH40, 520MTBH30

Caterpillar : Caterpillar D343, D398, D399

Fuji Fuji : 6M275FH4A, 8MD275E, 6S32F, 6S30BH40, 6S40

AIR COMPRESSOR TANABE : HC64, HC65(A), HC264(A), HC265(A), HC275(A), HC277(A), VAC475YANMARSC5N, SC7, SC10N, SC12.5N, SC15N, SC20N, SC30N, SC40N, SC50N

HAMWORTHY : 2TF5, 2TF54, 2TM6 HATLAPAW 55, WH40, WH80, W110, W140, W220.W280, W420, W330, L12 / L15, / L25, / L28

OIL PURIFIER MITSUBISHI : SJ-11T, SJ-15T, SJ-16T, SJ-20P, SJ-25T, SJ-25EH, SJ-60EH (FUEL OIL), SJ-700, SJ-2000, SJ-3000, SJ-4000, SJ-6000, SJ-8000 (LUB.

ALFA LAVAL : MAB 103, MAB104, MAB 204, MAB205, MAB 206, MAB 207, MAB 309MAPX204, MAPX 205, MAPX 207, MAPX207, MAPX309,
MOPX205, MOPX207, FOPX610

DE LAVAL : MAB-103, 104, 204, 205, 206, 207, 309

WSK CRAKO : MAPX-104, 204, 205, 206, 207, 309

HYDRAULIC MOTOR MISUBISHI : M-35B-SM2-25D MOTOR, M-35A-SM1-22 MOTOR, M-35B-SM1-21PUMP, 3V-SH 2B-015-C0R-0, HYD. PUMP, 3V-SH 2B-03- C0R-0, HYD. PUMP, 3V-SH 2B-05- C0R-0, HYD. PUMP

FUKUSHIMA PUMP : G-16, G-17, G-18, G-19, G-20, G-420, FG-16, FG-17, FG-18, FG19, FG-318, DG-16, DG-17, DG-18, DG-19, PUMP FUKUSHIMA MOTORMA5, MA6, MA7, MA8, B.C.D, MA10B.C.D., MA12, MGA8, MGA8, MG A10FMA5, FMA6, FMA7, FMA8, FMA10, FMA10, MOTOR


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Marine Parts Suppliers

Mumbai, 400705 (Maharashtra) - (India)


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